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208 Responses to “Obama, Romney, Showtime …”

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    paddy says:

    Capping off a magnificent week in toon town….
    Firstdog whacks it out of the park!!

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    Chris B says:

    OK. David. Fox News and Republican conspiracy theory’s make mine look like kindergarten stuff!

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    Chris B says:

    John McCain’s loosing it.

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    Catrina says:

    Chris B @ 104
    IMO John McCain lost the plot in 2008 with the Palin pick.
    Even McCain agreed on that.

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    HarryH says:

    IMO John McCain lost the plot when he started singing Beach Boys songs.


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    Catrina says:

    HarryH @ 106
    OK you win!

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    HarryH says:

    Hell, the poor bastard prolly lost the plot decades ago in a dark lonely cell in Nam.

    How else to explain best buddies like Joe Lieberman and Lindsay Graham.

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    Gaffhook says:

    Harry and Catrina
    I reckon his old man chopped a tree down on him way back and there are plenty of events in his career which could be attributed to when he lost the plot.

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    Gaffhook says:

    What a hoot

    Generals Hospital


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    Chris B says:

    Moderate Republicans Edge Closer to Extinction

    “Which Republicans lost their seats? Moderates and moderate conservatives, disproportionately. Among the incumbents who ran for reelection, 48 were members of a group called the Republican Main Street Partnership, nonradical conservatives who sometimes call themselves ‘center right.’ Seven of those 48 lost their seats — a mortality rate of 15%, more than twice as high as Republicans in general. When you add retirements and other departures, more than a dozen moderate conservatives won’t be coming back next year. Moderate Republicans were an endangered species in Congress even before this year’s election. Now they’re even closer to extinction.”


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    Chris B says:

    Young Woman Dies In Irish Hospital, Denied Needed Abortion
    Help send this viral by adding it to any social media you can. Twitter Facebook Linkedin Pinterest or Delicious. Just to name a few.


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    paddy says:

    Zeynep Tufekci in a brilliant piece about the hidden persuaders on the campaign trail. Well worth a read.

    Beware the Smart Campaign …..
    The Obama campaign assigned all potential swing-state voters one number, on a scale of 1 to 100, that represented the likelihood that they would support Mr. Obama, and another number for the prospect that they would show up at the polls. …..

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    Catrina says:

    paddy @ 116

    Democracy should not just be about how to persuade people to vote for one candidate over another by any means necessary.

    It’s bit of a leading conclusion IMO.
    Lets restate this to the following:

    Democracy should not just be about how to persuade people to vote for one candidate over another by any means available.

    I’m not getting into what is reasonable let alone necessary – just saying, if its available you can ignore it at your peril.

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    Chris B says:

    Republicans Want to Avoid More Bitter Primaries

    Republicans are clearly saying they must avoid more bitter primaries in 2014, but the way they are going about it is almost certain to guarantee them. The chairman of the NRSC is Sen. Jerry Moran (R-KS), an inexperienced tea party candidate who defeated the establishment choice in a primary. Now he has chosen his vice chairman: Sen.-elect Ted Cruz (R-TX), an even more extreme tea party candidate who also defeated the establishment choice in a bitter primary. It is not at all clear how this new duo will operate. One possibility is that they will back tea party candidates strongly in the primaries, hoping to avoid the kind of fratricide that has been so common up until now.

    This may or may not work. It depends on why people like Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock, Sharron Angle, Christine O’Donnell, and Ken Buck were defeated in the general election. If the problem was being bloodied in a bitter primary, then having the NRSC support tea party candidates in primaries in order to chase away establishment candidates, it might work. But if the real problem was the candidates were too extreme for the voters, then a strategy of killing off establishment candidates early on to let tea party candidates cruise to easy nominations, it will be suicide. So everything depends on one’s interpretation of why these candidates lost. With Moran and Cruz running the show in 2014, we may find out.


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    paddy says:

    It appears Firstdog was braver (or more masochistic ) than me and watched QANDA last night. :lol:

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    paddy says:

    Catrina @ 117
    Acute as ever Cat.
    Given the nature of US elections, with voluntary voting, spectacular gerrymandering of the districts and some extremely “creative” attempts to prevent the “wrong” sort of people voting…..
    I guess using every means *available* is the only sane choice. :-)

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    paddy says:

    A rather spectacular knifing of General Petraeus here.
    But I have to say, I find it a bit hard to take anyone with a name like
    LUCIAN K. TRUSCOTT IV very seriously. :lol:

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    Gaffhook says:

    Slowly slowly catchee monkey.
    SeweRoo will no doubt be having sphinctre contractions on a more regular basis.

    Ex-Downing Street communications chief Andy Coulson and ex-News International executive Rebekah Brooks are to be charged in connection with payments to police and public officials.

    The Crown Prosecution Service said they were among five people to face action as part of the inquiry.


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    Chris B says:

    Did Anonymous Stop Rove From Stealing The Election Again? A very interesting video.

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    Chris B says:

    Creationism Controversies The Norm Among Potential Republican 2016 Contenders.
    The fruitcake and nuts still persist.

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    Chris B says:

    BuzzFeed reports Obama “will not repeat what is widely seen as a mistake of his first term: switching off his grassroots operation at the behest of Congressional Democrats, who bridled at its organizing in their districts.”

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    Chris B says:

    Wingnuts: Romney Lost the Election Because He Was Too Moderate.

    This was entirely predictable, but still hilarious.

    “The moderates have had their candidate in 2008 and they had their candidate in 2012. And they got crushed in both elections. Now they tell us we have to keep moderating. If we do that, will we win?” said Bob Vander Plaats, president of the Family Leader. Vander Plaats is an influential Christian conservative who opposed Romney in the Iowa caucuses 10 months ago and opposed Sen. John McCain’s candidacy four years ago.

    More here…


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    Chris B says:

    Big Banks Line Up To Block Elizabeth Warren’s Appointment to Senate Banking Committee.

    But the big banks are not fans of Warren, and their representatives in Washington have her in their crosshairs. Aides to two senators on the banking committee tell Mother Jones the industry has already moved to block Warren from joining the committee, which is charged with drafting legislation regulating much of the financial industry. “Downtown”—shorthand for Washington’s lobbying corridor—”has been going nuts” to keep her off the committee, another Senate aide says.

    More here…

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    Jen says:

    what TF is Labor doing to asylum seekers now????
    condemnation by Amnesty, the UN and refugee advocate groups is no deterrent to this government trying to win the hearts and minds of Howard voters. :(

    If the risk of drowning is not a deterrant then why would “offshore processing” (read Indefinite incarceration in horrific conditions) stop desperate people fleeing from situations they are in because of an accident of birth.
    As are we, living in this privileged country.


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    Jen says:

    not to mention that so-called “deterrance” just doesnt work.

    “Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has effectively conceded that Labor’s Pacific Solution Mark II has been overwhelmed, announcing that asylum seekers are arriving in such numbers that they will be allowed to live in the Australian community. ”

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/political-news/labors-pacific-solution-overwhelmed-20121121-29pj3.html#ixzz2CqV3ff4Z

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    Chris B says:

    Richard Mourdock has been painted as a Tea Party candidate. He was never a Tea Party candidate. But he was just as nutty as a Tea Party candidate.

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    Chris B says:

    Jim Messina Tells How Obama Won

    Jim Messina, President Obama’s campaign manager, gave an interview in which he explained how to win a presidential election. Here are his main points.

    The voters have to be wooed. You can’t just attack the other candidate
    Targeted door-to-door knocking will only grow in importance
    Technology is king. You need a huge database of voters to know who’s on which side
    Stuff changes. Don’t try to rerun the last campaign. Adapt
    Be careful about the public polls. A lot of them are junk.


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    paddy says:

    Leunig still has the power to knock me over.

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    paddy says:

    Kudelka (and I) agree with you. :-(

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    Jen says:

    Thanks for both toons Paddy

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    Chris B says:

    How the grassroots won it for Obama. I was aware of how the Democrats were going about the GOTV and I was super impressed. The Democrats are going to use this database and build on it. Unlike the first term. One thing the Democrats have in abundance is computer geeks. The Republicans on the other hand have a lot of technophobes. It should be fun trying to train a lot of them for 2016.

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    Chris B says:

    GOTV = Get Out The Vote.

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    Chris B says:

    The Democrats Karl Rove will be a Google Guy. :)
    A group of men no longer decide where the ads go. Data does.
    Not Lore (Star Trek joke).

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    Chris B says:

    Pell showed ‘sociopathic lack of empathy’ for abuse victims.
    My neighbours ongoing story.

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    Chris B says:

    ‘Likely voter’ polling screens were skewed toward Romney.

    Harry Enten of the Guardian makes a funny point—the polls were skewed … toward Mitt Romney!

    It’s fairly clear that no matter what method is utilized, the national polls were too favorable towards Romney. Only eight out of 113 polls (or 7.1%) during the final month had Obama’s lead at above 3pt. Three of the eight were from the Rand Corporation, two were from Google, and the rest were scattered between Democracy Corps, IBD/TIPP, and the United Technologies/National Journal survey.

    During the final week, only three out of 30 polls (or 10%) conducted had Obama’s lead above 3pt. They belonged to Democracy Corps, Google, and Rand. If Obama’s lead climbs to 3.5pt, then, even with rounding, the vast majority of national polls were off in the final week. (Note: usually one would consider a poll giving Obama’s victory margin as 3pt to be right if the final result were between 2.50 and 3.49pt.)

    More here…

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    Chris B says:

    You can help my neighbours by putting any child abuse story (especially theirs) on social media.

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    Chris B says:

    Treasury to crack down on UK’s offshore tax havens
    Channel Islands and Isle of Man will be among those ordered to reveal names behind hidden accounts.

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    Chris B says:

    David Cameron is accused of a ‘sham listening exercise’ on NHS reform after links to lobbyist are revealed
    Leaked document shows how private health firms worked with Downing Street to ensure new legislation went ahead

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    Chris B says:

    Team Abbott should chart a new course.

    AS NEWS broke on Saturday evening that former union official Bruce Wilson was backing the Prime Minister’s defence of her professional conduct 17 years ago, industrial lawyer Josh Bornstein took to Twitter.

    The Maurice Blackburn principal does a lot of work with unions and proffered the following context: ”Some home truths re union officials re-election funds: 1. Such funds are a dime a dozen and have been around for donkey’s years. 2. Usually a group of like-minded union officials regularly contribute a portion of their wages to the fund. 3. Such funds are not funds of the union but belong to the group of officials. Authorisation by the union is not required. 4. Lawyers often assist in setting up the fund structure but do not usually have any further role in the operation or management.”

    Poll 2PP Lib:51% ALP 49% (Greens 11%).

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/politics/team-abbott-should-chart-a-new-course-20121125-2a1fd.html#ixzz2DHa5uaDA

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    paddy says:

    Romney’s final share of the vote? You guessed it: 47 percent.

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    Chris B says:

    One thing all American Presidents second have in common. Is failure or scandal.
    Ronald Reagan had the Iran Contra affair where he was lucky not to be impeached. As well as his alzheimers. Richard Nixon had Watergate and impeachment. Bill Clinton had Monica Lewinski (sure did). The list goes on. The later half of the Maddow Show link has more info if required. The question is. Can Obama break that tradition? I certainly hope so.
    Success would almost guarantee a Democrat President third term. In the process help the Democrats win more seats in congress and the senate.

  52. 152
    paddy says:

    A telling metric. :-)
    Good read.
    ‘Top people in in Romney campaign were paid $134m. Top consultants in Obama campaign paid $6m’ http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/how-president-obama-won-a-second-term-20121123?page=2

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    Chris B says:

    Rachael Maddow’s Susan Rice Scott Brown conspiracy.

  55. 155
    Jen says:

    Yay for Mr Onthemoon !!!
    Sooo hope he wins …. feels like he is a Tickster at heart :)

  56. 156
    Jen says:

    So did Julia pay Ponting to retire today ??

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    Wakefield says:

    Any thoughts on Leveson?

  58. 158
    paddy says:

    Firstdog plays the celebrity at the lodge xmas drinks….Again! :lol:


    BTW The walkleys are on SBS at 9.40 pm tonight.
    Given the standard of “churnalism” displayed by the assorted hacks and spivs in the Oz media, I recon the cartoonists are the only ones worthy of a gong. :-(

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    paddy says:

    The only thoughts I’ve had (so far) on Leveson. Are about how the public’s outrage over David Cameron knocking back the key recommendation of instituting *actual* legislation, might crack open the Tory/Lib coalition. It’s probably going to be popcorn time over the next few weeks/months.
    This might be the LibDems last chance to pull their polling out of the toilet.

  60. 160
    paddy says:

    Interesting piece here on comparisons between the Finkelstein review and Leveson.

  61. 161
    paddy says:

    Some more interesting perspectives on Leveson from assorted scribes on New Matilda.

  62. 162
    paddy says:

    Well that was a tiresome experience. Endured watching the entire Walkleys and they didn’t show Firstdog until the final credits. (But at least he won.) :-)

  63. 163
    paddy says:

    Today’s the anniversary of rosa parks refusing to give up her seat. this is barack obama on that same bus. http://lockerz.com/s/265594276

    Let’s just hope Obi can live up to that standard in his second term.

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    Chris B says:

    I found a new TV program Politics Nation by Al Sharpton.

  65. 165
    Chris B says:

    163 Lets hope he does paddy. Early signs are good.

  66. 166
    Chris B says:

    Is the right-wing media bubble impenetrable?
    I certainly hope so. It will hasten the Republican Party’s demise. It will help the Democrats do what they need to do. Rebuild America.


  67. 167
    Chris B says:

    Is the right-wing media bubble impenetrable?

    So the Tea Party is going to redouble its efforts to primary viable
    Republicans it deems insufficiently wingnutty. Despite costing the GOP four winnable Senate seats in the past two election cycles by nominating freaks like Richard Mourdock, Todd Akin, Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell, they are already gearing up to unseat senators Lindsey Graham in South Carolina, Lamar Alexander in Tennessee and Saxby Chambliss in Georgia, according to the Wall Street Journal. The Club for Growth is threatening to target West Virginia Rep. Shelley Moore Capito, a popular Republican with a long family pedigree in the state, after she announced her intention to run for the seat held by Democrat Jay Rockefeller.

    The correct link this time. :)


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    Chris B says:

    The Democrats need as many Progressive candidates as possible.

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    Chris B says:

    Inside the 2014 Senate Races.

    Roll Call’s initial Senate ratings outlook projects a potentially bullish cycle for Republicans, with an opportunity to recapture the majority for the first time in eight years.

    But that’s exactly how things looked two years before the 2012 elections, when Democrats surprised many with victories in Missouri and North Dakota on their way to picking up two seats. So the challenge for the GOP and incoming National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Jerry Moran of Kansas is to capitalize on their opportunities.

    That and how voters feel about President Barack Obama in 2014 could determine how the parties fare at the ballot box less than two years from now. Democrats won their current majority in 2006, in the second midterm election under President George W. Bush.

    Republicans are hoping Obama’s second midterm is similarly kind to them, if not equal to the president’s 2010 midterm shellacking, when the GOP won seven seats (and control of the House) despite beginning the cycle as the underdog.

    A long time to go yet. There could be retirements from both sides.
    Hopefully the Democrats will have taken lessons from the 2010 stuff up. More Progressives coming. I hope so.


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    Chris B says:

    James Bond and the killer bag lady.

    New clues and a powerful Wall St. skeptic challenge the official story of CIA financier Nick Deak’s brutal murder.

    On the morning of Nov. 19, 1985, a wild-eyed and disheveled homeless woman entered the reception room at the legendary Wall Street firm of Deak-Perera. Carrying a backpack with an aluminum baseball bat sticking out of the top, her face partially hidden by shocks of greasy, gray-streaked hair falling out from under a wool cap, she demanded to speak with the firm’s 80-year-old founder and president, Nicholas Deak.

    The 44-year-old drifter’s name was Lois Lang. She had arrived at Port Authority that morning, the final stop on a month-long cross-country Greyhound journey that began in Seattle. Deak-Perera’s receptionist, Frances Lauder, told the woman that Deak was out. Lang became agitated and accused Lauder of lying. Trying to defuse the situation, the receptionist led the unkempt woman down the hallway and showed her Deak’s empty office. “I’ll be in touch,” Lang said, and left for a coffee shop around the corner. From her seat by a window, she kept close watch on 29 Broadway, an art deco skyscraper diagonal from the Bowling Green Bull.

    This one puts all the Republican Party conspiracy theories to shame.

    Continue this conspiracy theory here…


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    Chris B says:

    What Can We Learn From Near-Death Choices.
    A great video.

  73. 173
    Chris B says:

    Grover Norquist: ‘Tea Party Two Is Going To Dwarf Tea Party One’ (VIDEO)
    Their ignorance is astounding. All the Democrats need to do is keep playing the Tea Party and Republicans along till 2014. The voters won’t be fooled like they were in 2010.

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    paddy says:

    Ah yes! There’s nothing like a truly HUMBLE Firstdog. :lol:
    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  75. 175
    Jen says:

    good for FirstDog – and for all those in that fight against the forces of conservative evil :megreen:

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    Chris B says:

    Meet Gubernatorial Candidate Ken Cuccinelli, Virginia’s Todd Akin.

    Virginia’s Republican Party appears poised to nominate state Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to be its candidate for governor in 2013 — embracing a man whose extreme political views bear striking resemblance to those of unsuccessful 2012 Senate candidate Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO).

    With his fervent anti-science, anti-choice, and anti-LGBT, anti-federal government activism, Akin’s extreme positions were well known long before his infamous August pronouncement that victims of “legitimate rape” are unlikely to become pregnant helped derail his 2012 U.S. Senate campaign. Cuccinelli’s views closely mirror Akin’s in all of those areas.

    Awesome! The Democrats can win Virginia in a landslide!
    Massachusetts and Virginia were the first to turn on Obama and the Democrats. Now they can return the favour!


  78. 178
    Chris B says:

    Funny : Girls Freak Out – Snowman Prank Season 2 Episode 10

  79. 179
    paddy says:

    Fresh from his Walkley victory, Firstdog is positively smoking it today. :-)

  80. 180
    Chris B says:

    This is why Barack Obama won his Nobel Peace Prize.
    We once had enough nuclear material to blow up the world something like 20 times over. (From my memory).

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    paddy says:

    Breaking: Barnaby Joyce is a bloody idiot! Who knew?
    Well…….Firstdog of course. :mrgreen:

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    Chris B says:

    Will Kentucky Embrace Ashley Judd’s Progressive Senate Run?

    Rumors that film star Ashley Judd is considering a run for Senate in her native Kentucky are solidifying. Politico reported Tuesday that Judd has spoken to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and a Democratic pollster about a possible challenge to Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY). Judd, an unabashed progressive activist, attended the Democratic National Convention this year as a delegate from Tennessee, where she currently lives. Should she decide to run, it won’t be difficult to determine where she stands on crucial policy issues. Here are just a few examples:

    That would be right out of left field. Awesome!


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    Chris B says:

    Fox News, Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes tried to get David Petraeus run for President.

  86. 186
    paddy says:

    Today’s Firstdog is a repeat. But it’s also a wonderful true story. :-)

    We all owe Jonathan Green a great deal.

  87. 187
    Chris B says:

    184 Chris B. 0 I forgot who Ashley Judd would be running against. :) Kentucky: Mitch McConnell.

  88. 188
    Chris B says:

    It would be interesting to see how Ashley Judd would run in a strong red state. Ashley would certainly get a lot of backing from Hollywood.

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    Chris B says:

    Elizabeth Warren on the banking committee. Alex Wagner.

  91. 191
    paddy says:

    Firstdog remembers the good times.
    (Who could ever forget Easter?) :lol:

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    Chris B says:

    The Republican Party has split in two. One part run by Karl Rove bent on electing any conservative. The other part run by Jim De Mint and the Heritage Foundation. Who want only to elect extreme right wingers. Even at the cost of losing. Jim De Mint would rather have 40 Marco Rubio’s than 60 Arlen Specter’s. Big battles looming for the Republicans. :)

  93. 193
    Chris B says:

    Why Jim DeMint Will Be More Powerful Outside Senate

    Steve Kornacki: “What DeMint has apparently figured out is that in today’s Republican universe there’s less of a relationship than ever between holding office and holding power. This is what the rise of insular conservative media has done. News is interpreted, talking points are developed and agendas are set on Fox News, talk radio and in the right-wing blogosphere. Republican members of Congress, by and large, take their cues from conservative media, rather than shaping it. This year’s GOP presidential primaries featured more Fox News contributors than active office-holders.”

    “Way back, DeMint needed his office to attract attention, but now that he’s a huge player in the insular Republican universe, he doesn’t need it anymore. He can keep right on calling the shots from his new perch at Heritage. Do you think Fox News will be any less interested in having him on now? Or that his endorsement will represent the stamp of purity any less than it now does? He’ll keep right on playing the same role, although there will be one difference: He’ll be making a lot more money.”

    First Read: “It’s very possible that, in the long run, DeMint could make the conservative — and anti-establishment — movement even stronger from the outside. If Dick Armey could organize conservative forces in 2009-2010, just think what someone like DeMint could do; he very well could turn Heritage into a Club for Growth on steroids.”


  94. 194
    Chris B says:

    The war in the Republican Party is breaking out. Politics Nation with Al Sharpton.

  95. 195
    Gaffhook says:

    Esra Klein fills in for Rachel Maddow
    Talks about DeMint and
    Our own Julia gets a run with her spoof on Appocalypse


  96. 196
    Gaffhook says:

    Michiel Grateful and Pieter Hutcher;

    The Australian Prime Minister Juliar Gullard should be called out for her prank spoof press conferences.

    Her pranks are causing widespread attempts at self harm by persons who don’t like the idea of flesh eating Zombies.

    Senior sources in the LNP have said that several Tea Party members of the LNP had lined up at The Gap in Maelstrom Turnballs electorate to herd themselves over the cliff, like the Lemmings they are, before the flesh eating zombies got them.

    It is believed their leader Truckwit Tony was on the way with a semi-trailer load of armband floaties so their bodies would be collectable after they hit the water below.

    Other Blackbenchers, who refused to be named, said that Scoot Morriscum was encouraging them to jump quickly and quietly, whilst at the same time, criticising the PMs prank presser.

    He claimed that Joey Hickey had worked out on his eleventy calculator that the PM, Juliar Gullard, had confused her dates and given the wrong one.

    It is believed, after Michiel and Pieter had spoken to Joey, that they won’t be jumping today but will be lining up again on the eleventy twelth of December.

    In the meantime Chipspitter Pine has been radically calling for Juliar Gullard to withdraw her prank press conference statements so that stability could be reinstated in the Australian version of the US Republican Tea Party, The LNP.

    Turnballs made no comment, when questioned by Grateful and Hutcher, except to say the the Harbour bridge would be a better option if they were serious, and Truckwit Tony could make it easier by creating a big hole in the safety handrails with his semitrailer.

    Both Alien Jonas and Spray Paddlie have categorically stated that under no circumstances would their platform 2gullibleB be offered to Gullard for her to spruik these prank pressers.

    We have to be honest with the Australian public they said.

    Bub Splatter was unavailable for comment.

  97. 197
    Chris B says:

    Charlie Crist, Democrat: Former GOP Governor Changes Party Affiliation.

  98. 198
    Chris B says:

    Christ will be an awesome move for the Democrats. Florida is looking good for 2014.

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