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Obama heads into Berlin Germany leaving behind the what is being described as a successful series of days covering Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, and Israel. Up next is Berlin on the 24, followed by Paris on the 25, and the wrap-up destination London on Saturday 26 July.

Looking back the first news breaking the US media was Obama’s visit to a US military base in Kuwait City and a basketball moment you could only wish for. That shot set the tone for the next couple of days as Obama headed over to Afghanistan for meetings Hamid Karzai. Meanwhile news was filtering out that President Bush was accepts concept of an Iraq Time Horizon but that what somewhat eclipsed by an article in the German press suggesting the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki had expressed support for Obama’s take on US troop withdrawal policy.

Obama’s next stop was Iraq just as Gordon Brown announced details of planned troop withdrawals. As Obama gets into the process of reviewing conditions on the ground, the Whitehouse wades in discounting the Iraq troop withdrawl endorsement and gets itself into a muddle as the New York Times confirms the story and associated translation. Obama takes in a number of military based, talks with the Prime Minister and members of the Iraqi Cabinet and Sunni tribal elders in Ramadi (capital of Anbar Province) before leaving for Jordan.

Obama next stop was Jordan and a meeting with King Abdullah, a press conference, and dinner with the King and Queen Rania, before he was driven back to the airport by King Abdullah himself. At the airport the King and Obama paused for a number of photo-ops, after which Obama climbed on board the new campaign Boeing 757 – destination Israel and the Palestinian State for meetings with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in Jerusalem and President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah.

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    blindoptimist says:

    There is an amazing medieval chapel in Paris named Clunies, jen. Great stained glass. But not the same thing, huh?

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    Catrina says:

    BO at 201 – I guess its something you can rub up against … no?

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    jen says:

    the emoticon one.
    and there’s another one –


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    Catrina says:

    Top of the page, on the right, the link that says ‘Playground’.

    or just click on this …


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    blindoptimist says:

    bartender, butler, poolboy, gardener….you could get them all at catrina’s server….

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    blindoptimist says:

    well, apart from the light shed by the glassware, the vaulting is awesome, cat…:)

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    Catrina says:

    Obama has breakfast with Tony Blair followed by a meeting with Gordon Brown

    Barack Obama has arrived in Downing Street for a meeting with Prime Minister Gordon Brown on the final leg of his whistle-stop tour of the Middle East and Europe. He has already met the French president Nicolas Sarkozy – and the last handshake of the headline-grabbing trip will be with Conservative leader David Cameron, who he’ll meet at the House of Commons before heading to the airport and home. Before the meeting with Mr Brown, Mr Obama held breakfast talks with former Prime Minister Tony Blair, who is now a Middle East envoy.



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    megan says:

    What I like about the web is the diverse information we would never get through msm.

    Here is a site willing to go through documents obtained through Freedom of Information lawsuits,the stuff they don’t want us to see.



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    Catrina says:

    megan at 208

    This is great – and the silly thing is that the people going after P2P just don’t understand what P2P means. It’s a techo term describing a application that is both a client and a server – that’s not something you can ban – at least not without taking the USA off the internet.

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    jen says:

    Catrina -um… P2P?

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    Catrina says:

    jen – peer-to-peer

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    jen says:

    Thank god Catrina – I had all kinds of strange thoughts going through my head. :mrgreen:

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    Catrina says:

    Time for a new thread …

    The Rhyme of the Ancient Aviator or, The Dead Albatross Sketch
    Author: Kirribilli Removals

    Goodnight all!