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A Rear Admirals’ Vice is A Vice Admiral in his Rear!

Like Nelson said to Hardy “kiss me Hardy” and Hardy replied “kiss ya be fucked Horatio I’m next in line for Admiral”

The only things that Captain McCain and I have in common are that we both sailed through more water than the average shark, in the Grey Funnel Line, in roughly the same era except for the fact that he made more of a career out of it than me. We served in the same waters at the time of the Vietnam War. We both probably sailed past more lighthouses than the average Chucky Six Pack has seen shithouses and both probably saw more Action Stations than Barbie Six Pack has seen railway stations. He was a “Birdie” and I was an electrician. We were of course in different Navies, he in The USN and me in the RAN. Now days the life of a sailor is considered as the ships being made of steel, the men made of wood, and it is all Wine, Women and Song, but way back then the ships were made of wood, the men of steel, and it was Rum, Bum and Gramophone Records.

(disclaimer ; without the bum)

Macca had a lot to live up to as his Father and his Grandfather were Four Star Admirals. The only step above Admiral in the USN is Fleet Admiral (the big Boss). His boss of course is the C.I.C. (Commander in Chief).

Young Macca no doubt had burning ambitions to be the equal of or go one step better than his Pop or Pop Pop.

He joined the Naval Academy and in 1958 graduated as an Ensign at number 894 of 899 graduates. Not exactly top of the class! He subsequently went into training and became a Birdie. His ability to crash planes and play up left a lot to be desired and one wonders if the records of his Poppys had some influence on his not being severely disciplined which may have ultimately affected his chances of promotion. When one reads his records, he has had some bailouts over the years, but his most important bail out was on 26 October 1967 when he was shot down over North Vietnam and became a POW. He was released on March 14th 1973. He had the ranking of Lieutenant Commander at the time. There would have been little chance of him receiving any promotions as a POW and this would have severely stalled his desire to make Admiral. He was given different assignments in US Naval Bases and after having only reached the rank of Captain resigned from the Navy on April 1st 1981. (April fool)

At this point in his life he most probably would have been an honest and upstanding member of the community. He subsequently decided on a political career and was elected to the House in 1982 and the Senate in 1986.

Over the period of the next 26 years he developed an uncanny knack of becoming involved with lots of the more shady characters that have graced the US political stables and the only way he was going to surpass his Poppys’ Admiral Status was to become C.I.C. He ran against the Imbecile for POTUS in 2000 and failed after he was swift boated USS Enterprised by the Imbeciles Neo Cons.

Prodloužená a občas bolestivá erekce – k té dochází místě vzácně. Přístup k těmto datům mají pouze proškolení zaměstnanci.

The downward spiral of the now Ancient Mariner with a whole flock of Albatrosses hanging round his neck gathered pace even quicker over the next eight years. He now has the GOP nomination for POTUS election in a few days time and this ex Upstanding Naval Officer has morphed into the exact opposite of what he once was and no amount of lies, deception and self flagellation is going to get him over the line on Nov 4th (US time). His Political record of voting with the Imbecile, the Keating five and his record on Veterans Affairs votes leaves only one solution …

Having never made the rank of Admiral he would never stand triumphantly on a “Bridge” to anywhere whilst one of the stinking rotting albatrosses, hanging round his neck, is his running mate in charge of a partially built “bridge” to nowhere

He should be Courts Martialled, found guilty, keel hauled, demoted, shackled to an oar on a Galley, and sent in search of the “Santa Maria”. When he finds it he can duly tell Chris C the lie that he was a USN Rear Admiral and bend over for him.

From a jolly Jack Tar to Jack Tarred. What a miserable shell of a man!

A gentle reminder to Cindy McCain that if she wants to get involved in bashing BO then she also better be ready for return of serve. Even though she looks like a fresh faced lady she has not got exacty what you call clean skin!

Oct. 18, 1999 | PHOENIX — GOP presidential candidate John McCain’s wife Cindy took to the airwaves last week, recounting for Jane Pauley (on “Dateline”) and Diane Sawyer (on “Good Morning America”) the tale of her one-time addiction to Percocet and Vicodin, and the fact that she stole the drugs from her own non-profit medical relief organization.

Permission to step ashore please Sir?

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Tues Oct 14:;_ylt=A0WTUeEF7_RIB40AsCMDwLAF

Mon Oct 13: Most Old Media still don’t get it. As their advertising “revenue stream” dwindles, they foolhardily pass the losses on to lifetime loyal readers by ipwardly gouging hard copy price and then they expect customers to cop it sweet. Former daily readers say “F.U.” and go where we mob go for our information—online zines and blogs.
The one’s( eg. the Oz, Fairfax) that have tried to play catch-up, introduce their own blogs under their online banner; blogs that are moderated and censored, which in turn robs commenters of that vital element of participation—spontaneity. Who wants to surf with the hand-brake on; why hang about like a stage door Juanie or Juanita when you can have instant front row seats elsewhere, anytime??
Also “newspapers online” take much longer to load because of the “flash ads” that give people the tom-tits bigtime as does erratic site navigation and scroll jerkiness.

(Huffy and C&L need to lift their game here as well).;_ylt=AuGZCjaQsXLntHfRs4KPhKYVvTYC
Prog or paddy, would either of you two illustrious Ticsters, kindly consider knocking up a thread-header for tomorrow’s debate?

Nice news there Prog. The Kid is on a screaming run into the home straight and could, according to today’s Freakonomics (NYT) cut his media spend by half and still only lose 1%!

It’s a great article, based on research of previous campaigns, which shows that Obama is winning not because he has more money, but that he has more money because he’s more liked by the voters. In other words, if money could buy you votes, then Romney would be the leading candidate at this point. (We know how that worked out!)

And of course, we could send this important result to Herr Doktor and go, nah,nah ne nah, nah…but that would be childish.

Or would it? LOL


Hope you are having a good time while you are there.
It would be good being there in the midst of all what is going on and able to get the words straight from the horses mouths and in some cases from their ……….
Any way here is a bit of music to plug in to your MP3 and listen to while you are beatin your feet round the burbs of the big Apple.

Yes indeed. It’s a bit like when you’re dining in a restaurant will no prices on the menu.
There’s that awkward moment at the end of the meal, when they bring out that enormous bill…..

And then you realize that it’s only for the entree.
The main course, desert and the wine bill are all separate and there’s still the matter of the tip!!!

It’s a long way from over. 🙁

Ecky, I’ve downloaded a nice little application for that very reason: to kill Flash content. You can install it on your browser and then it lets you decide what Flash you want to see, or lets you OK it for a particular site.

I would not live without it. So instead of downloading all those colour and movement distractions, I just see an “F” icon which I can choose to ignore or click on if I wish.

I have put one of his dollar each ways in playschool in the event we want to congregate in the playground after school the election.

More from the Prof:

Mr Roubini said ”we’re going to be surprised by the severity of the recession and the severity of the financial losses.”

The economist said the recession will last 18 to 24 months, driving unemployment to nine per cent, and already depressed home prices will fall another 15 per cent.

The US government will need to double its purchase of bank stakes and force lenders to eliminate dividends to save them from bankruptcy, Mr Roubini added.

…so it’s nuclear winter in the US. I wonder what we’ll get, but judging from Ruddy and Swandiver, shovelling cash out of the vaults, you get the idea that it’s not looking overly rosey.

Yes, Kirri, it is ugly. With crypto-fascists, it always is.

That alleged 14 point lead from NYT/CBS is like a progressive ugg boot upon their necks.

“What will this New Order or New Age be like?”

O’brien replied,

“The jackboot forever on the human face.”

George Orwell, 1984
Where does one find the de-Flasher?
Not at Aqualung Online, I’d venture.

This is the kind of stuff i like to read. It gives me a little confidence that things maybe do not always get swept under the carpet.
Some fairly influential names on the committee by the looks:

Committee To Prosecute Bush Revs Up

Massachusetts law school Dean Lawrence Velvel will chair a Steering Committee to pursue the prosecution for war crimes of President Bush and culpable high-ranking aides after they leave office Jan. 20th.

The Steering Committee was organized following a conference of leading legal authorities and scholars from the U.S. and abroad convened by Velvel on Sept. 13-14 in Andover, Mass., titled “The Justice Robert Jackson Conference On Planning For The Prosecution of High Level American War Criminals.”

Chris B
Can i buy half your bets for $10.00
The WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW moment is about to happen in bulk.
Hope Herr Doktor reads this.

SNAP! “White Shift” for Obama in Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida
A 900,000 Vote Shift to Obama

(Wash. DC) An amazing political and social event is under way in three critical swing states. Virginia and North Carolina show a major shift by white voters benefiting Sen. Barack Obama. Florida whites are also moving but at a somewhat slower rate. The total number of white votes shifting from McCain to Obama is around 900,000 currently. That number will vary depending on turnout and campaign events. The exact size of the vote shift is important but it’s not nearly as significant as the “white shift” phenomena.

This “white shift” is the topic of a just released survey by Public Policy Polling of Raleigh North Carolina. The decades-long pattern in Southern presidential contests consisted of heavy white support for the Republican presidential candidate consistently defeating the remainder of white voters plus the 90% support by black citizens consistently voting for Democrats……………………….
The white shift voters are another major factor that will help reduce the potential for election fraud. As whites, they’re not the target of race based voter suppression. Having paid enough attention to the campaign to consciously shift their allegiance, they seem likely to vote in large numbers. The white shift voting population moving to Obama represent nearly 1.0 million votes for the three states discussed (extrapolating from the Public Policy Polling numbers).–White-Shift-for-Ob-by-Michael-Collins-081014-891.html

Catrinas’ fav Rachel Maddow gets David Frum in an awkward situation. Good one Rachel!
Spammy; Note the monkey gets a mention in the story
GOP on the video screen stands for Grand old Panic LOL
2 videos.

Anyway, Maddow demonstrates respectful restraint in her own defense. Really, if she had wanted to deploy some lowball humor at Frum’s expense, she could have pointed out that the way Frum hunched himself forward, grimacing and closing his eyes as if he was girding himself, made him look like a constipated man heroically battling to pop a squat. That would have been lowball and disrespectful! Still wouldn’t have been the equivalent of dressing a monkey up in an Obama sticker, or yelling “Treason!” in a crowded hall!

If the position was reversed in these two parties and it was still McCain and Palin leading the Republicans from opposition. The Democrats would get the blame for the economic mess and we would have the to dumbest political leaders ever! They would win by a huge margin. It doesn’t matter how good they are. It doesn’t matter that one side has very good policies and the other has very bad policies.
What matters is who they are blaming for the economic mess. The corruption and the bad war in Iraq. But the main thing is their hip pocket nerve is on fire!

Intrade as reported by RCP –

Intrade Market Odds Obama 80.0 McCain 20.8

20 is way too high….LOL

Progressive at 593,

I have to say that I doubt this testimony. We know that American captives were routinely tortured by the Vietnamese. We also have other people who saw the results of the torture of McCain. I have no reason to doubt McCain on this, either.

Fivethirtyeight suggest that a more likely figure to take from the CBS poll is around a nine per cent lead. It is still very bad news for McCain, however.

Chris B – that CBS poll is incredible, possibly an outlier though when compared to the other polls. No matter. It’s all looking great for Obama.

McCain doesn’t have a clue how to turn the tide. He tried attacking Obama with Ayers. Then he said he was going to start his campaign anew by sticking to the issues. Now he is saying he will bring up Ayers in the debate. He’s also talking tough on the debate, saying he will whip Obama’s butt, but it’s just fantasy. He has no idea about how to deal with the economic situation. He is talking nonsense on foreign policy. He made a really bad judgement call by picking Palin as his running mate. And he generally comes off as a bit creepy with that plastic smile, the frequently repeated “my friends” and his empty claims “I know how to XXX” for every topic under the sun without saying how he knows or what he will actually do.

The McCain’s (Cindy too) are way out of touch with the public. They assumed people were more stupid than they actually are. And they BADLY misread the public mood and are still misreading it.

McCain is unelectable. And it now it shows in the polls. His last hurrah will be the October Surprise, but for all intents and purposes, it’s over. McCain is finished. The only way he can escape from this nightmare is if GWB calls off the election or the Repugs manage to steal it through those dodgy voting machines. But even dodgy machines won’t help if the final result is a landslide.

It’s all history in the making.

“It’s all history in the making.”

Absolutuley Noocat – the death of neoconservatism in its greatest stronghold – possibly the most significant political event in many of our lives so far IMHO.
Which is why I say to all POliticksters you should take a sickie/ shut the shop/ declare yourself deceased ..whatever, and get on a plane or get in the car and get to Brissy.
This is going to be a momunemtally important moment in our lives- and you need to be there . It will be worth the hassle.

New rumour: McCain is about to pull out of Wisconsin
Pennsylvania surely will be the next state he withdraws from.
The Republicans have to put all their resources into holding the Bush 2004 states

And it is McStupids best buddies who are helping make it history.
Who needs enemies with friends like this?
Sometimes even your best friends won’t tell you that you’ve got(shafted by) BO.
Former McCain Supporter: McCain Is “Unleashing the Monster of American Prejudice”

Lifelong Republican Frank Schaeffer says McCain is “deliberately feeding the most unhinged elements of our society the red meat of hate.”

Progressive at 624,

And I do not think that that is even close to doable. Iowa has never been competitive. And then you have the west, which is in some cases worse than Penn.

There are some calls for the McCain camp to effectively abandon everything so that resources can be diverted to save some on the growing list of vulnerable senators.

Ya just gotta love it when the real life skills of Foreign Policy of McStupid are laid on the table.
What a very skilful piece of negotiation. Fcuk Georgia we’ll get that back later!

Played Like a Fool: Campaign Manager Cashes in on McCain’s Cold War Mentality:

“Montenegro is almost a new Russian colony, as rubles flow in to buy property and business in the tiny state,” Denis MacShane, Tony Blair’s former Europe minister, wrote in Newsweek in June. The takeover of Montenegro has been a Russian geostrategic victory — quietly accomplished, paradoxically enough, with the help of McCain and his top aides.
In mid-September The Nation’s website published a photo of McCain celebrating his seventieth birthday in Montenegro in August 2006 at a yacht party hosted by convicted Italian felon Raffaello Follieri and his movie-star girlfriend Anne Hathaway. On the same day one of the largest mega-yachts in the world, the Queen K, was moored in the same bay of Kotor. This was where the real party was. The owner of the Queen K was known as “Putin’s oligarch”: Oleg Deripaska, controlling shareholder of the Russian aluminum giant RusAl, currently listed as the ninth-richest man in the world, with a rap sheet as abundant as his wealth.

Oh dear. Sometimes political commentators can be so unkind. 🙂
This little gem from Guy Rundle in Crikey today.

We’ve seen the real McCain. Then we saw the fake McCain. And the public doesn’t want either of them. The chorus of “unleash the real McCain”, including today McCain’s brother Joe, is simply fantasy — his supporters cannot believe that the real McCain has been seen and is being rejected. Which is funny really. For a group whose love of the life and works of Winston Spencer Churchill borders on ancestor-worship, they seem particularly unware of the 1945 election.

David: yes, McStupid is behind in at least 7 Bush states, or probably more(my arithmetic is terrible).
Obama definitely has 264 electoral votes, if you count Iowa and New Mexico in his column. He only needs another 6, and logically his chances of picking up at least 2 or 3 more red states are damn good! What I find interesting is Obama’s lead in Florida is bigger than his lead in Ohio.

297 – Hillary stating that she won’t run again.

I wonder just what the bat crazy pro-Hillary/anti-Obama supporters who were betting on McCain to win, and hoping for Hillary in 2012 will do now 😛

Every poll with a big swing to Obama will be called an outlier. It still hasn’t sunk in for a lot of people as to what is happening.

Clinton wasn’t far off Texas in his two wins, 4% and 5%.
Obama will do much better than Bill Clinton.


Here is GameSpot’s story on the Burnout ads:

As pointed out by GamePolitics last week, ads for Obama’s presidential campaign have been spotted in Electronic Arts’ high-octane racer Burnout Paradise. An EA spokesperson today confirmed for GameSpot that the Xbox 360 version of the game has been playing host to Obama billboards since October 6. The advertising campaign will run until Monday, November 3, the eve of the US general election.

The EA representative said that the ads would appear in only 10 different states, most of them contested battleground states. Paradise City residents in Ohio, Florida, Iowa, Colorado, Indiana, Montana, North Carolina, New Mexico, Nevada, and Wisconsin are being targeted by the campaign. In the 2004 presidential election, all of those states except Wisconsin went to Republican incumbent George W. Bush.

Obama campaigns in Paradise City

There has been no poll movement to Obama in Texas since July. What are we watching for, again? 😉

jen at 613:

Gaffers –
Rhinestone Cowboy???

Here’s another Cowboy for ya, KatieLou. This fellah met Ratso in the Apple and took him to Florida.
And since Wednesdays are my irony day…….. Jon Voight, who played the gormless but kind-hearted Joe (6 pak) Buck in Midnight Cowboy, is an unabashed Bomb-Bomb booster in this campaign. The high powered corporate lawyer character Voight played in “The Rain Maker” was the closest he ever came to playing himself, although Milo in Catch-22 most assuredly had echoes.

Voight’s piece slammed Democratic candidate Barack Obama, praised GOP contender John McCain and even repudiated his own Vietnam War protests as the naive flailings of a deluded youth. It was a stunning bit of self-revelatory memoir from the now-conservative “Coming Home” star.
Noocat at 622,

it’s all history in the making.

Yes, siree, Nooc! And quite a few of us here saw it coming and dared to hope and dream that America could actually do something great again.

(and wot jen sed at 623)

643 David Gould Bill Clinton was 4% and 5% off with his to elections. Obama will do better.

I reckon he will run national TV ads on Ellen’s show and Oprah’s show.
He has millions to splurge.

Uh-oh. Just had a quick check in over the fence and the chief ABO is forecasting that “Acorn-Gate” will undo Obi.

Fivethirtyeight do give Obama a whopping three per cent chance of winning Texas, however.

Intrade are a bit more generous – nearly a 10 per cent chance of an Obama victory.

645 Kirribilli Removals FireFox …which is a much better browser than IE IMHO. Anyway, it’s free and easy to install.

100% agree with you on that.

Chris B,

Clinton aimed at a different demographic than Obama. Clinton did very well in the south because he was a Southerner. Further, Clinton was not starting from so far behind in Texas. Obama has caught up massively from last time. It is hard to see how he can drag it back any further.

Do republican voters in Texas (and Obama needs to capture Republican voters to win Texas) watch Oprah and Ellen? I would very much doubt it.

650 David Gould Three words, money, black vote and latinos vote. But to be clear, I am not saying it is a certainty.

If I was Obama I just throw a couple of million in advertising on just to stir the pot a lot.

650 David Gould Do hard line Republicans anywhere watch Ellen and Oprah, I very much doubt it. It is not the Republicans we want it’s the undecided, the latinos the black vote and the independent vote.

The Republicans are looking to borrow 5 million to compete in this election. Attack them at there strength, to stretch their resources.
Obama has money to BURN!


Put the ‘white shift’ down alongside the HRC primary victory, and America NOT going into recession, and Obama being ‘unelectable’ in the general and we have a slam dunk for the ILL Team (Ignorant Loathing Lefties) and a fat zero for Herr Doktor.

Chris B,

Obama is not spending much money in Texas, Chris. In fact, from what I can tell they conceded it weeks ago.

Clinton closed the gap by 10 points from the 1988 election to the 1992 election.

Obama has already closed the gap by 15 points. In that sense, he has already done way better than Clinton.

Chris B,

In Texas, 61 per cent voted Republican at the last election. As such, for Obama to win he needs to start to eat into the hardcore Republican vote. He has already gained the independents and moderates at this point.


Yes, indeed. That shows that Obama is doing even better than the numbers alone suggest. Thank you for the reminder. 🙂

Does anyone know if Obama is allowed to give his money away, if he has some left over at the end of the campaign? Perhaps the Clintons have been told their debts from the priamry race will be covered, if they do enough campaigning for Obama?

Hiya Hussy – if Obi has any money left he should sling at least a few bob Chris B’s way fro the anmount of campaigning he has done for him. And he doesn’t even get to vote!

is Dr Carr writing fro politico now? 😆

“Obama should have a healthy lead by almost every measure. Yet, in poll after poll, Obama conspicuously fails to cross the 50 percent threshold.

ABC News Polling Director Gary Langer asked, “If everything is so good for Barack Obama, why isn’t everything so good for Barack Obama?”

Obama remains ahead, depending on the national poll, by low to high single digits. The Gallup Poll Daily tracking survey, which randomly interviews at least 1,000 voters each day, has recently found that Obama leads by 3 to 4 percentage points.”

someone needs to set them straight perhaps.

The only money the Democrats spend in Texas will be on a few house races. I doubt Obama will bother trying to win the state.
Jen: Gallop & Zogby are the American equivalent of Galaxy, ie. polling organisations with a right wing bias?

I’ve quoted it here before, but it’s always worth re-reading. Friedman puts it at the end of his NYTimes article today:

Charles Mackay wrote a classic history of financial crises called “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds,” first published in London in 1841. “Money … has often been a cause of the delusion of multitudes. Sober nations have all at once become desperate gamblers, and risked almost their existence upon the turn of a piece of paper. To trace the history of the most prominent of these delusions is the object of the present pages. Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.”

…you see, we’ve been here before!

659 Darryl Spot on! Thanks for that. The Obama’s campaign is about to receive a boost of around $100 million for last month, the coffers will be overflowing from the last fortnight. Why not give them a scare? Not that he needs it.

[Uh-oh. Just had a quick check in over the fence and the chief ABO is forecasting that “Acorn-Gate” will undo Obi.]

It’s amazing how irrational some people get just to avoid admitting being wrong. I never look over the fence, but from what we’ve heard, I can just imagine its a full circus of mental gymnastics.

It’s like sneaking up behind the enemy and catching them off guard. Very soul destroying for the troops. Their morale would be in the gutter (along with their morals).

#667. Any excess surplus should be directed towards getting 60 senate seats. That would be the biggest bonus of all.

This is the tactic the Germans did with huge success on the Russian front, came around from behind. It caused mass panic and utter chaos. It didn’t stop until the Russians started shooting their own troops. Maybe the Republicans could do that. 😈

Noocat at 622,

it’s all history in the making.

Yes, siree, Nooc! And quite a few of us here saw it coming and dared to hope and dream that America could actually do something great again.

(and wot jen sed at 623)

Chris B at 69:

It’s like sneaking up behind the enemy and catching them off guard.

Yeah, Chris, it’s like somebody pantsed The Amigos

And thanks Chris & Kirri for the Flash tips, now downloading.


Is there a chance of a short-term 3 week bounce in the US stockmarket because of these “rescue” measures to stave off a massacre for the Republicans?

or is the market still going to go down in the next week..and bring with it a 400 EV rout and 60+ Senate seats?

i think if the market stabilises or bounces back in the next week then Obama wins very handily but might still fall just short in the Senate or need Lie-berman…but if it goes down further in the next week then a filibuster proof Senate is a near cert.

how will the market react in the next week or so? or is it impossible to foresee.

647 Jen
The only group on earth who have benefited frrom the economic meltdown are the Hillary supporters over in The Other Place. They cling to it like drowning men to a life raft saving them from having to admit that they’ve been wrong all along.

What would they have done without it???? Admit they were wrong??? Nah! They’d have found something else to blame for Obama’s lead.

But the market crash made it easier.

The Ides of October:

In 1995, a large trunk was discovered in an abandoned barn. The trunk contained over 1,000 membership cards and dues receipts revealing the names of citizens of the local chapter of the Invisible Empire of the Ku Klux Klan, as well as hoods, sashes and other equipment, according to Allen Safianow, professor of history at Indiana University’s Kokomo campus.


677 Enemy Combatant That would make Indiana a sweet state to win. Along with Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina et al..

I don’t know what Mexican correspondence college Herr Doktor got his title from, but he has proven this year that you don’t need to know anything about your subject to be considered an expert. Barring tragedy, in a few weeks we will have Barack Obama, President 2.0. I’m just a bit disappointed that Obi will win so easily and the next few weeks won’t be as exciting as I had hoped.

681 – HW

I’m tempted to go through the pollbludger archives and dig up choice quotes from Dr. Carr.
Its easy to pick the poor analysts and pundits. Its those who make a prediction without any basis in fact, and then refuse to admit any fault in their hypothesis. Or simply put: a poor trademan blames his tools.

Question: Is Adam Carr a real politics lecturer/psephologist at a prestigious Australian university?
If so, he doesn’t know much about opinion polls, if his recent rantings at the other place are any indication.

Hussy at 681:

I’m just a bit disappointed that Obi will win so easily and the next few weeks won’t be as exciting as I had hoped.

Not me, Hussy, stuff the thrill of the chase; that’s all over now. Happened 2-3 weeks ago when the polls swung so dramatically. I want the bastards metaphorically tarred and feathered and ground into the ideological cesspit from whence they spewed forth. ‘Tis time they tasted the oppobrium of the people whose tax money they siphoned, whose civil rights were trashed, and who were treated with disdain, contempt and brutality the moment those good citizens attempted to democratically dissent.


The Ides of October;_ylt=AsVop5.3Re5yrz1Su8vx8rHXj5Z4

The Ides of October;_ylt=AsL_a4TK0Iw3r8c9DdCkIXtX_b4F

What is it with the Junior Senator from Illinois?! He can’t even break into a double figure lead on one of the most conservative online cyber-zines. Has the man no character, no fundamental sense of human decency?!?
BHO: 50.2
JMc: 42.0
Obama +8.2

And these Intrade figures are an absolute bloody disgrace! Senator Clinton (D-NY) would have been much furthur in front were she The Candidate.
Intrade Market Odds:

That’s why Rush Limbaugh urged his listeners to get out there and vote for HRC during the Dem Primaries. Mr. Limbaugh may seem a tad over the top at times but he really knows what’s best for America. Just like Herr Doktor and his sidekick-Amigos do. If only we’d listened to their wisdom while there was still time.

#685. Adam Carr’s problem is that he can never see the wood for the trees. His predictions are based on simple formulae or conventional wisdom that fail to take into account changes in the socio-political environment. Lacking this insight, he gets it wrong – frequently. But his biggest problem is his arrogance. Earlier this year, he told us all that Obama had ZERO chance of beating Hillary and anyone who believed otherwise were effectively stupid and presumably way below his level of intelligence and expertise. When that prediction sank like a stone, which we all knew it would, he told us Obama had zero chance of winning the election, words that were once again laced with arrogance and self-righteousness.

Now he appears to be wrong again, but what does he do? He shifts into an alternate reality about how Hillary was the ONLY one who had the natural smarts to win the election (just as he predicted) whereas Obama’s success is simply based on “unforeseen” luck. This line of reasoning is so ridiculous, I cringe while writing it down in this post. But it allows Adam to continue casting his contemptuous gaze over the ignorant, stupid masses. Well, at least he has Ron for company in that alternate universe…

EC @688 -[“Senator Clinton (D-NY) would have been much furthur in front were she The Candidate”]

Yes, that’s right EC! And why is it that Barry has only managed a 95.% win probability on Just not trying is he?

Hi there émigrés. Good to salute you all again in a new place, with a select breakaway group, free of the tiresome harassment from the 3 disordered inmates of the PB US thread, not to mention the good Dr of History who is always good for a disdainful spray at we hoi poloi

The Kid is powering along at present and the Repugs’ predictable negative tactics have lost the traction they once had in US politics. The Bradley Effect is also finally a debunked phenomenon, despite the Doc’s learned history lessons earlier in the year:
This must be upsetting for the unrelenting opponents of Obama back on PB.

The new phenomenon this election is the “Palin Effect”, in which a redneck caricature gives the polls a boost for a week due to a certain refreshing stupidity, before collapsing into a foul carcass around the ticket’s neck.

Also found Possum’s excellent new graphs tracking the polls with the betting market, and feel honoured to have my ‘name’ attached – thanks for that Possum.

And we haven’t even done our warmups yet!
There will be lots more three pointers from outside the box.

jv, I second Ferny’s salutation. Great to see you again. Was just thinking about punching out a few paras for a new thread header for tomorrow’s “debate”.
Perhaps you’d consider having a lash at it yourself and joining our esteemed author roll before History is made on E-Day?
And Btw, will you be joining us at the Jubilee on Nov 5., cf. details and rsvp’s to date in the right hand column under Election Day Party?

The Boston Globe has now come out with a ringing endorsement for BO:

Barack Obama is the one to lead the way

COME JANUARY, a new president will take charge of a nation diminished, an America that is far shakier economically, less secure militarily, and less respected internationally than it was eight years before. The nation needs a chief executive who has the temperament and the nerves to shepherd Americans through what promises to be a grueling period – and who has the vision to restore this country to its place of leadership in the world.
Such a leader is at hand. With great enthusiasm, the Globe endorses Senator Barack Obama for president.

Don’t know how many Ayrabs live and vote in the USA but looks like McStupid has just put them offside as well. He seems to think that you can not be both Ayrab and decent.

McCain has tried to project an image of taking the high road in his public appearances. The facade came crashing Friday as McCain did not notice he was engaging in racist hate speech. As a proud American of Arab decent, I take strong exception to the Senator’s suggestion that somehow, to be decent, to be a good American, you can’t be an Arab as well. Arab Americans have been loyal citizens of this nation for over 150 years and have served in every war in this country had to fight.

US Gov is buying into major banks……

Here’s to you Chif – you were 60 years too soon ol’ chum.

The Beasties have added NC and Ohio to their support BO tour along with some more top rate artists.
Meanwhile McStupid has been asked by more artists to refrain from using their music and songs. Seems like as soon as they crank up a new tune for their campaign it gets shut down.
Quite a list of who is who that have come out in support of BO.
Too many to print here.

NC, Ohio Dates Added To Beasties’ Pre-Election Stadium Tour

Foo Fighters and Heart have requested the McCain campaign refrain from using their songs (“There Goes My Hero” and “Barracuda” respectively), as have Van Halen, John Mellencamp, Jackson Browne, Orleans and Franki Valli & The Four Seasons.

Grammy award winning albums by Green Day and The Dixie Chicks also spotlight the general anti-GOP/pro-Obama feeling in the air, but who has actually come out for Obama?

Thanks Ferny G and EC – Glad to see you are still both kicking ar*e as key members of the Obama outreach team.

Thanks for the invitation to string a few sentences together EC. It would be my copywriting pleasure. What’s my deadline?

So the Barry Breakfast is at Brisbane, as we threatened some months ago. You appear to have organised up a storm EC.
Where else on the political occasion of the century, but with a group of hard-core fellow aficionados at a convivial location. Count me in.

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