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A Second Term

Obama Second Term
Deep breath, no excuses.
Now we play with futures.

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    Jen says:

    I agree David – it is all hypothetical now. Too late for Rudd to win and too late for Gillard to turn things around.
    I was glad when they got rid of Rudd – whenever I hear him speak I am reminded of what an uptight little bureaucrat he is – but as pleased as I was that Julia took over she has been spun into oblivion. I wholeheartedly agree with Doug Cameron – they should have ignored the little prats in the PM’s office and all spoken with sincerity instead of carefully constructed messages that sound like bullshit and fool no one.
    vale Labor :(

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    Gaffhook says:

    398 & 399
    Get over it you pair. Tony Abbott and LNP is the target.
    I can’t believe that you get sucked in by all this media crap.

    This latest bullshit is their last ditch to get a change of leadership so Abbott can have a No confidence motion. If it gets up because of loss of support from the independents then he gets to go see the GG and get sworn in.

    Shades of Goughs days in the seventies, but you both aren’t old enough to have witnesed that.

    What Murdoch did then he is doing now. Trying to trash our government.

    They only have a limited amount of time to do it as there is only two sitting weeks left.

  4. 404
    paddy says:

    There seems to be some stirrings around your way Jen. :)
    Chasing involved democracy in Indi


  5. 405
    Jen says:

    Paddy – cathy will hopefully capture the moderate conservative bote who despise Sophie but would never vote Green or Labor. We aee hoping to whack her between us and at least make this seat marginslPreferences will be interesting!

    Gaffhook – the only politician to take on Murdoch was Bob Brown so you get no argument from me about his role in politics. It appears Mark lLatham agrees with my perception of Rudd so i am hardly being antu-labor in my criticism if him.

  6. 406
    Jen says:

    Bote – vote ( as in sinking )
    iPhone typing even worse than usual :)

  7. 407
    Jen says:

    Great article by Bushfire Bill … I so hope he is right

  8. 408
    Chris B says:

    398 David Gould Spot on about that.

  9. 409
    Chris B says:

    What gets me. Is that there is absolutely NO balance in the media. Its ALL anti Labor. No mention of the disability scheme. No mention of the NBN. No mention of the education reforms. No mention of any of Tony Abbott’s shortcomings. What happened to the balance in reporting? WTF???

  10. 410
    Jen says:

    btw Gaffers-
    I remember Gough’s sacking very well :)

  11. 411
    paddy says:

    I remember it even better Jen.
    God save the feckin queen, because NOTHING will save Sophie. :-0

  12. 412
    Jen says:

    Who suggested the “men in blue ties” line to JG. This is exactly what i have been talking about – lame, cliche uninspiring schlock when there is so much opportunity to nail Abbott on his conservative attitudes towards women. This did not cut it.
    She should sack here speechwriters

  13. 413
    paddy says:

    Firstdog has bloody gone and blown the whistle on blue ties. :lol:

  14. 414
    Jen says:

    Menu – gate.
    Pigs .

  15. 415
    Jen says:

    Blue ties , red ties, gold ties, paisley cravats …. these liberal men are absolutely disgusting.
    It’s time women of all political persuasions and all men who are decent send this lot a very clear message.

  16. 416
    Jen says:

    … big red box….

  17. 417
  18. 418
    Chris B says:

    She should sack here speechwriters. Hear! Hear! Jen. She should sack “here” speech writers.

  19. 419
    Chris B says:

    I have just seen a replay of The Drum. The Liberal Guy talked all over Cheryl Kernot. He did not say a word while another male commentator was speaking. Misogyny.

  20. 420
    Chris B says:

    Excuse my grammer. And my grampa too.

  21. 421
    Chris B says:

    Warren Buffett
    Hello @Hillaryclinton! Happy to welcome one of my favorite women in the world to twitter. #45


  22. 422
    Gaffhook says:

    Seweroo has got the flick again.

    His newspapers going down the pipes faster than a speeding bullet and his credibility in tatters in the UK and soon to be in jail hopefully in the US when the FCPA has finished with him, now his missus has given him the flick, the bastard might call Australia home. Hope not.


  23. 423
    Chris B says:

    Radio host Howard Sattler suspended after asking Julia Gillard if partner Tim Mathieson is gay.

    A commercial radio presenter in Perth has been suspended after asking the Prime Minister whether her partner Tim Mathieson is gay.

    Fairfax Radio host Howard Sattler asked the question during an interview with Julia Gillard on Thursday, in which he challenged her to answer a series of myths, rumours, and innuendos.

    During the exchange Ms Gillard said the questioning was absurd and “bordering” a line.

    She accused Mr Sattler of making generalisations about male hairdressers.

    I don’t know whose idea it was to go to Howard Sattler for an interview. But as a tactic it was brilliant. Now Julia should book Alan Jones for an interview. Maybe she could get him suspended as well. :)


  24. 424
    Chris B says:

    Rednecks just can’t help themselves.

  25. 425
    Gaffhook says:

    SeweRoo was taped when he was telling his scumbag myrmidons that he would look after them if they were convicted.


  26. 426
    Gaffhook says:

    I am sure that the FCPA in the US will want to ask SeweRoo a few questions after he has openly admitted that he knew of the payments to foreign officials. HaHa. Rupert plays cards with Conrad.

  27. 427
    paddy says:

    LOVE IT!… “My computer’s hard drive crashed… and the NSA won’t send me their backup copy! :(

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  29. 429
    Jen says:

    Back at you Miss Cat :))

  30. 430
    paddy says:

    Lovely to see you passing by Cat ;-)
    Meanwhile…. Firstdog’s on fire today. A classic. :mrgreen:

  31. 431
    Gaffhook says:


    There is a classic nick floating round blogs and twitter for the member for Indi.
    The nick is “shedster” and i quite like it actually.
    Just wonder if it is being used round your neck of the woods and if not why not?

  32. 432
    Jen says:

    Havent heard it Gaffy – not sure what it means though

  33. 433
    Gaffhook says:



    A person who keeps old men locked in sheds!


  34. 434
    Gaffhook says:

    Former Murdoch high roller tells it how it is

    The Murdoch will come in the last few weeks of the election, just as he did when he erased the Whitlam government, hurling fear and panic at the electorate.

    What we have to realise is that he now has forty more years of experience of manipulating elections in England, the United States and Australia. He is a master of the sleight of hand; an expert at picking the right time and the right strategy. One could call him a world champion at getting exactly what he wants whenever he wants it.

    You only have to read a small sample of the trivia and pompous self-important garbage promulgated in The Australian newspaper by some of its narcissistic and slavish reporters to have a glimpse of the future of Australia under a Murdoch dictatorship.

    The great danger now is for the Labor Party to lose its nerve and seriously consider a change in leadership. Such is being enthusiastically promoted in the Murdoch media every day. A switch from Gillard to Rudd, with one or two or three front bench members losing their nerve and triggering a leadership replacement would play right into the hands of the Murdoch.

    Murdoch can control Rudd. He cannot control Gillard or her team. Murdoch loves a two horse race, but only when he owns both horses. Any change by Labor now would leave Murdoch rubbing his hands with glee.

    That is why, in those fourteen days in September, we need to think carefully about who and what we vote for. We need to go deeper into the past and consider the future. We need to forget about personalities and media trivia and look at the whole issues. We need to realise that our vote can change Australia for good — or for selfish evil.


  35. 435
    Jen says:

    433 gaffers
    Wondered if that was it … Consider it done

  36. 436
    Jen says:

    433 gaffers
    Wondered if that was it … Consider it done
    And 434
    Nailed it

  37. 437
    Chris B says:

    More Trouble for Rupert Murdoch?

    Angelina Jolie’s former body double Eunice Huthart claims that her phone was hacked in 2004 and 2005 by a subsidiary of News Corp. Peter Jukes on the latest allegations.
    The phone-hacking scandal that shuttered Rupert Murdoch’s bestselling British Sunday paper The News of the World and led to the resignation and arrests of several of his top U.K. executives has now officially crossed the Atlantic.A civil suit filed June 13 by Eunice Huthart, a former body double for Angelina Jolie, claims that messages from both the actress and members of Huthart’s family were intercepted and occasionally deleted by employees of News Corp.’s London subsidiary who were “hacking her cellular telephone as a means to obtain information about Ms Jolie.” She seeks damages for violations of both Californian and federal law over “intrusion into private affairs.”
    Huthart was Jolie’s body stunt double from the Tomb Raider series 10 years ago and in the more recent Salt. According to reports, she noticed that voicemail messages were being lost in the system around 2004 and 2005, when she was living with Jolie in California during the filming of Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

    More here…

  38. 438
    Chris B says:

    434 Gaffhook Lets not forget the headlines during the first UK election of Margaret Thatcher. Rupert’s “Will last man out of Britain please turn out the lights”, headlines during the last week of Thatcher’s first election. This must have had an effect on the election result.

  39. 439
    Chris B says:

    434. Spot on.

  40. 440
    Chris B says:

    Hillary Clinton is coming.
    Senator Endorses “Ready For Hillary” Super PAC

    An old Clinton foe is the first member of Congress to support the early Hillary effort. “We can all agree today that there is nobody better equipped to be our next President than Hillary Clinton,” says Claire McCaskill. Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill has endorsed “Ready for Hillary,” the political action committee fundraising and organizing for Hillary Clinton’s possible presidential campaign in 2016, the group announced Tuesday morning.

    Hillary Clinton is the ONLY person that can lead the Democrats to a massive landslide in 2016. Like Hillary or not the Democrats NEED her.
    Senate seats are thin. Kentucky is the closest. A 6% swing is needed. Changing Texas from red to purple is possible if they can get the Latinos involved like they are in California. Maybe even a shade of blue if they can pass an immigration bill. Maybe Susan Collins might throw in the towel in Maine. Returning to the blue state it is in the senate. The Democrats need to pick up a swag of seats in the congress. Hillary Clinton is the ONLY person that can do it.

    More here…

  41. 441
    Gaffhook says:

    Whats the go here David
    Tinfoil or what?

    Michael Hastings, the fearless journalist whose reporting brought down the career of General Stanley McChrystal, has died in a car accident in Los Angeles, Rolling Stone has learned. He was 33.

    Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/michael-hastings-rolling-stone-contributor-dead-at-33-20130618#ixzz2Wer9r1nc
    Follow us: @rollingstone on Twitter | RollingStone on Facebook

  42. 442
    paddy says:

    A lovely piece to camera by Rachel Maddow on Michael Hastings

  43. 443
    paddy says:

    Every gross imputation, every cheap gibe should harvest a hundred thousand votes. Every woman who has endured humiliation (and every woman has) can avenge herself by supporting Gillard.
    Fathers 4 Justice will find themselves overwhelmed by Mothers against Injustice, the sheer injustice of treating a hard-working and efficient woman who is as good at gathering loyal support as Rudd is at losing it, as if she were stinking trash.

    Teach the shock-jocks some manners. Make them endure another three years of Gillard.

    Vote Julia.
    Germaine Greer.

  44. 444
  45. 445
    paddy says:

    Rather than waste your time reading the “so called” newspapers,
    try enjoying yourselves with Firstdog’s fabulous new boardgame.

  46. 446
    Gaffhook says:

    Tune in tonight for the 7.30 with Leigh Sales and her up to date informative news bullshit.


  47. 447
    Chris B says:

    Bob Ellis: Massive Poll Fraud: Gillard To Win

    The Labor-Green vote is underestimated by 2.5 or 3 percent by this methodology – of ringing only crocks and wrinklies, plus 1.5 or 2 percent through misallocated Katter and Palmer preferences (few will go to the party of Newman, who is comprehensively hated by these rebel provincials) – puts the non-Coalition vote, two-party preferred, at about 52.5 where it has been for a year or so.

    The same reasons most people got Obama wrong in 2012.


  48. 448
    Chris B says:

    I think Bob Ellis is talking about the conservative vote. The ALP is in a coalition also.

  49. 449
    David Gould says:

    Chris B,

    Bob Ellis is being silly here. The polls were not wrong in the US election. It was the Republicans who deluded themselves into thinking that the polls were wrong. Those claiming the polls are wrong are in the same reality denying class now as the Republicans were then.

  50. 450
    David Gould says:

    That is not to say that the polls now completely reflect the reality of what will happen on election day – I think that, based on history, Labor will lose 46 to 54. It is incredibly unlikely to be much worse than that, and something close to 43 to 57 would be almost unprecedented. According to Antony Green, there have only been two federal swings of that magnitude in federal elections since 1950, one being the Whitlam defeat in 1975 and the other being Labor clawing back support (again under Whitlam) in 1969.


  51. 451
    Jen says:

    Ok – so who suggested to Julia that doing a photoshoot for Women’s Weekly knitting a toy kangaroo was a good idea ?
    Kevin Rudd perhaps?
    Whoever it wasis either a complete moron ,
    or hates her.

  52. 452
    David Gould says:

    Obama’s speech on climate change was kick ass. This is real leadership. If he follows through, he will go down in history as a great president.

  53. 453
    David Gould says:

    Oh, dear. It is on again. Or off again. Or not. Or something.

  54. 454
    Jen says:

    Labor is a disastor . Krudd has played his revenge game the hilt and is taking his party down wirh him. In the meantime they gave delivered us straight into the hands of the insufferable idiot Tony Abbott fFS.
    You can blame Murdoch, the MSM and the hung parliament but in the end we have had two uninspiring leaders in Rudd and Gillard who have both failed to engage with the electorate- – and we are heading for a far right conservative government with no opposition left to hold them to account .

  55. 455
    Jen says:

    Bugger. Rudd won.

  56. 456
    Jen says:

    Better be worth it

  57. 457
    Chris B says:

    Kevin’s back! We get to keep our NBN!

  58. 458
    Chris B says:

    Jen. The polls don’t show the 18 to 35 year olds accurately. Because the don’t have a landline. Neither of my sons have a landline.

  59. 459
    Jen says:

    I hope you are right Chris .

  60. 460
    Chris B says:

    I hope I’m right too Jen. Believe it or not I’ve been known to be wrong at times. :)

  61. 461
    Chris B says:

    452 David Gould I only caught bits of it David. But it did seem kick ass to me. Backs up the Labor Party’s case.

  62. 462
    Chris B says:

    449 David Gould

    One of the surprises of the American presidential election was the attacks from the Republican side. Not that they were attacking Obama (hey, unless the airwaves were full of attack ads from both sides, how would we know there was an election on?), but rather that they were attacking a statistician, Nate Silver. But Mr Silver is having the last laugh now, having predicted every state correctly even as most media were saying that the race was tied (or that it may possibly be drifting ever so slightly in Obama’s favour). But how did Mr Silver predict the presidential race so accurately? What was this dark magic that he used?

    Not quite correct David.


  63. 463