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A Rear Admirals’ Vice is A Vice Admiral in his Rear!

Like Nelson said to Hardy “kiss me Hardy” and Hardy replied “kiss ya be fucked Horatio I’m next in line for Admiral”

The only things that Captain McCain and I have in common are that we both sailed through more water than the average shark, in the Grey Funnel Line, in roughly the same era except for the fact that he made more of a career out of it than me. We served in the same waters at the time of the Vietnam War. We both probably sailed past more lighthouses than the average Chucky Six Pack has seen shithouses and both probably saw more Action Stations than Barbie Six Pack has seen railway stations. He was a “Birdie” and I was an electrician. We were of course in different Navies, he in The USN and me in the RAN. Now days the life of a sailor is considered as the ships being made of steel, the men made of wood, and it is all Wine, Women and Song, but way back then the ships were made of wood, the men of steel, and it was Rum, Bum and Gramophone Records.

(disclaimer ; without the bum)

Macca had a lot to live up to as his Father and his Grandfather were Four Star Admirals. The only step above Admiral in the USN is Fleet Admiral (the big Boss). His boss of course is the C.I.C. (Commander in Chief).

Young Macca no doubt had burning ambitions to be the equal of or go one step better than his Pop or Pop Pop.

He joined the Naval Academy and in 1958 graduated as an Ensign at number 894 of 899 graduates. Not exactly top of the class! He subsequently went into training and became a Birdie. His ability to crash planes and play up left a lot to be desired and one wonders if the records of his Poppys had some influence on his not being severely disciplined which may have ultimately affected his chances of promotion. When one reads his records, he has had some bailouts over the years, but his most important bail out was on 26 October 1967 when he was shot down over North Vietnam and became a POW. He was released on March 14th 1973. He had the ranking of Lieutenant Commander at the time. There would have been little chance of him receiving any promotions as a POW and this would have severely stalled his desire to make Admiral. He was given different assignments in US Naval Bases and after having only reached the rank of Captain resigned from the Navy on April 1st 1981. (April fool)

At this point in his life he most probably would have been an honest and upstanding member of the community. He subsequently decided on a political career and was elected to the House in 1982 and the Senate in 1986.

Over the period of the next 26 years he developed an uncanny knack of becoming involved with lots of the more shady characters that have graced the US political stables and the only way he was going to surpass his Poppys’ Admiral Status was to become C.I.C. He ran against the Imbecile for POTUS in 2000 and failed after he was swift boated USS Enterprised by the Imbeciles Neo Cons.

Prodloužená a občas bolestivá erekce – k té dochází místě vzácně. Přístup k těmto datům mají pouze proškolení zaměstnanci.

The downward spiral of the now Ancient Mariner with a whole flock of Albatrosses hanging round his neck gathered pace even quicker over the next eight years. He now has the GOP nomination for POTUS election in a few days time and this ex Upstanding Naval Officer has morphed into the exact opposite of what he once was and no amount of lies, deception and self flagellation is going to get him over the line on Nov 4th (US time). His Political record of voting with the Imbecile, the Keating five and his record on Veterans Affairs votes leaves only one solution …

Having never made the rank of Admiral he would never stand triumphantly on a “Bridge” to anywhere whilst one of the stinking rotting albatrosses, hanging round his neck, is his running mate in charge of a partially built “bridge” to nowhere

He should be Courts Martialled, found guilty, keel hauled, demoted, shackled to an oar on a Galley, and sent in search of the “Santa Maria”. When he finds it he can duly tell Chris C the lie that he was a USN Rear Admiral and bend over for him.

From a jolly Jack Tar to Jack Tarred. What a miserable shell of a man!

A gentle reminder to Cindy McCain that if she wants to get involved in bashing BO then she also better be ready for return of serve. Even though she looks like a fresh faced lady she has not got exacty what you call clean skin!

Oct. 18, 1999 | PHOENIX — GOP presidential candidate John McCain’s wife Cindy took to the airwaves last week, recounting for Jane Pauley (on “Dateline”) and Diane Sawyer (on “Good Morning America”) the tale of her one-time addiction to Percocet and Vicodin, and the fact that she stole the drugs from her own non-profit medical relief organization.

Permission to step ashore please Sir?

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Hey, I’m first!
Another good day for Obama! He leads in Ohio, Florida and North Carolina! Sarah Palin is found to have abused her position as Alaskan governor. And, McCain’s latest dirty tricks blow up in his face.

Stormin home!
Newsweek Poll: Obama Way Out In Front.

The global financial crisis has caused a dramatic shift in the latest Newsweek poll. With four weeks left in the presidential campaign, Sen. Barack Obama now leads Sen. John McCain by double digits, 52% to 41%, among registered voters.

Just a month ago, the same poll showed the race tied.

If you factor in the clear evidence that’s been provided by several authorities on this site (other than me), bingo, 400 + in the house 60+ in the senate, and MAYBE Texas is in trouble!

Add on another 2-3% conservatively to the Newsweek poll and boy is the sh!t going to hit the fan!

Progressive at 1

To be first on comments on a new thread is a feel good moment but it doesn’t last (sadly). However, writing a new post on Politic 101, entering the hall of fame up on the right, knowing that your launching yourself onto the international stage, the chance to experience celebrity status … now that something you can brag about.


Gaffhook –
bouquets and standing ovation!
First clear analysis I’ve read of McCain’s history (mainy because I couldn’t be bothered ), and the most lifelike photo of Cindy I’ve seen to date – she has somewhat lost her Stepford wife shine.

Chris: I was referring to the Republicans going after Michelle Obama, which frankly disgusts me! Wives of presidential candidates should be off limits! Obama would have too much class to even consider targeting Cindy McCain(and god knows, there’s a lot to trash her about).

Catrina: I’m far too modest to call myself a celebrity!
I’m just a humble observer of U.S politics!
I bow down before yourself, Jen, Chris, Kirribilli and others.

Chris: thanks, I’m honoured!

OMG, check this out!
Insider Advantage poll for Georgia


If Obama wins Georgia, he gets more than 400 electoral votes.

Possum put up a post over on his site addressing Obama’s hypothetical glass ceiling (i.e. how far could he go). With lots of reasoning and scientific stuff that no marsupial has a right to know let alone understand, the Possum concluded with the following paragraph:

The next States on the probability pendulum for the Democrats are Montana, Georgia and West Virginia all currently sitting on a 20% win probability – so anything higher than 376 is going to take something beyond the usual definitions of the word “remarkable”.

Progressive at 10:

OMG, check this out!
Insider Advantage poll for Georgia


I guess its fair to say that Obama has “remarkable” potential.


Has anyone noticed how this map is starting to turn blue, even darker blue. It’s starting to drift down from the top right hand side, gradually seeping all over the place. In the next couple of weeks blue is going to seep across the map. 😈

We won’t have a fair idea till after Obama gives his half hour networked speech to the nation on Black Thursday.

Yep Chris….red is blue…and the White House will be black! What a moment that will be and what a statement to the world that the US has finally reached some maturity.

And there will be a bunch of us in Brisbane there to toast the occassion!

Great post Gaffy! I do love history told with some passion.

ChrisB- I suspect david will be pleased – it’s the 3 Stooges and cohorts that will be chewing their arms off 😆 😆

There’s still 24 days to go! Can he build an even bigger lead? Yes He Can! With the massive amount of money he is bring in, he has very little to be concerned about, except unknowns. As things stand, I am tipping 65 senate seats!

Bloody heck Gaffy, what a cracker of a post!
You’re a genuine solid gold star matey.

You are hereby welcomed back onshore, to be awarded the immortal wreath of electrons and a koala stamp for services to bloggery.

A right proper shafting of McNasty. Without even a mention of his dodgy private life, halitosis or rather severe acne.


It would appear that the Republicans have reason to believe that the ARG poll of West Virginia (Obama 50% – McCain 42%) was accurate, and are shipping the Hockey Mum over there to play defence.

CLEVELAND, Ohio (CNN) — In what may be another signal that the troubled economy is forcing John McCain’s campaign to play electoral map defense, Sarah Palin has scheduled a bus tour for Sunday through West Virginia, a state that’s been leaning red throughout this presidential race.

Palin had already scheduled a bus tour of Pennsylvania on Saturday, but she will now repeat that act on Sunday by making various unannounced stops throughout West Virginia, culminating in a campaign event in southeast Ohio. It’s a swing geographically reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s effort during the Democratic primary to court white working class voters in Appalachia. Clinton won the West Virginia primary over Barack Obama by a whopping 67-26 margin.

CNN: Palin schedules bus tour of West Virginia

OK I couldnt help it and watched Fox News for 2 minutes. Under the banner of “Picking on Palin”, the presenter was covering the troopergate verdict by interviewing….wait for it….Palin’s friend from high school!! The interviewer began with “Aint it great that you two kept in touch?”, then the friend started talking about the “partisan” inquiry. Unwatchable. Yes, cutting edge journalism

A corker post Gaffer, and good to see those albatrosses multiplying like topsy. (Not a bad trick for a dead bird, eh?)

Chris B
What about his weak heart and vicious temper?

How did Dick Cheney worm his way into this thread. 🙂

The McCain Campaign response:

““Today’s report shows that the Governor acted within her proper and lawful authority in the reassignment of Walt Monegan. The report also illustrates what we’ve known all along: this was a partisan led inquiry run by Obama supporters and the Palins were completely justified in their concern regarding Trooper Wooten given his violent and rogue behavior. Lacking evidence to support the original Monegan allegation, the Legislative Council seriously overreached, making a tortured argument to find fault without basis in law or fact. The Governor is looking forward to cooperating with the Personnel Board and continuing her conversation with the American people regarding the important issues facing the country.”

He really is seriously impaired in the thinking department:

Now, as he spends his last months in office trying to avert a global economic collapse, Mr. Bush has been telling people privately that it’s a good thing he’s in charge.

“He said that if it was going to happen at all, he was glad it was happening under his presidency, because he had a good group of people in D.C. working for him,” Dru Van Steenberg, one of several small-business owners who met with Mr. Bush in San Antonio earlier this week. The president expressed the same sentiment, others said, during a similar private session in Chantilly, Va., the next day.

“He said that whoever was going to take over in January was going to have a huge crisis on their hands the day they come into office,” Ms. Van Steenberg added. “He thought by this happening now, that perhaps everyone could see signs of improvement before the next president comes into office.”


….can everybody scream out in unison: “why didn’t you do anything about it BEFORE it happened?”

What a sad and seriously delusional excuse for a president.

Gaffy, congratulations and well done on breaking your duck.

Your “insiders” contempt for Johnny Bomb-Bomb is shared and reciprocated. The bloke clearly left what remained of his honour in the Gulf of Tonkin. He’s finished up a grasping, befuddled buffoon with a mean streak a mile wide.
If Senator McCain (R-AZ) only knew how much he has upset David Brooks and disappointed William Kristol, he might even do the right thing and top himself in a public dunny and have “Schmuckens” Schmidt hang his remains by the ankles from a telegraph pole on the outskirts of D.C as a warning to all who would approach the highest office in the land with malfeasance in their hearts. (ta, Uncle Duke)

C’mon, Prog, spare us the “humble” routine and get writing. This is us here, not your bloody school head-master. None of us, not Ferny nor Bo-Bo nor Kirri (believe it or not) were born with keyboards hangin’ round our necks, mate.

Select a topic that bugs or buzzes you. Jot down the first 6 or 8 ideas that spring to mind in point form. Shape them into sentences, and arrange the sentences in an order that seems ok, then go for a long walk or whatever. Maybe sleep on it and come back to your creation tomorrow. Don’t sweat it. Add your finishing touches then give one of the back room brigade a heads up. Too easy, Campese.
Bob may well be your uncle, dear Prog, but you ……will be Robert The Dazzler:)

A real Alaskan lets rip on Palin:

Palin can claim to know Alaska; the fact is, she’s seen only a minuscule fraction of it — and that doesn’t include Little Diomede Island, the one place in Alaska where you actually can see Russia. So she can ride an ATV and shoot guns. Set her down in the bush on her own and I bet we’d discover she’s about as adept at butchering a moose and building a fire at 40 below zero as she is at discussing Supreme Court decisions. And that mountain-woman act is only the tip of a hollow iceberg.

…well worth a read.

The below link from Glenn Greenwald contains one of the best pay-outs on Right Wing-Nutters so far this campaign.

The Limbaugh/Fox News/Bill Kristol/National Review Right is a faction in desperate need of collective death as a movement. And it will be particularly appropriate if the final blow is delivered by their own malicious, hate-mongering hand.

36 Nice one ECCY

Here’s another from across the pond by Matthew Norman of the independent.

The peculiar tragedy of this flawed hero, John McCain

This bulbous oblong of coiled rage came across as an appalling old waxwork
Friday, 10 October 2008
For one whose single rhetorical flourish is the gratingly incessant appellation “My friends”, John McCain has very few left.

After the election, keep this site open for other elections around the world. There is a US election in two years (not presidential) as well as the bi annual elections for one third of the senate. By this time the number of links to this site will have gradually built up. The more links to this site the better ranking in Google. If anyone has connections with big sites that would like to link to us, any help would be appreciated. If anyone posts to important blogs links to us would be appreciated. That helps build our ranking (importance in Google). This sites importance will improve as more sites link to us. The site content is good links are better.

36 Enemy Combatant This is the bit I like from that article:

In the new Newsweek poll, taken over the last two days in the midst of the Ayers attacks, Obama now has a +24 favorability rating (60/36), which has improved from the +20 (57/37) he registered in last month’s poll. In the new poll, McCain’s favorability rating is only +6 (51/45), which has worsened substantially since the +21 he registered last month (57/36). The same has happened to Sarah Palin’s rating, which has dropped from +20 (52/32) in the prior month to a meager +4 now (49/45).

Lord it’s hard when you stumble
and post it the MS word way……
Thanks all and Prog what ever you do when you write it do not use Microsoft word or you will be severely stripped by the Cat Lady.

Got carried away trying to read the Blanchflower report and my head hurts.
Can’t you guys put it in twenty easy words or less Ferny.

33 EC While he is hanging there upside down the dress of the day would definitely be Tar and Albatross Feathers.

Looks like the palins are falling off the Fence.

The workers comp one will be a better result as there would be a possibility that she could do time if they can nail her on that one.

41 Gaffhook Thank god for the Internet, it will make sure that it gets around in a flash. The main stream media have got to keep up with the Internet.

Absolutely no two ways about it, the Internet is leading the charge in this election. Fortunately the dinosaurs in the Repug Party can’t compete. I’d like to send a big cheerio to the Three Amigo’s, whose Stone Age mentality matches that of the Republican Party. Hey guys turn around and look at the tsunami coming!

Chris, your joy at the increasing likelihood of a Blue-Wash is palpable. If present polling has expression at the polls on Nov 4 you get mucho kudos for calling it early:)

Indeed, paddy, Glenn’s a mensch.
(now …..back to the squiz your Matty Norman link)
Aesop revisited

Come on America! One more time for The Gipper

Two tricks—no treats

Willie Loman Jnr. III maintains the family honour
Don’t forget youse mob, now that Cat has temporarily switched it off, you can link with relative abandon and zippo fear of being snagged in the tyrannical jaws of Teh Spaminator:)
Min and I popped down to the junction to see “Moliere” at the touring Frog Film Fest this arvo. Sacre-bloody-bleu sensationnel!! Like rooly excellent.

Labor group calls on McCain to denounce supporters.

The AFL-CIO said Friday afternoon the GOP presidential ticket should object to the heated rhetoric Republican supporters have been using in attacks on rival nominee Sen. Barack Obama.

Crowds at Republican rallies have reportedly shouted “terrorist” and “kill him” when it comes to the Illinois Democrat.

I hope they caught it on camera, it would be good leading the news.

Every Democrat must keep their eyes wide open.

Ha, ha, Robert Fisk makes a funny:

Indeed, one of the funniest reports of the week, yet another investigation of Obama’s education, came from the Associated Press news agency. The would-be president, the Associated Press announced, had attended a Muslim school but hadn’t “practised” Islam.

What on earth did this mean, I asked myself? Would AP have reported, for example, that McCain had attended a Christian school but hadn’t “practised” Christianity? Then I got it. Obama had smoked Islam but he hadn’t inhaled!

He normally writes a column in the back page of the National Review alongside Kathleen Parker.

The son of William F. Buckley is the latest to come out in favour of The Kid and have a big dump on McStupid:

Let me be the latest conservative/libertarian/whatever to leap onto the Barack Obama bandwagon. It’s a good thing my dear old mum and pup are no longer alive. They’d cut off my allowance……………………….Obama has in him—I think, despite his sometimes airy-fairy “We are the people we have been waiting for” silly rhetoric—the potential to be a good, perhaps even great leader. He is, it seems clear enough, what the historical moment seems to be calling for.

So, I wish him all the best. We are all in this together. Necessity is the mother of bipartisanship. And so, for the first time in my life, I’ll be pulling the Democratic lever in November. As the saying goes, God save the United States of America.

If anything happened to Obama that would be slaughter for the Republicans. I would not accept any payment of a bet as a result of some misadventure happening to Obama. Meaning deceased. I would not put it passed the lunatic right of the REPUG PARTY.


You know, I suspect the old man would have cringed to vote for this clapped out old power monger and Minnie Moose.

50 Chris B That sort of thing just ups the stress levels, I have no doubts as to who is going to win the election. I have more concerns about the lunatic fringe of the Republic Party. 😡

Catrina we need a smiley for angry, unless it works.


By the time the next three weeks goes by i suspect there will be lots of them running a country mile to put a big gap between them and what Mcstupid and the Fence stand for.

Like you said about three thousand posts ago there are lots of em who want their party back.

Yup Yup Kirri

They’re droppin off like flies;

Former Republican Governor of Michigan William Milliken tells the Grand Rapids Press that he’s “disappointed” in John McCain and the campaign he is running:

He endorsed John McCain in the presidential primary, but now former Republican Gov. William Milliken is expressing doubts about his party’s nominee.

“He is not the McCain I endorsed,” said Milliken, reached at his Traverse City home Thursday. “He keeps saying, ‘Who is Barack Obama?’ I would ask the question, ‘Who is John McCain?’ because his campaign has become rather disappointing to me.

“I’m disappointed in the tenor and the personal attacks on the part of the McCain campaign, when he ought to be talking about the issues.”

I’ve got a feeling this is going to get ugly.
The repugs have nothing left to do except try and sink Obama – look at tha tactics Hillary (Dem) employed once it was obvious she couldn’t win – and let’s face it: they were mild, although unsavoury. She had a lot to lose by being seen to bash a representative of her own party.
McCain and Palin have no such restraints. In fact they are being urged to do whatever it takes. Rumour, smearing and innuendo are having no effect, so what’s next??
This may well be my paranoia talking, but I’m serious. If even the non- conservatives that we know from these sites in Oz can hate him with such irrational fervour, what can a million or so lunatic rightwing ABO’s in the US do?

*rant over*.

This bloke has a way with words.

Ooh, That Smell: McCain and His Mob Waltz with Death

And in the throes of that death, McCain is waltzing with a dying breed of sad old white Americans, whose tragedy continues to be their belief that those who have fleeced them were their greatest friends, and those who might plausibly have their interests at heart politically are a bunch of commie faggots. These rallies smell of rot, the stench rising from these hollow crowds carries the odor of lynch mobs and blacklisters, Father Coughlin and the Silent Majority.


Maybe the Repugs are deliberately stirring the pot to get it real ugly so the imbecile can invoke his private little presidents’ law that allows him to declare a state of emergency.
NSPD51 allows the troops to be deployed internally to maintain law and order.
He specially brought home the troops from Eyerark and they have been in training for local deployment.
This is all that they have left now.

If an emergency situation were to be called by the President, NSPD 51 would instate martial law under the authority of the White House and the Department of Homeland Security. It would suspend constitutional government under the provisions of Continuity in Government (COG). It would establish extraordinary powers for the president and vice-president.

And now for something completely different.

If the election were a game show (instead of a reality show), the Democrats would have even less to worry about. Paired with a frustrated Colin Powell, Sarah Palin picks a political category while playing the “$800 Billion Pyramid.” Sadly, it looks like a governor’s salary will have to do for now.

Jen, you’re not alone with those concerns. But I suspect Obama has planned for this, knowing the Repugs would turn very nasty when they start glimpsing the real possibility of losing power at every level of the U.S. government. Obama’s security will be as tight as possible and a plan in place for dealing with each new smear/fear attack.

I think we could end up seeing the darkest heart of the Republican Party these next few weeks as the facade drops even further away. Even now, Fox News is becoming rabid with its anti-Obama programming… lots of lies dressed up as fact and not even the slightest pretense of balance. Their stories barely even make sense anymore. It’s quickly becoming “I don’t know why I hate Obama, but I just do, so there. And y’all should hate him too.”

By the way, Gaffhook, great lead post.

we all know what I’m talking about: Hillary tried it with the thinly disguised refrence to Robert Kennedy and the need to avoid ‘that possibility’ if Obama won the candidacy. She was his political colleague FFS, but personal ambition overruled at the time.
It is only today that I felt truly concerned about the level of hatred being reported (and incited), and whilst McCain has now come out and done the ‘let’s all calm down ‘ spin – he must have known what he was doing before. And if not- why not?? Hardly reassuring in a volatile global climate.
As for Palin… excuse me while I gasp for vomit. Delusions of Grandeur is one term.
She is the main hate-mongerer – representing and inflaming the ignorant rednecks that Hillary tried to tap into.
Surely Palin can’t believe for a nano-second that she is equipped to be in such a high office. What an abysmal person she is.
I am ashamed of many of my gender in this election- although thankfully Michelle Obama shows integrity and intelligence.

It all fits in to my cynical mind.
The imbecile gets a couple of good healthy riots happening and being the good concerned citizen that he is he will invoke NSPD51 and scatter the troops round real quick.

This enables him to remain Potus and chunder Cheney his deputy dawg for as long as they desire that it should take to restore law and order.

This means they can, having seen how useless McStupid and the Fence are, cancel the elections.
They can then call fresh elections when law and order has been restored in about 12/18 months time and have fresh primaries with new GOP runners.

Geezus Gaffers- my conspiracy theories aren’t nearly as colourful as yours!
I was just think about ordianry old assassination -yours is much juicier.

I pray Obama has enough secret security around him, because I too fear McLame/Palin will incite some right wing idiot to do something stupid. I dread to think of the consequences of another political assassination.

And Noocat – I doubt obama prepared for his meteoric rise- he is neither arrogant nor grandiose: I suspect that he is as surprised as the rest of the world is that he has got to this place. Not because he is incapable, but because he is black, and no one would be more aware of what that really means than he is.
I wonder if he gets frightened.
I bet Michelle is.

I’d prefer they sealed him up in a glass plated box for the next 3 weeks, and only let him out for debates or TV appearances.
I really worry about something happening at one of those outdoor events!

Here’s a comment from Daily Kos that made me laugh out loud:
“Sarah Palin is Elliot Spitzer with a uterus!”

jen at 64

This may well be my paranoia talking, but I’m serious. If even the non- conservatives that we know from these sites in Oz can hate him with such irrational fervour, what can a million or so lunatic rightwing ABO’s in the US do?

Take a moment, sit down, watch the movie Mississippi Burning, then ask yourself the question – “how much hate is still sifting through the community even now?”.

Ok Catrina- this is how much…

“You can see how destructive fear is. Just watch Sarah Palin rile up a crowd to the point where you hear shouts of “Terrorist!” and “Kill him!” coming out of the audience.

Flashing her poisonous smile, Palin prefers to fan the flame of fear for her own short-sighted political gain rather than spread serenity, strength and real power.”

“Kill him”… you can’t get much more hatred than that.

jen 71, gaffy 72, prog 75:

What you guys are chewing the fat over, I think, is a “V for Vendetta”-type scenario happening Sep-Side some time soon……

In the year 2038, England has become totalitarian, ruled by the ultra Right-Wing Norsefire party. About 20 years previously, many world governments were on the brink of collapse due to the War on Terror spiraling out of control…… Britain was able to survive the crises by embracing a fascist government with broad emergency powers, which managed to save Britain from total collapse and restore order. However, though for the past decade or so the immediate danger has subsided, Norsefire maintains a totalitarian grip on power. Norsefire also uses state-controlled mass media as a propaganda tool to support the government.

Yes, I’ve thought a great deal about a desperate GOP/MIC/PNAC trying to pull a similar coup, however, it ain’t gonna happen. Here’s why.

Americans, a la Second Amendment, are armed up the wazoo and would not take such OBVIOUS theft of their government lying down. October 2008 is not an occasion when all of the people can be fooled all of the time. Attempting a bodgie State of Emergency is one thing , enforcing it is another matter entirely. Citizens would still be able to communicate and organise massive resistence using the www. Furthur, I believe the Officer Class would revolt and literally take-out the leaders of such a Right Wing (fascist) coup. The U.S. has already had one Civil War nobody seriously wants another. Enough Americans are patriots (as opposed to jingoists) to support the liquidation of all who would attempt to install tyranny in these times of social and economic flux.

The Imbecile’s popularity and credibility are currently shot to the shithouse and so is McCain’s. Too many good people have lost their homes their super and their dreams and they’re mad as hell about it. Even the “Deer Hunting for Jesus” folk in Virginia are prepared to vote (according to all polls) for the black guy because they trust him more to pull America out of the economic do-do.

Btw, has Dick Cheney been seen anywhere in “public” since the Red State fundraiser he did behind behind closed and guarded doors about three weeks ago?


Seems our site performance issues are continuing. For the most part today has been ok – but things are going a little pear shaped in the last couple of hours. This could be linked to US related traffic on the servers we are using. Anyway, an investigation is under-way and I’ll be shooting though any news as it comes in.

Great post, gaffhook. You should get an extra ration or two for your trouble. I think you’re spot on about the Senator. He has become the personification of the disintegration of the Republican party, and you have captured the whole rancid stink of it.

Oh dear. The three wise monkeys on insiders include the bolter.
I think I’ll go back to the gardening.

G’Day Gang,

E-Day minus 24: The Kid is still kickin’, the polls are pumpin’ for him and the punters are plenty pissed-off as they slowly jerry to the reality that they’ve been had. Had bigtime.

Aye, Gaffy, ’tis a savage and unpredictable beast. Hell hath no fury like a spaminator spurned.

Seems Huffy has read your post and added her two bits worth.

McCain’s Desperate Claim: Obama is Dangerous. Vote for Me If You Want to Live! McCain and his hatchet mom VP nominee are desperately trying to expose the “real” Obama to the people of America; but what they are really exposing is how morally corrupt McCain has become. And how complete has been his transformation from a noble reformer into an ignoble hack, willing to abandon his most deeply held values in his lust for the presidency.

Ari is the sort of person who neither takes no prisoners, nor takes no crap from no ex-prisoners of undeclared wars who flaunt their “entitlement” to high office as a ticket to trash the ideals that they went to war to allegedly uphold.

Sat Oct 11:;_ylt=ApaS6CRgbNWW.kHBFp1VRN4DwLAF

Currently there is much talk of race and religion on the Republican side. It made me think of Gulliver’s travels, where the Lilliputians were commanded by the emporer to break eggs small end first. The people resented this, but gave in after six rebellions failed, and the rebels had fled to neighbouring Blefusco. Here the religious doctrine insisted that eggs must be broken big end first.

Swift essentially retold European history as a series of quite ridiculous but bloody wars over meaningless and arbitrary disagreements.

Another person who showed up the arbitrary basis of the most intense prejudice and bigotry was Jane Elliot of “blue eyes brown eyes” fame. I am sure some of you must be old enough to remember her. After the assassination of Martin Luther King, she developed a workshop where the students were labeled inferior or superior based on eye colour. Even though the adult students knew in advance what to expect, they became either aggressively dominant or fearful and submissive depending on Jane’s firm declaration of the obvious superiority of one side or the other. This even worked when she switched around and said the other eye colour was really superior, she was just kidding. Within a few hours the previously dominant group became submissive instead!

Race is only another version of the small end/big end of the egg syndrome. Even the words we use to describe race show this up. Which European can claim to be white? Just try to paint a portrait, white does not come into it. The so-called blacks are by no means black, again just try to match colour with paints. The words of race are a dead give-away – nothing at all to do with simple logic and all to do with the politics of hate.

McCain as Gollum from LOTR

The look on his face, he was suddenly Gollum,
lost without his master, knowing there was something wrong, but his
longing for the ring was just to powerful to overcome so he was
willing to do what ever it takes

The comments after it are good as well. The one thing that really made sense to me was the guy who said

If he really meant this back off he’s doing verbally, he would be pulling the ads that are doing the same thing…yet, they are still up.

And thats it really, you want me to believe you’ve repented John? pull the ad’s. Otherwise what your saying now just makes what you and that evil skank have been doing even worse

Tracking Polls. Four of them have Obama over 50%

Zogby: Obama 48%, McCain 44%

Rasmussen: Obama 52%, McCain 45%

Research 2000: Obama 52%, McCain 40%

Diageo/Hotline: Obama 50%, McCain 40%

Gallup: Obama 51%, McCain 42%

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