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The Healthcare Debate

Today is the day that will make or break the Democrats. The health care bill has finally arrived on the floor of the congress. After months of in fighting and scare mongering, we finally get to find out what the Democrats are made of. Failure will surely mean the Democrats will be wiped out in 2010. Success will mean the polls will sky rocket for the Democrats and plunge for the Republicans. The urgency and pressure will be immense. Already the Republicans have used bullying tactics against female Democrat speakers wanting to talk about how the health care bill will help women. There are tea baggers in the gallery ready to intimidate Democrat members of congress. The battle lines have been drawn. Let the battle begin.

UPDATE: Saturday, 11:00 pm US East Coast – the House Bill passes 220-215.

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    gaffhook says:

    It’s called Guber Schadenfreude Katielou!!!

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    megan says:

    Delicious is the word, Katielou.
    Am hooked on Possum’s Spillwatch!

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