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Last call for Princess Hillary

The Princess has a reputation to take care of (don’t we all), and Obama is not all too keen on having the show blown apart by Bill and Hillary. Lined up for padgent is a who’s-who of the political game. Kicking of proceedings is Michele Obama, Nancy Pelosi and maybe a guest appearance from the Lion King himself. Tuesday brings on Hillary paired with Mark Warner, Wednesday Bill takes the stage and we’ll be waiting with baited breath to see if he can finally pull his thumb out of his mouth. Thursday the media does its midnight scramble and we go for the all star platform with Al Gore, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden.

However, back on the previous thread the inimitable Kirribilli Removals made the following comment …

This is the last call for Princess Hillary, and if she doesn’t pull a dastardly trick at the conference, it’s all over for her. Sure, the Republicans would be the only winners, but that’s never stopped her in the past. It must be hard having your earthly form inhabited by an Alien ego, just busting to burst out and terrify the adoring crowd.

You have to ask the question – “Will the Princess be wearing a blue dress?”

Bring it on – round one “The Federation Offensive”

UPDATE: 26-AUG-08 00:30

Last night, in a temporal euphoria induced by a cocktail of morphine and assorted amphetamines KR managed to punch out an email contributing to this post. It contained the following URL

UPDATE: 26-AUG-08 02:16

Calendar updated to include a gazillion speakers on Monday night.
Click on the following link for the full agenda which kicks off about 7.30 AM our time …
Democratic National Convention Calendar.

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