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Thing is I’ve watched this movie four times now. And that – in and of itself – bothers me. There are conflicts present in the script – not spoken so much – just the noise between the lines. I’m on the fence, is it junk or is it a milestone?

705 Responses to “Promethius … science, religion, or something else?”

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    Chris B says:

    Further to 700. Women are at least 52% of the electorate. With all those figures. Why is it close.

  2. 702
    Chris B says:

    Forgot to put young people in that mix. Although I don’t have a number.

  3. 703
    paddy says:

    Firstdog does a marvellous sales pitch for catholic colleges. 👿 😆

  4. 704
    Chris B says:

    703 Training the next generation misogynists/pedophiles. Choose which ever fits best.

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