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Swings and Roundabout

Typing, typing, typing – all I end up with are these three words …

Labor deserves this.

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    Gaffhook says:

    Labor deserves this

    This may well be true Cat for what has transpired over the last six years from a disunity point of view.

    The saddest reflection of it all is that it is impossible to punish the party, or those responsible, for the stupidity and destabilisation and their inability to unite rather than feed their own egos.

    We the people now have to suffer for their stupidity and the possibility of some very good infrastructure going down the gurgler and after the LNP joke of a commission of audit there will be a duplication of the carnage in Qld.

  2. 2
    Gaffhook says:

    I am trying to work out who will be the first victim of the new Howard goon squad when they bash down their door and take the sledgehammer to their hard drive.

    Only to remind us of free speech LNP style of course.

  3. 3
    Flaneur says:

    Oh dear, in South Australia the ALP and the Greens have helped elect a Family First senator. Shoosh! Don’t say a word…

  4. 4
    Chris B says:

    Top question of the morning on Facebook “So if no one voted for Abbott how did he win?? Clearly the people that did don’t use the internet” My answer to that News Limited readers.

  5. 5
    Chris B says:

    3 Flaneur Again? This happened once before.

  6. 6
    Chris B says:

    Last night on Facebook someone asked who voted for the idiot? Everyone denied voting for him.

  7. 7
    paddy says:

    I’ll not rest easy till the Ruddbot actually resigns his seat.
    If Julie Bishop should read this. Please offer him a job offshore.
    Any where would do. But PNG, Nauru or Syria spring to mind.

    Meanwhile, the bandicoot says it better than most. :-)

  8. 8
    Chris B says:

    Sophie Mirrabella looks like she may get back in.

  9. 9
    Jen says:

    Hi there Ticksters – well what a fucking circus. Clive Palmer, Bob Katter, Abbott as PM … Can it get any worse?? Only Sophie winning the recount – which she will.
    What a ride.
    Thanks the gods we can have another go in about 2 years (or less with a DD)
    Bless democracy.
    And fuck our leader Rupert Murdoch.

  10. 10
    Jen says:

    @3 Flanners – if that’s true might have to quit

  11. 11
    Flaneur says:

    I wouldn’t sweat it Jen – it was a choice between the Libs, Xenophon and Family First. (This is with 71.36% of the vote counted).

    Details at http://www.abc.net.au/news/federal-election-2013/results/senate/sa/ at count 31.

  12. 12
    paddy says:

    Best thing I’ve read on Rudd’s campaign implosion yet.
    Brilliant writing from Pam Williams in the Fin.

    How Kevin Rudd’s campaign unravelled

  13. 13
    Chris B says:

    NSW sends pro-gun Liberal Democrat David Leyonhjelm to Senate. The man elected to take one of six Senate seats in New South Wales says allowing the general public to carry weapons is one way of curbing gun crime in western Sydney.
    Oh fuck!

  14. 14
    Chris B says:

    NSW sends pro-gun Liberal Democrat David Leyonhjelm to Senate. The man elected to take one of six Senate seats in New South Wales says allowing the general public to carry weapons is one way of curbing gun crime in western Sydney.
    Oh fuck!.
    Definitely NOT a progressive.

  15. 15
    Chris B says:

    Sports party pleasantly surprised by success in Senate count.
    he Australian Sports Party, which is tipped to win a place in the Senate, concedes it has a lot to learn.

    As a result of preferences, the little-known party is predicted to gain a seat in the Senate despite polling just 0.22 of a per cent of the initial vote.

    Vote counting is still continuing.

    Australian Sports Party senate candidate Wayne Dropulich, a former Australian grid-iron representative player, says the result has come as a pleasant surprise.

  16. 16
    paddy says:

    Cathy back in front by 427!
    Watching this on twitter at #indivotes is better than Wimbledon. :lol:

  17. 17
    Catrina says:

    paddy @ 16

    It’s 22:16, Cathy ahead by 1,754, 93 of 103 polling place counted.

  18. 18
    Chris B says:

    Tony Abbott fires a warning shot at micro parties in the Senate.
    This is the same Liberal Party that used the senate to bring down a Labor government in 1975. Oh the irony.

  19. 19
    paddy says:

    Firstdog introduces the new Senate. :mrgreen:

  20. 20
    paddy says:

    So now it’s down to postals.
    With all the prepoll votes now counted we are 1049 votes up – starting postal this afternoon. Anyone else holding their breath? #indivotes

  21. 21
    Catrina says:

    paddy @ 20

    Senior Liberal Sophie Mirabella in danger …

    The seat of Indi in north-east Victoria is on a knife-edge as postal votes continue to be counted, with prominent Liberal Sophie Mirabella still in danger of losing her seat to independent Cathy McGowan. However, the gap has narrowed on the latest count.

    Cathy’s margin has slipped to a lead of just 764 votes.
    It’s edge of seat territory.

  22. 22
    paddy says:

    Sheesh! Obi had me deeply worried there for a moment.
    He started off saying he was going to bomb Syria.
    Then said he wasn’t until a diplomatic solution had been tried.

  23. 23
    paddy says:

    After going out to do the shopping at lunchtime today. Then arriving home to find that the AEC had found a 1000 extra votes for Cathy McGowan, sitting in a misslabeled pile in Wangaratta. :lol: :lol:

    As my twitter feed said it so well.
    “Not only is there a God. She also has a great sense of humour”.
    :lol: I’m still trying to imagine the unhinging that must be going on in the Mirrabella camp right now. :evil:
    1000 extra votes should actually get her over the line.
    Congrats via proxy to Jen and all the gallant souls of Indi!

  24. 24
    Chris B says:

    Well done Jenny and the gang. Awesome!

  25. 25
    Gaffhook says:

    Paddy can we be so lucky that Jens friend will be on the scrap heap.

    No doubt Jen will be quietly shedding a tear or two over her demise if it comes to pass.

    Fingers crossed for now.

  26. 26
    paddy says:

    Gaffy This one’s for real. :lol:
    It really couldn’t happen to a nicer predator.
    While I’d really love Jen to be the member for Indi.
    The chances of Indi voting in a green are nil.
    I can’t help but be impressed by her graciousness in supporting Cathy.

    But by goodness it would be fun to see Jen in the senate.
    Start your own loony party Jen. Then I can vote for you. :-)

  27. 27
    Jen says:

    Hey there Lovelies
    – what a freakin’ hoot! Sophie’s stashed votes got found :)) and Cathy is back in front. For now. The postals are favouring SM but CmcG has a pretty good buffer. Meanwhile I get to swan around as failed but nevertheless well regarded Greens candidate who somehow has become part of the story- the young McG’s have decided at I’m partof this amazing process as I was the one that took Sophie on while Cathy played nice , so despite the vote ( decimated) I’m still in it up to my eyeballs .
    Much better than facing the rest of the poll nationally – although so glad Adam Bandt got reelected and Janet Rice is second Vic Greens senator . The rest is pretty much crap…

  28. 28
    paddy says:

    Antony Green’s just called it for the forces of lightness Jen.
    I for one, welcome our new Sophie concession speeches. HAHAHAH

  29. 29
    Gaffhook says:

    Well done Jen it is obvious that lots of former green voters have gone with Cathy M and now having got rid of the Lady of the Backyard Sheds they may return to the fold next election.

    All in all a brilliant result for Indi

  30. 30
    paddy says:

    Utterly brilliant.
    Damn near wet myself watching this. :mrgreen:
    Sophie’s Downfall

  31. 31
  32. 32
    Jen says:

    Amazing if it really happens – in the death throes now me thinks. This sends a pretty loud message to politicians in “safe” seats. Don’t forget your own people – and never underestimate Politics101 :))

  33. 33
    paddy says:

    Thanks to Sophie ….
    Firstdog has done a blinder. :mrgreen:

  34. 34
    Jen says:

    I’m trying to be as Lovely as Cathy – it’s the new way in Indi.
    Seems to win trillions of votes.

    Have to admit that the elections won’t be nearly as much fun now..
    Come Back Sophie *sob*

  35. 35
  36. 36
    Catrina says:

    jen @ 35

    A 10% margin gone in the blink of an eye. Next thing we’ll be seeing collectives farms in Indi, communes, free love. New hospitals, community pools. Hell even the train might start going over 60km/h.


  37. 37
    paddy says:

    jen @ 35
    ROTFLMAO Gracious in victory be stuffed. :lol:

    Next. We need an Albo! :mrgreen:

  38. 38
    paddy says:

    From Julia on twitter.
    My thoughts on Labor and the purpose of power published this morning. Online now @GuardianAus http://bit.ly/18jPsC2 JG
    Bloody good piece from JG.

  39. 39
    Chris B says:

    Well done jen. They could not have done it without your input. It maybe boring in Indi from now on. Bur boring is good, although one suspects the conservatives won’t leave easily.

  40. 40
    Chris B says:

    Larry Summers Withdraws His Name From Fed Chair Job.

    Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Larry Summers has removed his name from consideration for Federal Reserve chair, The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday.

    Summers notified President Barack Obama on Sunday via phone call, and sent a letter shortly after.

    Its good to see the progressives wielding their power in a useful manner. More here..

  41. 41
    Jen says:

    McGowan ahead by 554 and 2000 to count … Should have a result today :)

  42. 42
    Catrina says:

    Close of business Monday …

  43. 43
    Jen says:

    “There are lots of good women knocking on the door of the outer ministry and lots of women knocking on the door of Cabinet,” he said
    And he slammed it shut in their faces.
    Why is anyone surprised ???
    Also good to see sport gets a ministry but science doesn’t.
    We get the government we deserve. But surely we didn’t deserve this bunch of complete idiots .

  44. 44
    David Gould says:

    It does make me wonder how these good women are, though.

    I am glad Marise Payne got a promotion – she is a good senator.
    Nash and Cash are okay, even though I completely disagree with them on most things.

    But where exactly are the talented women in the coalition? Julie Bishop is most certainly not talented.

    I would also pose the question as to where the talented men in the coalition are. Turnbull, Sinodinos, Robb, Scullion, Johnston and Cormann are probably the best (in terms of smarts and hard work) of a bad bunch. And I do not mind Senator Mason, I suppose. But who else is there?

  45. 45
    paddy says:

    David Gould
    It appears Firstdog (and I) agree with you. :mrgreen:

  46. 46
    Jen says:

    Can’t argue – having just witnessed the removal of one of our most toxic politicians the fact that she was a woman was irrelevant .

  47. 47
    Jen says:

    And have been invited to Cathy’s celebration …( it’s in the bag but not official apparently ) . Sisterhood can exist in politics

  48. 48
    Wakefield says:

    Well done Jen and all your and Cathy McGowan supporters. Brought a lot of sunshine on an otherwise rather cloudy few days.

  49. 49
    paddy says:

    Well done Jen. You’ve taken the high road this election.
    May the force be with you. :-)

  50. 50
    Chris B says:

    We need to help Jen more than ever now.

  51. 51
    Chris B says:

    #42 I like the term previous member. :)

  52. 52
    Jen says:

    Thanks for your support people – this victory belongs to Cathy and the people of Indi , and it has been great to have played a part over the years .
    I will miss Sophie at election time – we had some good stoushes.

  53. 53
    paddy says:

    To the victor, the spoils.
    To the rest of us and those that come after us……
    Sweet fuck all. :-(


  54. 54
    Jen says:

    Come on paddy … We might get Clive

  55. 55
    paddy says:

    Jen :lol:
    You can bet your last sweet billion, that Clive’s praying he loses.
    Can you imagine the wailing and ranting if he has to sit next to Bob Katter. :evil:
    Plus the pecuniary interest statement would be a hoot. :mrgreen:

  56. 56
  57. 57
    Gaffhook says:

    well Paddy as of today it looks like Big Clive and the big Hat will be gracing each others presence in the house. It will be interesting to see who is absent for the most votes.

  58. 58
  59. 59
    paddy says:

    Firstdog delivers a gentle kick to marvellous Malcolm.
    What an insufferable git he is. :-(


    However, in better news. It seems Ann Summers interview with Julia G
    at 6.30 pm next Monday 30/9 will be broadcast live on ABC24

  60. 60
    paddy says:

    Lovely work from the dog today. :mrgreen:

    BTW I just noticed that the Climate Council has managed to raise
    over $160,000 in 13 hrs!

  61. 61
    paddy says:

    Today’s effort by the dog is destined to be a classic.
    Takes no prisoners at all.

  62. 62
    Chris B says:

    When will Malcolm challenge for the leadership?

  63. 63
    Chris B says:

    Australia’s media problem (and how we can fix it).

    Editor’s note: After reading this post you may easily form the opinion that The AIMN is promoting the efforts of a ‘rival’ site. This isn’t so. In the independent media there are no rival sites as long as we maintain our focus of providing a more balanced forum than the main stream media. We are, after all, supporting the same cause. I now hand you over to Chris:

    Why did the Murdoch media have such influence over the recent Australian election and what can we do about it?

    The real winner in the Australian election wasn’t Tony Abbott, but the American citizen that no one voted for — Rupert Murdoch. With headlines such as “Kick this mob out” overlaying a picture of Kevin Rudd, the Murdoch press presented a very one-sided election coverage that was as much anti-Rudd as it was pro-Abbott. Regardless of Murdoch supporting Abbott or Rudd, such biased political coverage is disturbing at best and at it’s worst, very destructive to a democratic country.

    In Australia, 11 of 12 capital city daily papers are owned by either Murdoch or Fairfax, providing a monopoly over the public discourse on important issues.

    We are living a modern age of blogging and social media, with access to incredible amounts of information, and yet it is the mainstream media that still sets the national political agenda.

    This is wrong.

    More here…


  64. 64
    Chris B says:

    ALL the links in the above articles HAVE to be shared by Twitter Facebook Google Plus and more if we are to defeat/bring down the News Limited. It must be done quickly to have any effect on the next election. If you stand by and expect everyone else to do it. YOU will let Murdoch and Abbott win again!!!!

  65. 65
    Chris B says:

    Here’s a little trick to upset Rupert Murdoch. When linking to an article in a non Murdoch paper. Such as the Age, The Huffinton Post or the Guardian. Here’s how to link. Make sure you put these words in the link at the end of the description. “news not limited”. Anyone search for News Limited articles will have that article show up in some results. There’s not a thing he can do about it. :) It will take quite a while to take effect.

  66. 66
    Chris B says:

    Another link you must pass around. Tweet, Facebook, blog or link to by any means.

  67. 67
    paddy says:

    A magnificent rant about the US shutdown.

  68. 68
    paddy says:

    Because we all know Politics 101 needs more giant marsupials. :lol:

  69. 69
    asanque says:

    Hi all

    Good to see that this blog is still here :)

    Better to see Mirabella got voted out ;)

    Lost most of my interest in both Australian and US politics given recent events.

    However, the US Shutdown has piqued my interest again.

  70. 70
    paddy says:

    Well the dog has done it again today with a blinder. :lol:

    But for an even better laugh, you’ll have to get a free trial sub to Crikey and read Andrew Crook’s stunning I/V with Steve Gibbons
    (Well worth the bother of the free trial rigmarole .)

    Crikey exit interviews: Steve Gibbons on Rudd, the gallery and vintage cars….
    In the first of Crikey’s series of exit interviews of departing members of Parliament, the former Labor member for Bendigo Steve “Gibbo” Gibbons lets fly with a full and frank assessment of his 13 years in office across five triumphant election victories. Gibbo turned Bendigo from a notional Liberal seat into reasonably safe Labor territory. In an illuminating exchange, Crikey quizzed the vintage car enthusiast about his successful constituency work and the failures of the 43rd Parliament, the Canberra press gallery and former prime minister Kevin Rudd …
    …I treated the gallery with the contempt they deserved and they treated me with the contempt I deserved and it worked very well. There were a few people I had high regard for, Lyndal Curtis, even some Murdoch people … Malcolm Farr I thought was very good and I didn’t mind [Peter] Van Onselen, they were journalists first and Murdoch people second and they were reasonable. But there were very few others I had much time for…… More


  71. 71
    Jen says:

    Hiya asanque – cant believe we have the ‘unelectable’ Abbott as PM and Clive Palmer has the BOP.
    And the Teaparty holds the world to ransom.
    Psychosis reigns.
    Welcome back :mrgreen:

  72. 72
    Catrina says:

    asanque @ 69

    Good to see that this blog is still here

    Nice to see you!


  73. 73
    paddy says:

    Oh praise the Lord!
    Firstdog’s felt the spirit move him. :mrgreen:

  74. 74
  75. 75
    Chris B says:

    Phone Hacking Trial Of Rebekah Brooks And Andy Coulson Begins.

    They were once two of the most powerful people in the British media, senior executives for media mogul Rupert Murdoch and associates of Prime Minister David Cameron.

    Former News of the World editors Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson were going on trial Monday, along with several others, on charges of hacking phones and bribing officials while at the now-shuttered Murdoch tabloid.

    Both arrived early at London’s Central Criminal Court for the first day of the trial, which was opening with legal arguments and jury selection. Brooks came by taxi with her husband, Charles Brooks, who faces a related charge of obstructing justice.

    At last some action.
    More here…

  76. 76
  77. 77
    Gaffhook says:


    The day has arrived where Ruperts Myrmidons will be held to account and hopefully he will have to answer to the FCPA in the US.

    Both Brooks and Coulson have been charged with “conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office” and Rupert brazenly stood before them all one day and told the world that they have been paying the london police for information.

    To my mind that would be expert witness information to convict them both and ensure that he will get a visit from the FCPA.

    The dirty little digger is already in negotiations with the FCPA trying to bail himself out of the shit.

    I sure hope the FCPA is awaiting a sure outcome from the trials and will act accordingly and i hope the bastard does time over it.

  78. 78
  79. 79
    Gaffhook says:

    It’s just growing better by the day Paddy and there have only been two days so far

    Edis alleged that Brooks had been “active in the conspiracy” to hack phones when she was editor of The News of the World, and had approved the payment of “quite large sums” of money to public officials in exchange for information while she was editor of The Sun.


  80. 80
    Chris B says:

    Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson were having an affair, UK phone hacking trial told.

    Prosecutors in the British phone hacking trial have told a court that the two highest profile defendants, Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson, had an affair lasting at least six years from the late 1990s.

    The prosecution says an affair is an important matter to raise because the jury must decide if Brooks, the former editor of the News Of The World tabloid, and Coulson – her one-time deputy – are guilty of conspiracy.

    People will have to buy different tabloids to read about this juicy stuff. Oh the irony!


  81. 81
    Chris B says:

    Virginia’s Tea Party debacle.

    Will the impending defeat of Ken Cuccinelli shake the GOP out of its radical right-wing stupor?
    Terry McAuliffe is no one’s idea of a dream candidate. He’s never held elected office before, and the experience he does have in high-stakes politics is as a prolific fundraiser — a past vocation that plays about as well in politics as being a former agent of the IRS. In an era when more Americans than ever identify as independents, so disgusted are they with both major parties, McAuliffe is what the New York Times called the “ultimate party insider,” a creature of the Beltway who spends his time currying favor from the moneyed and powerful on behalf of the powerful and soon-to-be moneyed. Add to this the fact that McAuliffe might be the worst husband in politics since Newt Gingrich, and what you’re left with is very much not the profile of a winner.

    Yet by every indication, in less than a week, Terry McAuliffe will be elected the governor of Virginia, one of the largest and most important states in the union. And it won’t be close.

    America has had there taste of the Tea Party and the don’t like it. Now the tide is turning.


  82. 82
    Jen says:

    Lovely to watch Team Murdoch get blown to pieces.

  83. 83
    Chris B says:

    Emily’s List Membership Hits 3 Million As Women Candidates Attract National Attention.

  84. 84
    Gaffhook says:

    New York Mayor now a Democrat

  85. 85
    Chris B says:

    David Blunkett voicemail tapes found in NoW lawyer’s safe, court told

    Phone-hacking trial hears recordings of ‘deeply personal messages’ were found by police in News International office safe.
    Audio recordings of voicemails left by the former home secretary David Blunkett to a married woman with whom he was having a relationship were found by police in a safe at a lawyer’s office at the News of the World, the Old Bailey has heard.

    The jury was told that two sets of recordings of voicemail messages left by Blunkett to people with whom he was associated were recovered – one from private investigator Glenn Mulcaire’s house, another from the safe in legal manager Tom Crone’s office at the Sunday paper.

    This represented new material in relation to the investigation into Mulcaire, who has pleaded guilty to hacking-related offences.

    The trial is not going well for Murdoch. I will keep my celebrations on hold until a guilty verdict is reached.
    In case of jury tampering etc…

  86. 86
    Chris B says:

    Hillary’s Nightmare? A Democratic Party That Realizes Its Soul Lies With Elizabeth Warren.

    We’re three years from the next presidential election, and Hillary Clinton is, once again, the inevitable Democratic nominee. Congressional Republicans have spent months investigating her like she already resides in the White House. The New York Times has its own dedicated Clinton correspondent, whose job it is to chronicle everything from Hillary’s summer accommodations (“CLINTONS FIND A NEW PLACE TO VACATION IN THE HAMPTONS”) to her distinct style of buckraking (“IN CLINTON FUNDRAISING, EXPECT A FULL EMBRACE”). There is a feature-length Hillary biopic in the works, and a well-funded super PAC—“Ready for Hillary”—bent on easing her way into the race. And then there is Clinton herself, who sounds increasingly candidential. Since leaving the State Department, Clinton has already delivered meaty, headline-grabbing orations on voting rights and Syria.

    Yet for all the astrophysical force of these developments, anyone who lived through 2008 knows that inevitable candidates have a way of becoming distinctly evitable. With the Clintons’ penchant for melodrama and their checkered cast of hangers-on—one shudders to consider the embarrassments that will attend the Terry McAuliffe administration in Virginia—Clinton-era nostalgia is always a news cycle away from curdling into Clinton fatigue. Sometimes, all it takes is a single issue and a fresh face to bring the bad memories flooding back.

    More here..

  87. 87
    paddy says:

    The dog walks very softly today. But he draws with a very big stick!

  88. 88
    paddy says:

    Meanwhile…..Down in the pigsty that is the Victorian Parliament.
    Swine & well known rorter in chief Mr Geoff Shaw, has decided it’s time to remove another Lib leader.
    :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Bye bye Denis the menace. :mrgreen:

  89. 89
    Gaffhook says:

    88 Paddy

    HaHaHa thats a classic

  90. 90
    Catrina says:

    Goodbye Kevin.

  91. 91
  92. 92
  93. 93
    paddy says:

    A certain scum-sucking, lard-arsed hypocrite, is getting his clock cleaned in today’s Dog.
    May he choke on his own tears. :-(
    Joe Hockey, take a bow.

  94. 94
  95. 95
    Chris B says:

    House Democrats Fundraising At Record Pace.

    House Democrats’ chief political arm maintained a record-breaking fundraising pace in October, adding $7 million to its existing $25 million cash horde as campaigning for next year’s election intensifies, according to a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee aide.

    The DCCC has raised more money at this point than in any prior election cycle, even when adjusting for inflation. The committee has raised $65.2 million through the end of October.

    “House Republicans’ reckless and irresponsible agenda is not only driving their approval ratings to record lows -– it’s rallying our support to record highs,” DCCC Chairman Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) said in a statement.


    More here…

  96. 96
  97. 97
    Chris B says:

    Nuclear Fallout: The Real-World Consequences Of Senate Filibuster Reform.
    When Harry Reid came in through a side door to the Mansfield Room Thursday afternoon, the majority leader was met with a raucous standing ovation from a crowd of activists, mere steps from the Senate floor where he had just successfully led a change of Senate rules to reform the filibuster.

    When he took the podium, the crowd rose again, giving a reception that would have been unthinkable a decade ago, when Reid was considered by many progressives to be a weak-kneed centrist. His journey to filibuster reform has been just as long. A longtime, strident defender of Senate tradition, Reid worked in the last Congress against the efforts of Sens. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) and Tom Udall (D-N.M.) to change the rules and reform the filibuster. It earned him his fair share of unfavorable coverage in the pages of this outlet and elsewhere. “I was the one who always had to tell Senator Reid The Huffington Post was banging him up for not pulling the trigger,” recalled Jim Manley, Reid’s former communications director, after the trigger was finally pulled.

    Things are moving in Washington. At last!

  98. 98
    Chris B says:

    Catrina. Remember this. It comes in handy for getting Google Plus 1’s. :) Thank you.

  99. 99
    Chris B says:

    Rebekah Brooks said it was ‘easy to listen to voicemails’, hacking trial hears
    Eimear Cook, ex-wife of Colin Montgomerie, accused of lying under oath over statements made about lunch with Brooks

  100. 100