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Australians from far and wide are in the wilderness looking for a new home. While there is a bunch of work to do to get plugins loaded and other techo stuff – this is a start.  Our header image is a composite created from a shot of Barack Obama by Saul Loeb (AFP) and an photo of John McCain by Carolyn Kaster (AP). Info about the site and how we go forward is referenced under a separate thread. In the meantime – this thread is about the general election.

118 Responses to “Welcoming the AU/US Political Contingent”

  1. 101
    Swing Lowe says:

    Yes, I want to echo EC’s (and others) thanks to William for providing his site for comments on the US elections.

    I also want to thank him for letting us use his blog’s name for this one…

  2. 102
    Diogenes says:

    I’m betting William breaks out the champagne tonight to toast the end of us. I’ve got a feeling the phrase “Good Riddance” has been muttered a few times in the BillBowe household.

  3. 103
    jen says:

    Worse than Hitler???
    Fantastic! I don’t even have to miss ESJ.

  4. 104
    Diogenes says:

    Something to entice Ron over here. Jessie Jackson lends a helping hand to Obama.

    “He’s talking down to black people. I want to cut his nuts off.”

    Jackson to Obama: sorry I went nuts

  5. 105
    Catrina says:

    There were a couple or three suggestions for links to add to the site. Just to avoid missing stuff I’d like to suggest any site related suggestions get posted to the About page – that way I’m not obliged to read all of the wonderful stuff on the ‘Open Thread’.

    Here is the link to the About page:


  6. 106
    Kirribilli Removals says:

    104 jen

    At least that one was clearly meant as hyperbolic humour Jen, unlike Eddy’s little ‘turds’. God they were tiresome, and I for one won’t miss his ‘contributions’ one iota. Talk about a personality disorder pretending to be a participating contributor.

  7. 107
    jen says:

    OMG Catrina – you’re alredy turning into William not wanting to read all our fabulous contributions.!

  8. 108
    Catrina says:

    jen at 107

    Think of it as a preemptive move!


  9. 109
  10. 110
    roxanna says:

    Thanks Catrina. Formerly Tassieannie, I have transformed somehow and will continue to lurk here.

  11. 111
    megan says:


    Back from o/s,computer crashed and then,horror of horrors, we have a red card!

    (Half-expected when I saw Kirri’s ‘dog voting’ comment appear and then vamoose the other night….:)

    While I don’t post much,I am an avid reader when I can and so look forward to checking in.

    Now,back to figuring out how to collect my Sportingbet winnings on Obama! (Thanks to fellow PBers)

  12. 112
    Chris B says:

    I am sorta gettin the idea of this. I was wondering where everyone went when I crossed over to the other side, sorry thread.

  13. 113
    Optimist says:

    Damn, I missed that.
    Kirri, or anyone what was the dog voting comment?

  14. 114
    Chris B says:

    The McCain Rules

    The press has been reasonably kind to Barack Obama. But this is nothing compared with its eagerness to adopt any argument even mentioned by the McCain campaign.

    This is why we have to post as many video’s on You Tube to help Obama. They are easy to make, don’t cost any money.
    You can put them in comedy, music, or politics category. You Tube has an agreement with most music companies to share advertising revenue.


  15. 115
    Optimist says:

    Q&A on ABC tonight has Christine Milne and andrew bolt talking about climate change.

  16. 116
    Kirribilli Removals says:

    113 Optimist

    I quoted some silly US poll about pet owners voting for McCain and Ron made some silly quip about dogs eating beef and not fluff.

    I responded with one line: dogs don’t vote

    And William must have had one his spasms and deleted it along with some other posts.

    I thought it hilarious, ‘moderation’ it was not, but what the heck, he was over us, and quite frankly….

  17. 117
    GhostWhoVotes says:

    Kirribilli Removals, I know that this doesn’t actually matter anymore, but your post is still there.


  18. 118
    Catrina says:

    Chris at 112

    I am sorta gettin the idea of this. I was wondering where everyone went when I crossed over to the other side, sorry thread.

    My mistake – I should have closed this thread after launching the newer one. I’ll do that now. So every please head over to the latest thread.