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The Sound of Children

A wounded Palestinian child screams as she arrives at Shifa Hospital after an Israeli air strike in Gaza City. Like tear-drops in rain.

Source: Fadi Adwan-Getty, Washington Post.

Husk at man alltid skal lese pakningsvedleggene for medisin man skal bruke. 1 omfatter ikke psykologhjelp, behandling hos kiropraktor eller behandling for språk – og taledefekter. Insomni: problemer med å sovne, urolig nattesøvn, problemer med å sove lenge nok ogeller dårlig søvnkvalitet.

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The World’s Eyes in Gaza
Written by Felice Friedson & Hamza M. El Attar
Published Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gaza City] Outside, there is chaos. And to most, that is the story.

The loud booms of aerial bombardments erupt without notice, sending the few souls braving the streets scurrying for shelter. Most of those seeking sanctuary share a common heritage: they are Palestinians and residents of Gaza City. And few have anything to do with their days except to survive.

But the telling media story emerging from the conflict takes place in a building located in the Ramal area in the heart of Gaza City: a building that has so far escaped new bullet holes and shrapnel marks from this war, even though it bears scars from the fierce Fatah-Hamas street fighting of 2007. It houses the Ramattan news agency.

Although 120 men and women are normally on duty at Ramattan, war-related necessities have reduced it to 60 by day and 30 at night. But while war rages outside, inside the agency the task-at-hand is great, the atmosphere frenetic. Anything resembling normal sleep has been replaced by grabbing catnaps anywhere and anytime possible. Food, too, is catch-as-catch-can. It’s all become part and parcel of being the eyes and ears of the world: witnessing the most watched news story of the day unfold live – panorama or stand-up – just outside the door.
The link I posted at 389 now has disembodied outdoor sounds but live(?) pics of the Ramattan Journalists (presumably) in the Gaza city office.
Very weird.

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