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208 Responses to “Obama, Romney, Showtime …”

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    Chris B says:

    Gingrich: Today’s GOP ‘Incapable Of Competing’ Against Hillary Clinton.

    Didn’t need to bump after all. 🙂

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    Chris B says:

    200 cute Gaffy.

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    Chris B says:

    Gingrich Says Clinton Would Be Nearly Impossible to Beat
    Newt Gingrich told Meet the Press that if Hillary Clinton runs for president, the Republican party has little chance of regaining the White House in 2016.

    Said Gingrich: “The Republican party is incapable of competing at that level.”

    He added that she’s “married to the most popular Democrat in the country” and she would also have the backing of President Obama, who will still be a “relatively popular president.”

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    Chris B says:

    Bonus Quote of the Day
    “I don’t know what she’s going to do, but I do know this: The Democrats want her to run. And I don’t just mean a lot of Democrats. I mean a whole lot of Democrats, like 90 percent across the country. We just want to win. We think she’s the best person and shut it down. And that’s across the board.”

    — James Carville, on This Week, on Hillary Clinton’s presidential prospects in 2016.


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    Chris B says:

    Getting more Liberals up should be a top priority for the Democrats. Three potential senate seats come to mind. New Jersey. A possible retirement due to age. West Virginia. Jay Rockafella may not seek another term. Kentucky may be targeted by Ashleigh Judd. Hillary Clinton’s coat tails will be long.

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    HarryH says:

    2007 was fun but i hope The Clampetts retire to their front porch.

    Forward is the motto…Forward should be the Dems agenda.

    Go back to The Clampetts and you go back to a confused Party.

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