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With John McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin for VP, one can only shake their head at how amateurish a decision this was. Palin’s stance on abortion will result in few Democratic women voters being willing to even listen to her, let alone changing their vote. Her age and lack of experience do major self-afflicted damage to the attacks on Obama and she is even involved in a scandal where the Alaskan State Commissioner of Public Safety was fired by her because the commissioner refused to fire a state trooper who had divorced her sister. Ultimately, this decision is very short sighted and the VP Debate now has all the makings of a massacre.

Meanwhile the Conventions continue. Obama’s speech, which received praise from all but the most biased of judges, now places McCain under a very powerful spotlight. If McCain does not produce a speech that is at least somewhat comparable to Obama’s, then his last chance to win the election by himself (as opposed to requiring Obama to make multiple huge gaffes) is most likely gone.

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    Chris B says:

    474 Andrew

    so Obama got 40 million viewers, which solidified his support and Palin got 37 million viewers, which solidified Obama’s support.

    Good one Andrew. I think you have made a very good point.

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    Chris B says:

    502 Enemy Combatant Thank you for your concerns, I worry to much to be concerned myself.

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    Wakefield says:

    I can understand some bloggers feeling much happier surrounded by friends and not having to deal with difficult debates or just throwing dung at the opposition but that seems more like circus time than analysis. Its also easy to raise concerns about concern trolls but sometimes its a bit like the CIA wrecking its own spooks by paranoir(?). Its good to be ahead and win but its also important to understand the flow of often contradictory political views and shifts. That way we learn things even from defeats.

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    GhostWhoBlogs, it’s what they call a caricature. Not a joke as such this one. It’s the cartoonists impression of character or “soul”. Certain features are emphasized sometimes grotesquely, but in this case, much more subtley.

    Ah, Chris, anxiety like ours can move mountains.

    Fri Sept 12:







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    Chris B says:

    506 Wakefield Thank you for your concern. Oh damn, I couldn’t resist the temptation. :twisted:

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    Chris B says:

    I’m a very naughty boy.

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    Chris B says:

    506 Wakefield We used to have a guy from the Liberal Party on the Australian blog, who is in Canada at the moment. I would love to have him back on here. He’s great value.

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    Chris B says:

    He probably doesn’t know this exists.

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    megan says:

    Spalin’s evangelical christianity-

    “Kissing the Jewish vote goodbye”


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    Yes, Wakefield, it’s when people freak out in the evening:)

    Wakefield, dear old sausage, we have an awful lot of fun around here. Friday nights some of us kick back and relax a little while we surf the zines and blogs. Granted, it’s sometimes a circus(thought your scatalogical reference was a tad harsh), however, scholarly scrutiny of our threads also reveals a great deal of analysis and well considered comment, as well as a modicum of rambunctious Rabelasian repartee.

    There is a great deal of levity here at the moment because many of us reckon that wannabe Veep Palin is a mega-dud. A fizzer. Polls are also outside MoE constraints for Obama in IA(7 ECVs), NM(5), and most encouraging in NV(5) and CO(9). OH and VA are also providing the geniuses in Bomb-Bomb’s bunker with serial sleepless nights. Intrade’s looking spectacularly good. And the lastest posts from Nate at 538 and Poss, both wonks and fiends of the first order, spell out why The Kid is odds-on to have his beautiful bambinos kickin’ a soccer ball on the White House lawn on January 10, 2009.

    Do you think they’ll bring down the neighbourhood when they move in?

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    megan says:

    Seems McCain is furious with journalists.

    According to Joe Klein,

    “…….it is important for the public to know that Palin raised taxes as governor, supported the Bridge to Nowhere before she opposed it, pursued pork-barrel projects as mayor, tried to ban books at the local library and thinks the war in Iraq is “a task from God.” The attempts by the McCain campaign to bully us into not reporting such things are not only stupidly aggressive, but unprofessional in the extreme. ”


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    Wakefield says:

    Yes, more levity is called for especially on a Friday. Its one way to deal with fundies who seem to have had a monopoly on levity and now they add the big bang to McBomb Bomb’s less ambitious pyrotechnics. It must be hard keeping the fires of hell going in Alaska but its probably the reason why they think us mere humans are not causing climate change – they know that its all God’s doing.

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    kerneels says:

    Do we have any republican supporters here? If so, I hope the group would welcome their views, their hopes and concerns. It would add a great deal to our understanding of the US scene if this was the case.

    I know at times one just feel like giving a great cheer when things are going well for ones favourite candidate, but surely we can cope with hearing others cheer when their favourite is doing well ( or even just slightly better than before!).

    We don’t know which of the bloggers or lurkers here are American residents and will actually have a vote in this election. Having come from a country with great social and political problems, I know that moving from one viewpoint to another can be quite challenging, even threatening, so please, be supportive and understanding of other peoples views.

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    Chris B says:

    516 kerneels No and we don’t have any concern trolls either. The equivalent of Republican in Australia is Liberal. Australia is the only country in the world which Liberal is the opposite to what it means everywhere else. I promise I’m not pulling your leg. Austalia is the only country where the Liberals don’t get invited to the International Liberal conference they go to the Conservative conferences. They also work with George Bushes party.

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    Chris B says:


    It’s good to see people being concerned about other people being offended. I think healthy debate is excellent. I am hoping our conservative friend comes back from Canada soon. With a bit of luck someone will point the way to our site.

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    megan says:


    Agree entirely re moving from one point of view to another. Whether religious,political or even changing one’s country and nationality, you become an exile of sorts, feel alienated and those close to you may see your ‘change’ as rejection.

    However, once hooked by the freedom to discover and choose a different path, exhilaration and curiosity become the life force. The ‘tent ‘ of tentativity can be a comforting refuge…it is ok not to have the answers.

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    Chris B says:


    I can tell you both that this is very tame compared to the Australian politics site. And the Australian politics site is EXTREMELY TAME compared to the International Genealogy news group sites.

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    Chris B says:

    I can tell you there is one guy that just trolls all Genealogy sites just to abuse people. Especially new people. Thank goodness that is not allowed here.

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    kerneels says:

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the response. I did figure out the weird “Liberal” bit fairly early on, specially since in my earlier life the liberals were the ones getting arrested and put into long term detention for their leftist views!!

    It does seem to me though, that the US country areas seems to have political views that equate to the Australian political scene from many years back. The weird bit to me is the combination of very capitalistic “rich man” type politics and what seems to me (and with my background I may be biased) very racist extreme religious politics.

    In my past life any variation from the norm translated to danger, and was the reason I emigrated once my children were getting close to school age. To what extent is this true in the country areas in the US?

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    Enemy Combatant says:

    As a courtesy to our Republican friends and visitors…….


    And their noble history of inclusiveness:


    Now make yerselves at home while ah go fix y’all a treat.


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    Chris B says:

    Commander William Reicher from Star Trek was from Alaska, I wonder if he remembers Palin? I mean he is from the future, so she would be in his history books.

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    kerneels says:


    Where do you get those smily faces!!! that is what I want here!

  26. 526
    Chris B says:

    In the playground, up the top on the R/H side. :twisted:

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    Chris B says:

    522 kerneels. From what I know and I am Australian, it depends on what part of the country. Southern states from Virginia and West Virginia down, and across to Texas the Confederate states it exists more than anywhere. The movie Borat actually plays on that a lot.

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    Chris B says:

    In fact is takes the p1ss out of the racists something shocking. But you have to watch it very carefully to pick it up in some places.

  29. 529
    Chris B says:

    Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of


    There is one brilliant piece in this movie that very few people pick up, that takes place in Alabama. I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it, but it also makes your skin crawl, before hand. No one in the audience appears to get the point he is trying to make.

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    kerneels says:

    Thanks Chris, found it.

    Stange thing about this racist business – I found that (excluding the extremists) people pretty much accept what they are brought up with. Many people I know told me years later how shocked they were when they realised that it was all based on lies. When I left, many friends could not understand why on earth I felt I had to leave. In time they all they came to the same understanding, although not all could leave.

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    Chris B says:

    The real Sarah Palin


    If McCain dies she is in charge of the USA.

  32. 532
    Chris B says:

    530 kerneels

    No worries mate.

  33. 533
    kerneels says:


    I am sure any Republican friends and visitors will now feel very welcome and at home!

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    Catrina says:

    Evening all – have I missed anything?

    P.S. Our Republican Calendar has been updated with the full Palin speech and the McCain speech.

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    Kirribilli Removals says:

    And when all the hoopla and back-slapping dies down:

    The nation’s jobless rate zoomed to a five-year high of 6.1 percent in August as employers slashed 84,000 jobs, the government reported.


    …the real world impinges with some cold hard facts, and they won’t take long to start grabbing the headlines again.

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    Everything you need to know about Ice Station Sarah.

    I’ve always operated in the belief that “bad things happen when good people stay silent”……….I looked around and realized that everybody else was afraid to say anything because they were somehow vulnerable……….She has bitten the hand of every person who extended theirs to her in help………Fear of retribution has kept all of these people from saying anything publicly about her.


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    megan says:

    Great read isn’t it,Ecky?

    Spaminbox@427 highlighted it as well, below the “…steamy affair” article ,under ‘Comments’.

    It’s good to see an increasing diversity of writers and lots of visitors……must be your wonderful catering !!

    Good to see you too,Kirri…the place is not the same without you :)

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    Catrina says:

    We all know where Alaska is (it’s that place up over there in between Russia and Canada). Well – turns out that Alaska is broken down into a number of regions – one of which is called Mat-Su. According to the tourist info it’s the playground of Alaska. As you can see from the map I just referenced, Wasilla is one of the significant population centres (and we all know who was the mayor of Wasilla don’t we). Anyway – to get to the meat of the story – it turns out that the Troopers dub Mat-Su area the meth capital of Alaska.

  40. 540
    Catrina says:

    A new addition to the WordPress.com collection of blogs:
    Librarians Against Palin!

    (Just for reference I’ve added a link to the blog in our opinion section above. I view that action as a somewhat potentially controversial. If anyone want to object – the right place is over on the Editorial Policy page).

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    Thomas Paine says:

    I suspect McCain will be looking for a sizable jump in polling post convention. If that doesn’t happen then I can’t see that Palin will be much of a factor thereafter. If they do that will get them within striking distance however their next problem will be keeping Palin away from too many real interviews with real political reporters.

    It is a bit like Howard, he was waiting and waiting for a narrowing to get with in striking distance and then hoping the last week doubters would put him over the line.

    McCain’s choice of Palin IMHO was reckless and negligent as she must be considered a security and economic risk, if she ever fell into the job due to his illness. Worst of all she would be easily manipulated by the extreme right wing loonies of the GOP.

    Seems all here are so confident of an Obama win but I wouldn’t be. A country that elected Bush 4 years ago despite the evidence is capable of any level of stupidity. It appears to me that Americans are often attracted to shallow big mouths – as long as they look confident and brash and cute and etc they fall for it. Well enough to win people like Bush an election.

  42. 542
    Catrina says:

    Thomas Paine at 541

    A country that elected Bush 4 years ago despite the evidence is capable of any level of stupidity. It appears to me that Americans are often attracted to shallow big mouths – as long as they look confident and brash and cute and etc they fall for it. Well enough to win people like Bush an election.

    I don’t think it’s that simple.

    The election 4 years ago was about a nation in recoil. For the first time (in terms of big picture events) the American nation was attacked – a successfully at that. There is a natural migration following such an event – you go to the father – the source of physical power and protection. But sometimes, too much of father is not a good thing – especially when healing and reconciliation are at the top of the agenda. This election is about mum’s judgement versus dad. Dad has been ruling for 8 years and it’s been difficult and the kids ain’t happy. Thing is mum is setting a different tone and doing it with shotgun on the table.

    Me personally – I don’t know how this election will end – I do know who I want to win – but that’s not the same as knowing who will win. I have cognitive dissidence problem of my own – most everyone I know in America are reasonable, opinionated and educated (and that includes people from limo drivers to CEOs) but aside from recognizable themes of sexism or racism – I just don’t have a feeling for the end game (except for Possum who keeps telling me that everything will be OK at the end of the day).

  43. 543
    Catrina says:


    20 days to the VP Debate
    60 days to Election Day
    137 days to Inauguration

    And just for reference, I am growing a certain dislike to Palin – none of which is based on anything related to policy (noting that nothing has been stated to date that is policy related aside from things linked to the great state of Alaska), part of which is based on background info (non of which is good and some of which is really bad), and part of which is based on what she’s saying (which for the most part part gets me hostile). But John McCain doing the sucking up is even worse.

    http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22425001/vp/26561783#26561783 (16m, 47s)

    In the meantime – I’m pleased to see some early kick-back on the community organizer attack line. While I don’t approve of the entire content (religion gets too much of a kick), I do appreciate the sentiment.

    A Photo History of Community Organizers

    But the community is not the only one kicking back – listen to Joe Biden out on the stump …


    And bye the way – today is the first day whereby we have received more traffic from the outside as opposed to sources from PB classic and a lot more traffic than last month.

  44. 544
    Catrina says:

    Gallup Daily: Obama’s Lead Now at 4 Points

    PRINCETON, NJ — Gallup Poll Daily tracking from Tuesday through Thursday finds Barack Obama with a four-percentage-point lead over John McCain in the presidential preferences of registered voters, 48% to 44%.

    The article goes on to say …

    Support for Obama since just before the Democratic National Convention kicked off on Aug. 25 has ranged from 44% to 50%, while McCain’s support has ranged from 41% to 46%. Whereas the race was initially tied at 45%, Obama pulled into an eight-point lead at several points over the course of his convention. It now appears the Republican National Convention may be helping McCain to recoup some of his losses, though with Obama’s current four-point lead, the entire convention period to this point has still been a net plus for Obama.


    (Next Gallup report will be Monday US time which will include the McCain speech impact).

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    David Gould says:

    Andrew at 491,

    I am unclear how hoping for an Obama lead indicates that I am anti-Obama. You will have to lay out your syllogism for me.

    Premise 1.) David hopes Obama is in front.
    Premise 2.) ?
    Conclusion: David is anti-Obama.

    Perhaps underpants are involved somewhere?

  46. 546
    David Gould says:

    Chris B at 497,

    To clarify, what I meant was that these attacks are not necessarily helpful to the cause of Obama. I know that the Obama camp is not making these attacks; but they are not helpful to the Obama camp.

  47. 547
    David Gould says:

    kerneels at 516,

    Well, according to Chris B and Andrews, I am a Republican supporter. :)

  48. 548
    David Gould says:

    A bounce for Palin’s speech, but that was to be expected – at least it was to be expected by those who did not underestimate her …

    It should all wash through, however. By this time next week, that 3 – 4 point lead for Obama that I, evil secret Republican agent that I am, hope for should be in play.

  49. 549
    David Gould says:

    I do have to point out here that I am not absolutely thrilled to have my motives questioned. While I can be good-humoured about it, it does trigger anger in me.

    It would seem that unless you are over-the-top optimistic those who are over-the-top optimistic may come to see you as a potential enemy.

    It is my honest thought – based, by the way, on the opinion polls and analysis from independent blogs such as Possum’s – that this election is going to be close. That I think this election is going to be close is a completely separate issue to who I want to win.

  50. 550
    David Gould says:

    I should note that I also understand that it is impossible for me to prove that I am telling the truth about who I support.

  51. 551
    kerneels says:

    Hi David,

    I never thought for one moment you were anti-Obama, my point is that anybody interested in the US election should be welcome, regardless if which side they favoured.

    Don’t take it to heart, though. Think footy supporters….at work we use to have seriously depressed or even worse wildly jubilant colleagues every Monday during the season. I never could for the love of me understand how anybody could get so emotionally involved in a game!

  52. 552
    David Gould says:


    I thought that the ‘Pretending to be anti-Republican’ article title was appropriate. ;)

  53. 553
    megan says:


    Appreciate your well-considered comments and accept you are what you say you are. Some of us are a maybe a bit too suspicious/defensive after being treated rather badly by ‘baiters’ on a previous site .
    Am with you re the closeness of the polls and regardless of how good the Democrat candidate, the Republicans are not going to cede power without an enormous fight….and I use that word deliberately. Obama is going to need the fighting skills of Hillary and Joe Biden now that Palin,the fighter, has joined the fray.

  54. 554
    Progressive says:

    David: I certainly don’t question your allegiances!
    There is nothing wrong with being cautious!
    You make a valued contribution to this board, keep it up, it’s much appreciated by me! Good on ya mate!
    As I’ve said before, this won’t be a cakewalk for Obama, far from it! He needs all those Hillary supporters on board, so it’s a good thing she’s campaigning for him in Florida next week!
    The question is: does McCain get any bounce from his acceptance speech?

  55. 555
    Kirribilli Removals says:

    538 megan

    Thanks Megan, and it’s good to be back from the ‘dark side’, I’ll tell you! LOL

  56. 556
    Kirribilli Removals says:

    Right on cue:

    “These numbers just cry out to me that the job market is in a recession,” Stuart Hoffman, the chief economist of PNC Bank, said.


    …with the 605,000 jobs lost this year catching the attention of everyone, including Macca and Obama, as you’d expect.

    Looks like the RNC party in Minnesota is well and truly over and the agenda has been been stolen back by the utterly dire economic news.

    Watch this space, as they say.

  57. 557
    Kirribilli Removals says:

    It’s not that the neocon nutters haven’t given the world good cause to be suspicious and a touch paranoid, but the rumours of an impending strike against Iran via the proxy Israel, and using Georgia as a base, get a good dissection from Juan Cole and are found seriously wanting:


    …but it’s easy to understand why so many are anxious in the lead up to the US election, isn’t it? It’s not like they wouldn’t invade a country for purely political reasons, is it?

  58. 558
    Enemy Combatant says:

    Good Morning, ladies, gentlemen, degenerates and closeted trolls.

    Has anybody seen Sarah? Yoo-hoo, Saaarrrah!!
    Where arrrrrre you??
    All voters want is an unscripted interview or two, just a few quick questions? Will you quit it with the celebrity routine, Sarah, squirrelling yourself away like Greta Garbo or some kind of Rapunzel On Ice.

    Come on out, we jes wanna hear you say “Yup, yup”, Sarah. You’re accent is so goddamn cute we go ga-ga every time you speak. And you lay us in the aisles with your Barracuda swish.


    We’re god-fearin’, plain folk who have waited longer than The Israelites (some of whom are our dearest friends) for the second coming of Ayn Rand.
    Please show us the way, Sarah, lead us to the Big Rock Candy Mountain.




    Fri Sept 5:

    Fri Sept 5: (reprised on relevancy grounds)


  59. 559
    Kirribilli Removals says:

    Joan Walsh in Salon:

    Palin loves her attack dog role; she’s Giuliani in drag, the 1976 Bob Dole with bangs. (A Salon reader came up with another line I liked: What’s the difference between Sarah Palin and Dick Cheney? Lipstick.)

    …oh, how true! LOL

    Maybe it’s a bit too big a leap from a hunting rifle to the big bomb button, and if she opens her mouth too much between now and the polls, we’re sure to hear why. Which presents a quandry for the GOP since they need her out there spruiking the creationist’s fantasy, so the opportunity exists for her to put a foot in it.

    We wait in anxious anticipation.

  60. 560

    Politics and the English Language (as spoken in America)

    Sean Ocali says: If you’re 18, white, and get a 16 year old girl pregnant “life happens.” If you’re 18, black, and impregnate a 16 year old girl, you’re a “registered sex offender.”


  61. 561
    Chris B says:

    Thought I’d try my hand at making a video clip.
    John McCain’s very bad temper.


  62. 562
  63. 563
    GhostWhoVotes says:


    A ‘viscous temper’? :)

    Still, its a good video.

  64. 564
    Chris B says:

    Damn spell checker.

  65. 565
    Chris B says:

    Thanks Ghost Who Votes.

  66. 566
  67. 567
    Chris B says:

    Fixed it, it will be back again shortly.

  68. 568
  69. 569
    GhostWhoVotes says:


    Sorry Chris B, but it still says ‘viscous’.

  70. 570
    Thomas Paine says:

    Cant say I have much faith in the American public to remove the GOP. I find it inconceivable given their painful experience that 44-46% still support the GOP. Are they total fools?

    Then again we had a similar problem with Howard.

  71. 571

    “Are they total fools?”

    Nuh, Tommy, just well-programmed doublethinkers.

    Good clip of Bomb-Bomb McAngry, Chris.

    Reminded me of “angry aussie” who normally likes to work in a mask. Went googling for him and came up with this pearler of a peripatetic piece on Manichaeanism, which will play major with Palin’s injection into the Sep campaign.


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    Spam Inbox says:

    Off topic I know… but have any of you tried the new Google Chrome browser? It’s only beta and is pretty light on for features so far, but it is very, very fast

    So far no problems and I’m really impressed. It’s definitely worth your while to give it a test run


  73. 573
    Chris B says:

    569 GhostWhoVotes Don’t know what happened my version is correct. Too late it has got a rating, so I’ll leave it.

  74. 574

    As political essays go, it doesn’t get any better than this.

    THE CODE OF THE WEST (Hows Dems have cracked it)

    It is in fact a startling change. Since 2002, Democrats have replaced Republican governors in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Arizona. It is possible to drive from the Canadian border to the Mexican border and not pass through a single state governed by a Republican. “That’s a good pictorial of how you can think about what Democrats have done out here,” Ritter said………

    Democrats should give up on the South and focus on the West, partly because white Southerners, more than any other group, use social issues as a prism through which they view all other issues—and that attempts by Democrats to express some cultural affinity with these voters are rarely successful. Therefore, if the South remains the unattainable goal for Democrats—a political white whale—striving to win the region will end up pulling the Party to the right on social issues like abortion and gay marriage, while achieving no electoral benefits………..

    Democrats don’t need to speak in tongues to win the West. They simply need to give the electorate an honest signal that they take the concerns of moderate religious voters seriously.


  75. 575
    GhostWhoVotes says:


    Who do you think rated it? :D

  76. 576
    Kirribilli Removals says:

    572 Spam Inbox

    To make sure that Google Chrome recognizes Java 6 update 10 correctly, you might want to install Java 6u10 prior to installing Google Chrome.


    (you can the file from the above URL)

    Sun recommends the above, so if you want full internet compliance, it might be a good idea.

  77. 577
    Kirribilli Removals says:


    Ecky, I liked this one too:

    DTD SAYS: If your pastor rails against inequality in the United States of America, you’re an “extremist.” If your pastor welcomes a sermon by a member of Jews for Jesus who preaches that the killing of Jews by terrorists is a lesson to Jews that they must convert to Christianity, you’re a “fundamentalist.”

    …dontcha just love the ‘flexibility’ of the religious right, eh?

  78. 578
    Kirribilli Removals says:

    And while everyone was distracted with the ‘running of the moose’ in Minnesota, (a new event to be staged annually for red-blooded republicans and guests), the head honchos of Fannie and Freddie got called in for a little chat:

    The plan, which would place the companies into a conservatorship, was outlined in separate meetings with the chief executives at the office of the companies’ new regulator. The executives were told that, under the plan, they and their boards would be replaced and shareholders would be virtually wiped out, but that the companies would be able to continue functioning with the government generally standing behind their debt, people briefed on the discussions said.


    …and of course, the US taxpayers now get some billions in liabilities and some bleeding companies as consolation prize.

    And Macca gave them a rousing line about ‘deregulation’ in St Paul!

    Well, here’s the result.

  79. 579
    Chris B says:

    Anyone else that wants to rate my video and put it in favorites. It would be appreciated. That gets my more viewers.
    Yes I know there is a spelling mistake. :lol:


  80. 580
  81. 581
  82. 582
    Enemy Combatant says:

    Joe Biden attacks his opponents on the stump without getting personal and by focussing on what’s in voters’ faces day after day; tough times and a broken economy.


  83. 583
    Gaffhook says:

    The Fence(CowBay auctioneer) and McTruthbender really don’t mind if the story is not true. Specially when it sounds good.

    But that hasn’t stopped Palin, or John McCain, from implying — and, on Friday, claiming outright — that Palin did sell the jet on the Internet.

    “You know what I enjoyed the most? She took the luxury jet that was acquired by her predecessor and sold it on eBay — and made a profit!” McCain declared in Wisconsin at a campaign stop on Friday. It could not be immediately determined what that profit was.


  84. 584
    Gaffhook says:

    Chris B

    If you are referring to Bull butter Glen he has been back for a while. He has been posting at the other pit.

  85. 585
    Gaffhook says:

    Good Vid by the way. I rated it for you.

    Hofe The Fence has got a good scrap book for all them Toons. What a hoot.

  86. 586
    Gaffhook says:

    If the GOP get back in one of my friends has got the contract to install new coffee machines in the W/house.
    The new Monkeybuck franchise.


    Make sure you put the coin in the slot and open the machine at the end.

  87. 587
    Gaffhook says:

    585 would be “hope”

  88. 588
    Gaffhook says:



    Linked from that Cole site.

    No doubt “Turdblossom will be available to advise them about subpoenas!

    ANCHORAGE — Several top Alaska state legislators said Friday that they would meet next week to consider authorizing subpoenas to force aides to Gov. Sarah Palin to testify in a probe into whether she abused her powers when she fired the state’s public safety commissioner.


  89. 589
    Gaffhook says:



    Seems like the Goppers have put up the “Picket Line” around The Fence.

    No new Palins in The Fence until we dig some new foundations so hurry along please folks!

    Carney: We know now that Sarah Palin can give one hell of a speech, she’s a natural, and that’s no mean feat. We don’t know yet, and we won’t know until you guys allow her to take questions, you know, can she answer tough questions about domestic policy, foreign policy –

    Wallace: Wait, wait. Questions from who? From him, from you? Who cares? No offense, but –


  90. 590
    Enemy Combatant says:

    Gaffy, handlers have got her on cotton wool. She’ll have to do a few more set-pieces before they let her loose anywhere near real journos.

    Whitey McCain:


  91. 591
    megan says:

    US-Iraq Agreement leaked.

    “…A leaked version of last month’s draft of the proposed US-Iraq status of forces agreement (SOFA) suggests that the Iraqi parliament may not be consulted before it is signed, despite Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s promises to do so. The pact would govern the future US presence in Iraq. The draft indicates no intent to set a deadline for withdrawal of “noncombat” troops from Iraq. It also grants immunity from Iraqi law to US military personnel, no matter where they are located…”


  92. 592
    megan says:

    “Wrong woman,Wrong Message” .

    “….This isn’t the first time a boss has picked an unqualified woman just because she agrees with him and opposes everything most other women want and need. ”


  93. 593
  94. 594
    Catrina says:

    Thomas Paine at 593

    What is more interesting (and more pertinent) is the state-based electoral vote projections.

    Polster: Obama 260, McCain 179, Toss-up 99
    RCP: Obama: 238, McCain 174, Toss-up 126
    NYT: Obama 251, McCain 227, Toss-up 60
    Politico: Obama 273, McCain 265
    Electoral Vote: Obama: 301, McCain 224
    538: Obama 308.8, McCain 229.2
    Possum: Obama 293, McCain 245

    Turning that into percentages of electoral votes, we get Obama leading McCain across the board:

    Polster.com: 48%, 33%, 16%
    RCP: 44%, 32%, 23%
    NYT: 47%, 42%, 11%
    Politico: 51%, 49%
    Electoral Vote: 56%, 44%
    538: 57%, 42%
    Possum: 55%, 45%

    There are also a number of analyst forecasts over on the Wall Street Journal:

    Charlie Cook: 278 260 (52% 48%)
    Thomas Mann: 349 189 (65% 35%)
    Stewart Rothenburg: 273 265 (51% 49%)
    John Seib/1: 301 237 (56% 44%)
    John Seib/2: 263 275 (49% 51%) (assumes McCain wins Michigan)

    What I don’t have any clear sense of is the level of variation of popular vote projections that would result in dead-heat at the state-by-state projections. But I guess what is more important is that popular polling becomes less and less relevant as we move closer and closer to election day in that everything will turn on state-by-state numbers and the Electoral College (although I do think that the popular polling trends are interesting, particularly in terms of finer gain details such as the hardening of respective bases and swings within independents).

  95. 595
    KatieLou says:

    Barack comes out fighting over McCain’s claim that he’s a change agent.


    And this is an article about the Democrats drive to register new voters in crucial states….


  96. 596
    Spam Inbox says:

    Kirribilli Removals @ 576

    Thanks, got it.

    I’ve had no problems really( a sound bug at first but now sorted) although a number of people have had issues (always happens with Beta’s)

    I’m impressed with the speed of the thing,for me it has been quite significant. I put it on the 4 desktops and two notebooks here, some running XP and others Vista and it’s been stable as hell on all of them

  97. 597
  98. 598
    KatieLou says:

    Joe Biden’s pretty impressive when he gets going…


  99. 599
    Enemy Combatant says:

    G’day Groovers,
    How delightful to see Obi unleash a bit of home-spun homile laced with essence of mongrel.
    And about bloody time, too!!
    Not quite, “It’s the Economy, stupid”, which could also be dusted-off again, but it’s a great grab and will become a theme if not a slogan for the rest of the campaign. Simple, direct and straight to the point.
    Nobody likes to be taken for mugs. Even people who reside in Deliverance country.

    the Democratic presidential nominee ridiculed John McCain and his running mate, the Alaska governor, for describing themselves as agents of change at this week’s GOP convention.
    “Don’t be fooled,” Obama told the crowd surrounding him in a large barn. “John McCain’s party, with the help of John McCain, has been in charge” for nearly eight years.

    “I know the governor of Alaska has been saying she’s change, and that’s great,” Obama said. “She’s a skillful politician. But, you know, when you’ve been taking all these earmarks when it’s convenient, and then suddenly you’re the champion anti-earmark person, that’s not change. Come on! I mean, words mean something, you can’t just make stuff up.”

    McCain has acknowledged voting with President Bush 90 percent of the time in Congress, Obama said.
    “And suddenly he’s the change agent? Ha. He says, ‘I’m going to tell those lobbyists that their days of running Washington are over.’ Who is he going to tell? Is he going to tell his campaign chairman, who’s one of the biggest corporate lobbyists in Washington? Is he going to tell his campaign manager, who was one of the biggest corporate lobbyists in Washington?”

    “I mean, come on, they must think you’re stupid,” Obama said as the crowd laughed and cheered.


    KatieLou’s posted the clip at 595, and yes, KL, Joe did The Team proud on the stump in PA.

  100. 600
    Chris B says:

    582 Enemy Combatant That’s what we need to hear lots more about.