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The Next Election

June 26th 2013, Julia Gillard is toppled by Kevin Rudd. In doing so the stage is set for the ‘The Next Election’. Will Rudd’s popularity win the day, or will memories resurface? What about the question of political conviction? Is the fragmentation of the Labor party the instrument through which Australia migrates to a multi-party political model? Serious days. So many questions. So many opportunities.

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    Chris B says:

    Loads of ads on TV The Greens Liberals Clive Palmer and Rise Australia. On 2 different channels. NOT one ALP advert in that time. What gives?????

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    Chris B says:

    Maybe the ALP is broke????

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    Jen says:

    Thanks lovely Ticksters –
    also had some unexpected tweets from old buddies Flaneur, Chrispy Dog (aka Kiribilli Removals), Jaundiced View and even Mr Onthemoon. The old guard still rides on :))
    Reckon I will take a beating personally at the polls as nearly everyone I meet tells me they think I was the best candidate at the forums so they’ve voted 1 mcGowan 2O’Connor – well meaning but pointless. If they reversed it CmcG would get the preference and the Green vote would increase.. But no one gets it !
    So, personally disappointing but overall we might get a result. Tip was here today and rumour has it Abbott on Thursday. already had Hockey and Barnaby. They’ll be dragging Howard in soon .
    Shoot me.

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    Jen says:

    Thanks paddy .. Had to tweet
    Btw if anyone is interested …
    #indivotes is twitter feed. I am sooo techno-groovy now!

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    Catrina says:

    I don’t know what I’m going to do come election day.

    The newspapers are telling me that the only ones who have not made up their mind are the dorks. Thing is I don’t live somewhere where my vote is critical. But that raises the question – just what do I do with my vote. And the answer to that is I can send a message. But then things get a lot more complicated … what message do I want to send? Yes, one option is loose my pearl and cast an invalid.

    Guys – I need guidance!

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    Jen says:

    You know what I’m gonna say Miss Cat – Vote Green 1 and preference Labor for no other reason than there are still some decent people in Labor – Wong, Plibersec, to name 2. cant name any in Abbotts team.

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    David Gould says:


    Good luck on Saturday. Well done for campaigning hard and for your article.


    Do not vote informal. Your first preference in the House of Representatives helps parties get electoral funding to cover some of the cost of campaigning. Send your money somewhere you think it will do so good. The Greens are a good choice.

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    paddy says:

    Miss Cat, the only thing I can suggest is to vote Green in both houses so they get the “vote money”.
    It’s about as depressing an election as I can remember, and there’s really not a lot to hope for. (Short of an Abbott meltdown and rapid DD election, if the Greens can hold the balance of power in the Senate.)
    I haven’t actually watched Joe Hockey’s “sweatathon” as he presented the Libs “costings”, but I gather from my twitter feed it was pretty dire.
    I fear we’re not only going to end up with a fairly vicious right ring Govt, but it’s also going to be as clueless as the Newman debacle in Qld.
    Just looking at the potential coalition front bench gives me nightmares.
    I’ve laid in a LARGE supply of wine for Sat night and might just get drunk for a year. 🙁
    Firstdog has suggested Albo for the next Labor leader, and I think I agree.

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    paddy says:

    Just in case you ubergeek ticsters aren’t aware of this. (I wasn’t) It seems you’re entitled to vote both above and below the line in the senate.
    Quite a relief to me actually. I’ve printed out my custom HTV card.
    But with so many candidates, it was making me nervous about stuffing it up and voting informal.

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    Chris B says:

    206 Catrina Vote Green! For gods sake miss Cat GREEN. I’m a on eyed ALP person. But I always vote Green first. They are the left of the ALP.

  14. 214
    Chris B says:

    We need The Greens in the senate.

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    Chris B says:

    Its a sad, sad day. We have the mad monk and two bishops running the country.

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    Catrina says:

    Ordered my personal line-up of the ducks (voting below the line and left of Labor). Outcome – the senate is still a mixed bag of tricks with good people in play, and Labor – justifiably punished.

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