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Red is Blue and the Whitehouse Black

Left is right; Keynes is King; Banks are poor and your average worker is….well…poorer. And in the midst of it two candidates vie for what has become the poisoned chalice that is the Presidency of the United States.

Look at what’s happening in the world right now. Today’s Crikey headline summed it up well: “Everywhere you look: Carnage!” They’re talking about the world economy – the response to the Bail Out has been less that bullish with the stock markets in the USA, Europe, Japan, Russia – hell let’s just say everywhere – heading south today.

Carnage could just as easily describe John McCain’s campaign. The two are linked like Siamese twins – and one of them has died. Actually, it’s more like Siamese triplets….the Bush Government, the world economy and the McCain campaign. One has died, one is dying and the third is stumbling around carrying the dead weight. That’s what happens with the conjoined – you just can’t get away from your siblings. So there’s Macca dragging around a corpse (Bush) and a near corpse (the economy). We won’t mention those other albatrosses (oh yes we will) – the wars he says could last a hundred years or his VP pick from hell.

And as the world around him panicswhat does the Siamese Triplet do? I said it earlier – to counter this threat McCain will start seriously addressing the issues of concern to the electorate, thus re-establishing his credibility and restoring confidence in his ability to govern with wisdom and compassion. NAH! Chucking mud is easier. So while Grandpa and Minnie indulge in shadow mud wrestling, the markets take yet another dive and the people’s confidence in McCains ability to lead plummets. McCain’s answer? More mud! Even if it’s old mud – Ayers, Rezko & Wright. Some’s gotta stick, right?? Yep John – but it’s stickin’ to you!”

Over at Time Online Mike Murphy wrote

“Palin should drop the braying attacks on Obama’s aging hippie bomber pals and start connecting to her cherished hockey moms on the one issue they are actually worried about; a quickly slowing economy. Chuck the hacky and ineffective negative ads and switch to man on the street spots with real people voicing their real doubts about Obama; too weak to stand up to Washington’s mighty special interest cartel or the newly empowered Democratic bosses of the Congress and Senate, too liberal to know how to fix the economy, too inexperienced to handle a dangerous world. On Tuesday, McCain should look into the camera and connect to the 80 million scared and worried Americans who will be watching him.”

RCP’s Jay Cost disagrees. He thinks McCain’s only option is to keep throwing the mud. “One party’s vicious smear is the other’s vital truth. That’s just the way it is” he opines today.

Jay is wrong. A panicked America isn’t listening. They want comfort, they want assurance and they want answers. McCain isn’t giving any of it it so they’re dropping the old guy like a stone. Look at the numbers! The map is a mass of blue. Colorado, Florida, New Hampshire, New Mexico. Commenting on today’s polls 538’s Nate Silver says:

“Are John McCain’s negative attacks succeeding in eating into some of Barack Obama’s support? They certainly aren’t yet. In fact, Barack Obama has had perhaps his strongest individual polling day of the year…You can read these numbers as well as I can. Obama leads by 6 in North Carolina? 12 in Virginia? 7 in Florida? 3 in Missouri? Obviously, I am cherrypicking some of the more pro-Obama results here … but the point is, there are a lot of favourable results these days for Barack Obama.”

So if McCain looks tired and burdened going into the next debate. Sympathise. He’s carrying a lot of baggage. If he’s looking blue, it’s just the reflection of what’s going on all around him.

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501 – Spam Box

There are no real secrets, its all available online 🙂

The upcoming National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting System (NGERS), Energy Efficiency Opportunities Act (EEO) and Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme will affect both large corporations and consumers alike.

The final CPRS legislation is to be finalised in December 2008, but it will be setting the price for carbon permits to be implemented in approximately 2010.

During that year, the added costs of compliance with the above schemes will be initially borne by the primary industries but many costs will be passed onto the end consumer. In particular, expect large increases in energy, petrol and primary goods (although I understand excise tax on petrol may be waived in the initial years). So there will be a large rise in CPI in just 1 day in 2010 upon implentation of carbon permits.

The question is which other countries will join in to reduce emissions once we reach 2012 being the Post-Kyoto treaty (to be negotiated around 2010). One suspects that the US under Obama would be more amenable to negotiating climate change, but India and China will remain stumbling blocks.

The question is how much the huge fall in the markets and the economy and the flow on effects in 2008 will affect the 2010 plan on emissions reductions.

The economic slowdown will reduce emissions all by itself. But not enough, and it will pave the way for people like Turnbull to argue for delays all round the world. China and India are set to explode in terms of emissions. And the US per capita emissions are so high and their population growth so strong that it is hard to see any significant reductions there. The US population is projected to increase by 44 per cent over the next 42 years.

an Irishman prepared to have tea with the Queen?? – imposter!!

Ferrny – that’s a hoot 😆

The quest for reduction in carbon emission really needs to be a worldwide effort. The costs for just one country doing so are prohibitive and will impact on our competitive ability to export to other countries.

However, I remain optimistic that with the end of the Howard and Bush regimes, we are one step closer to reaching a consensus.

agreed asanque-
it is the role of the leaders to set the agenda and bring the people with them Bush and Howard were of teh “Drill Baby Drill” mindset (not to mention the Bomb-Baby Bomb one), and so we have not been tested yet as to how well peolpe will repond to decent sensible leadership on climate change. The US election is demonstrating that even the most self-absorbed, ignorant, superficial,consumeristic society to date is capable of change, which gives me a newfound sense of optimism.

Ecky, I guess according to the logic of that last toon, we haven’t yet had a market crash. We’re having a market ‘fall’. The crash will come when we hit the bottom!

As they say, ‘It ‘aint the fall that kills ya – it’s the sudden stop at the end.’

I only wanted the strawberries….Honest. 🙂
Meanwhile, back on the campaign trail.

An excellent read about the working class voters in Ohio.
Reminiscent of Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich

The Hardest Vote
The disaffection of Ohio’s working class.
by George Packer
Barbie Snodgrass had agreed to meet me at a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet, on a strip of fast-food restaurants and auto shops west of downtown Columbus, Ohio….
I asked for her thoughts about the Presidential candidates, and she said, “Someone who makes two hundred or three hundred thousand a year, who eats a regular meal, who doesn’t have to struggle, who doesn’t worry if the lights are going to be turned out—if he doesn’t walk in your shoes, he can’t understand.”

Makes life in Oz seem like a bed of roses.

I noticed Mumble being cited with approval yesterday by certain Mexicans in that Other Place

If you want to make money, I wouldn’t recommend following bets on Mumble 🙂

Having said that 1.13 is damn short odds, 1 month away from the election.

Also, I wouldn’t call him right wing. Maybe centre-right.

Hispanics turn cold shoulder to McCain.

Despite championing immigration reform in 2007, John McCain is poised to lose the Hispanic vote by a landslide margin that is well below President George W. Bush’s 2004 performance.

Polls show Obama winning the broadest support from Latino voters of any Democrat in a decade, while McCain is struggling to reach 30 percent, closer to Senator Bob Dole’s dismal 1996 result than to Bush’s historic 40% four years ago.

Heard an illuimating story on news radio about McCains latest town hall. The repugs in the audience were AMAZED that Obama was in front (i think they were really saying that they were amazed that the black guy was ahead). They blamed the media and McCain for not being tougher on Obama. Nothing to with GWB or the ecobomy or Palin, all the medias fault. And their message- they want it NASTIER

I’ve got a lot of time for Mr Mumbles… It’s a sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t kinda thing with his opinions for me, but thats a good thing…yes?)

I reckon that he, like many of those who declared (black guy, never gunna happen) have found a way to make the inevitable seem…well, understandable… although only, with the caveat

Barack Obama is buying a half-hour slot on television networks in prime time on Oct. 29, the anniversary of Black Tuesday of 1929, when panic in the stock markets set in ahead of the Great Depression.

Linda Douglass, a senior adviser to Obama, confirmed Thursday the campaign has purchased time on NBC and CBS. She said that the campaign would buy airtime on Fox, unless it is carrying a World Series game that night, and that no arrangement had been made with ABC.

Maybe John McCain will bring back “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran”

Political candidates love to get the juices flowing at campaign rallies by playing pop hits that, well, supposedly capture the spirit of their campaigns. But isn’t it a little embarrassing when a seemingly endless array of singers and songwriters behind the songs start going public, asking you to stop using their tunes? That’s what has happened to the McCain campaign in recent days. As Ana Marie Cox notes at Time’s Swampland blog, McCain is running out of songs to play at his rallies after getting cease-and-desist complaints from a slew of artists, including Van Halen, the Foo Fighters, Jackson Brown and Heart.


Obama Keeps Focus on Economy in Ohio Push.

DAYTON, Ohio — Barack Obama took his economic argument on Thursday to Ohio, a crucial swing state whose new early-voting laws might work in the Democratic candidate’s favor.

Sen. Obama’s two-day bus tour through the state began at a minor-league baseball park in the working-class town of Dayton, where he blasted rival John McCain’s plan for the government to bail out troubled homeowners with new mortgages as an example of the “erratic behavior” the Arizona senator would display if allowed to govern the country.

Just thought I’d say hello to Ron. He’s an enthusiastic reader of my postings. 😆

is it over?… who knows?…
Did I buy lots and lots today?… you betcha! 😉

Who care’s how much further it goes down (don”t be greedy and wait to long)…. pick a good thing and in 18-24… is all good 🙂

Contrary to reports… if you look at it the way I do…today was a GOOD day 🙂

boyeah 🙂


What is so amazing about Brooks is how bi-polar he is. Not in the usual sense, but how he can write such a good piece on why the conservatives have detoured into the badlands of dumbed down anti-illectualism when its historical roots revered excellence and once admired individuals who stood head and shoulders above the pack. Now it expects everyone to gauge the limits of original thought no higher than Joe Sixpack’s profound utterances.

It’s a really well written, well argued, and well constructed piece on why the Republicans have lost both the elites and the working class voters who don’t see their economic interests being a concern.

And then on the other hand, he must vomit up homilies to Sarah Palin, who even he agrees is one of the worst offenders in this low brow tribalism that’s reduced political discourse to jibberish.

How Brooks can do this is beyond me.

I’m in the bin again?

What’s happening? Did WB not wipe his feet today, and bring in some KR killer virus????? LOL

(Ah, what nostalgia, hearing about sad fcuks like Ron and GG and that other toad that hung around with them. God I laughed, to think of them still so wrong and so vile all this time later. Talk about sad cases!)

London’s pulled up from 12% down to 5% down, but this is one hell of a rollercoaster. Bush (sans grin) is going to tell the poor frightened punters that it’s all OK, he’s going to fix it…er, that should stampede them into a frenzied blind panic! LOL

Hi Spammy, riveting show on global markets huh?

Every time I think of Bernanke assuring the US punters that the subprime thing was ‘contained’ and just a minor event that wouldn’t spill over into the broader markets I howl with laughter.

How do these guys ever get listened to again after saying something like that?

I ask you?

“As they say, ‘It ‘aint the fall that kills ya – it’s the sudden stop at the end.’”

Depends, Ferny. I remember Spike Milligan once observing (after a fall from a bike) that he “…if it hadn’t been for the ground, he might never have stopped falling.”

UAW launches advertising campaign against McCain.

United Auto Workers President Ron Gettelfinger said Tuesday the union would run $3 million worth of advertising criticizing Republican presidential candidate John McCain and his economic policies in four key states.

Gettelfinger said the television, radio and Internet ad campaign targeted four industrial states: Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania. They feature UAW members and the union’s argument that working families can’t afford McCain. Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana are competitive states; the McCain campaign said last week it was abandoning efforts to win in Michigan.

Thanks for that Ecky.

And just to remind ourselves what a bunch of incompetent sukholes McCain has clustered around himself:

“You will go down as the greatest chairman in the history of the Federal Reserve Bank,” declared Senator Phil Gramm, the Texas Republican who was chairman of the Senate Banking Committee when Mr. Greenspan appeared there in February 1999.

…says it all really.

😈 Hey Ron, here’s one you would probably like to read. 😈

Already advertising at record levels, Barack Obama has scheduled a half-hour commercial for prime time on Oct. 29, six days before Election Day.

Obama campaign officials said the campaign had secured a 30-minute block of time at 8 p.m. on CBS and NBC. CBS already was juggling its lineup to accommodate the Democratic presidential candidate, moving back an episode of “The New Adventures of Old Christine.”

Such a vast purchase of commercial time is a multimillion-dollar expense, but Obama has been spending dramatically on ads, overshadowing rival John McCain and the Republican National Committee.

Short political spots have been the traditional way for politicians to communicate with voters. But a prime-time, sitcom-length commercial would provide Obama an opportunity to make a closing argument to the entire country.

“It’s a luxury to be able to afford that kind of communication,” said Tad Devine, a Democratic media consultant who was a senior adviser to John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign.

Even with their combined resources, McCain and the RNC trailed Obama in ad spending last week by more than $6 million.

Editorial: John McCain and Sarah Palin’s tactics of desperation.

The schizophrenic campaign of John McCain is getting uglier. Losing ground as the economy tumbles, he’s betting on innuendo and vilification — tactics of desperation — to defeat Barack Obama. Voters should expect better from a candidate who boasts straight talk and bipartisanship, even if he is behind in the polls.

In campaign stops, McCain repeatedly asks, “Who is the real Barack Obama?” — implying there is a suspicious past to a man whose life has been thoroughly chronicled. But so far, McCain has steered clear of direct attacks, leaving that to spurious ads and to vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin. She has whipped up crowds this week by claiming that Obama pals around with terrorists and can’t be trusted because, “This is not a man who sees America the way you and I see America.”

To be within 7% of McCain in a very very red state is really good.
The second part of the poll is food for thought. Can he convert it?

Georgia Poll Released by Strategic Vision: Barack Obama 43%, John McCain 50%, Bob Barr 2%

Do you approve or disapprove of President Bush’s handling of the economy? Approve 29% Disapprove 62% Undecided 9%

Couldn’t agree more.
Quite bizarre stuff from one of the few coherent voices of the right.
Bipolar is a very apt description.

Wow, it seems that today is the day that the shit hits the fan, and the truth about Sarah Palin and her role in Troopergate is revealed.

Brooks isn’t the only bipolar person. What about these traders? Are all these “professionals” panic merchants? What would happen if your lawyer or doctor swung madly between good news and bad news? Can’t these people grow up and show a bit of backbone?

All of the evidence and facts are the same in the case.

One day,

Lawyer: That alibi evidence sounded really good. You’re going to get off no worries. We’ll sue them for wrongful arrest. Break out the champagne!

Next day,

Lawyer: That blood expert sounded really convincing. You’re stuffed. They’re going to hang you. Let’s try and get a plea bargain for like imprisonment. God, I’ve never had a client hand before.

Hey Diogs…you pickin’ on poor innocent lawyers???

But you’re right. These ‘experts’ are the biggest bunch of fear mongers I’ve ever seen!

Now we all know that if Obama was a half decent candidate he’d have all 50 states in the bag in this economic climate – and Hell – if he was Hillary he’d be looking at 2,972 EVs and they’d have to add new states to account for them all!!!!

And Intrade – don’t get me started on Intrade. It’s been spreadin’ it’s legs for Obama for weeks. What’s it on now? Obama 76.3 to 23.4 for Captain Wrinkly. Pissant!
Now, if it was Hillary, we all know she’d be on 200 and the Prehistoric Man and Blunder Woman would be zilch…nada…donut!

So what’s Obama gonna end up with? I’ll tell ya. He’s gonna end up with a landslide win – but Hillary would have got a Nuclear Winter win – and NOONE survives a nuclear winter. Utter freakin decimation for everyone! Makes an economic meltdown look like a short-circuit in your solarium. Clinton would have melted EVERYTHING. No survivors! Landslides are for fuckin’ pussies.

Which just goes to show what a shit candidate he is.

Here’s one just for David.

Will Winds Of Change Blow Pollsters Away?

Will the 2008 election be polling’s “perfect storm”? Pollsters rarely say it in so many words, but when they compare notes these days, worry is the prevailing theme. Three big challenges loom that threaten to throw off survey estimates for the matchup between John McCain and Barack Obama.
George Stephanopoulos, the host of ABC News’ Sunday morning show “This Week,” summed up pollsters’ concerns with a list of “three different undercounts” that he attributed to Democratic pollster Peter D. Hart. This year’s polls, he said, “may be undercounting the number of young people who are going to vote,” they “may be undercounting the African-American turnout” and they “may not be capturing those white voters who just won’t vote for Barack Obama because he’s black.”

Which means my 400 seats in the lower house and 60 in the senate is looking REAL GOOD.

There is this article on Votemaster.
Are the Traditional Media Afraid to Tell the Truth?

Plus lots of other positive information. such as:
A Rasmussen poll in Michigan makes it clear why McCain abandoned the state: Obama is leading by 16 points.


Loved this one.

It is far more likely that the scary phone call will come at 3 P.M. rather than 3 A.M. it will have to do with which other industries have to be nationalized to save them from going belly up. For example, General Motors stock was off 31% to $4.76 a share yesterday.

David, David, David, [sigh] here’s another one for you.

Voter registration boom favors Obama.

The surge in new voters that helped propel Barack Obama to his party’s presidential nomination is carrying over to the general election — 9 million newly registered voters who are overwhelmingly Democratic and could add up to a big victory on Election Day.

If they show up. [of course they will says Chris B, the Democrats know where the all are].

In states where registration is recorded by party, including eight key states that could decide the election, voters have signed up Democratic in the past six months by a margin of nearly 4-to-1.

As well as Oprah Winfrey nagging all the women for the next 3 weeks. Telling the women to withhold their services if the men don’t go and vote!

Yeah! What sort of a pussy is this jumped-up South-Side Chicagoan, terrorist-pallin’ loser when he can’t even bust past a six-point RCP National Average spread?!
RCP National Average 49.1 43.5 Obama +5.6

Commies like That One can run, but they can’t hide on polling day from the the Merkin Peeble!

551 There’s some Merkins I like and some merkins that I don’t like, depends how she wears it. 😈

Looks like the Fence has scored well in history again today!
Oils well that ends where.

Palin Stumped Again On Her Strong Suit — Energy:

If Gov. Sarah Palin, by John McCain’s estimation, “knows more about energy than probably anyone in the United States of America,” then why is she getting such basic facts about our nation’s energy production wrong?
At a townhall event in Wisconsin on Thursday, Palin was asked by a concerned questioner whether it was true that the United States was shipping 75 percent of its Alaskan oil overseas. She responded by proclaiming it impossible, since Congress had put strict bans on the amount of oil and gas that America could export.

Not so. As the Associated Press reported

Fuck yeah Ecky! That freakin lib’ral elitist, cafe sippin, tree huggin’, pussy words spruikin, chardonnay sippin’, terrorist shaggin’, nigra lawyer just aint a reglar Merkin like Hillary. And THAT’s why THAT ONE’s gonna win in a freakin’ LANDSLIDE!!


Well Shoot and Dang!
Is that black guy still winning???? If only they had Hillary there she and Sarah could have pulled pistols at dawn and settled the whole dang shootin’ match once and fon all – wearing lipstick and gheels on whatsmore.
Fcking upstart terrorist is gonna win this thing from under their cotton -pickin’ socks.
All becoz of us here are bleedin’ heart lefty socialist nigger lovin’ lezzos. or whatever.

It’s the ECONOMY’S fault!!
It’s the MEDIA’S fault
It’s the SAN ANDREAS fault!

Yep, ferny, you’re pumpin’ the laughin’ bone!

…and real hard, man, real hard! LOL

561 Ferny Grover The three amigos wouldn’t laugh at that, in fact they probably wouldn’t understand it. Irony is one of their weak points.

McCain has his own Bill Ayers- Gordon Liddy

Whilst I respect that Obama doesnt want to get into the gutter (and may not need to) it must be hard to let the Repugs get away with their sheer hypocrisy. Eg. Michelle Obama gets attacked for saying she has not been proud of the US in the past, yet Todd Palin is a member of the Alaskan Independence Party that want to split from the US. Obama is attacked for Wright yet McCain’s fundie supporters and Palin’s preachers have said equally loopy things. Need I go on???

Andrew, he must give himself whiplash once a week! LOL

It just shows how genetically encoded is the partisan urge, eh?

For a guy who’s obviously got brains you’d expect a smidgin’ of self-awareness to go with it, but apparently not, huh?

Sad really.

“Oh, hang on that’s bribery!”

Yes, Chris, but in our more enlightened times when giving one’s unforthcoming partner a “little love tap” in order to facilitate congress became socially and legally unaccepable, the mere threat of bunging on a “fuck strike” has tested the resolve of even the most rusted-on and recalcitrant of registered voting spouses.

Ferny Grover

Yep, your muse is clearly the Rude dude, and could one venture to add a bottle or two of the good stuff???? LOL

In vino veritas, as they say!

Ferny – as I said a few days ago, according to the wisdom of a certain psephologist who is always right (except that , oops, he has got it so terribly wrnng so far) Hillary would already be POTUS even though they haven’t had the election yet.

“People are looking into logs as we speak.”

Does that we mean we have to behave Catrina?
I’ll just pop my gloves on, and my heels off, or is that … where IS my fcking brain?

572 KR
I swear I haven’t had a drop tonight – except for a Milo but that doesn’t count.

I submitted my latest column today for the old school paper journal I write for – subtitled “Ethics in an Age of Panic”. My muse is obviously on a roll today – veritas sans vino.

Does that we mean we have to behave Catrina?
I’ll just pop my gloves on, and my heels off, or


Not at all – seems we have an intermittent problem – just moments ago is was humming along nicely and then things when pear shaped again. The request/response times will show up in the logs and that should give us a hint as to what’s happening.

But like the best humour, it’s based on fact – mostly the rantings of the Ol’ Foursome in the Other Place

Who could ever doubt the great and wonderful Adam Carr from Canberra? This is the man with supposedly access to the inner workings of the Labor Party, as he constantly tells us.

Ferny Grover at 579

My muse is obviously on a roll today – veritas sans vino.

Bugger – you posted with Microsoft Word by the looks of it. I’ll clean it up (assuming things keep on working) and I’ll have it ready to publication is two shakes of a dry Martini.

Bless Garrison Keillor.
A man of gentle wry humor.
But one who also knows, that when things go really bad,
it’s time to turn up the blowtorch and go to work on the rotten core infesting the heart of American politics.

She is a chatty sportscaster who lacks the guile to conceal her vacuity, and she was Sen. John McCain’s first major decision as the Republican nominee for president. This troubles independent voters, and now she is a major drag on his candidacy. She will become a trivia question, “What politician claimed foreign-policy expertise based on being able to see Russia from her house?” And the rest of us will have to pull ourselves out of the swamp of Republican economics.,0,4545327.column

Latest Daily Kos tracking poll:


Real movement to Obama in the last few days

Two new Strategic Vision polls:


I’m still surprised Obama is doing better in Florida than in Ohio, wasn’t Florida meant to be easier for the Republicans to hold?

Despite Sarah Palin being on McCain’s ticket, it seems the Republicans will lose both the house and the senate seats for that state.
And, a few of the Democrat house freshman from 2006 are headed for easy reelection, especially Chris Carney from Pennsylvania.

” She will become a trivia question, “What politician claimed foreign-policy expertise based on being able to see Russia from her house?” And the rest of us will have to pull ourselves out of the swamp of Republican economics.”
That’s after we’ve got up from rolling around on the floor wetting ourselves that a dingbat like that could ever have gotten to be a VP candidate in the first place. She make GWB look like a Rhodes scholar.

OK . I take that back – she makes GWB look like he might have passed 3rd grade if his Daddy wasn’t governor at the time and the school needed to be refunded.

Ferny at 588
The post is full of XML markup – typically that comes from copy text from Word into the form. I’m stripping it out as we speak and you’ll get a chance to look at the end product in a bit.

Speaking of Mr 27% Approval Rating, every time he opens his mouth and proclaims that the U.S economy is in good shape, McLame’s chances of avoiding a landslide defeat go further down the gurgler.

595 Cat
But I didn’t copy anything into the form. I promise! Finger to form via the keyboard. Nothing in between.

But feel free to strip away! I’m into that 🙂

Ferny and Cat- whatever stripping is going on between you two and the Xrated mark-up thingy I should think belongs on the party thread!.

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