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Ninety Years of Economic Progress

In what was the British East Africa Protectorate – ten million people face starvation, partly because farmers in crucial food-producing areas who fled their homes last year have not returned, instead withdrawing deeper into their ethnic enclaves, deeper into fear. At the same time, public confidence in the Kenyan government is plummeting. Top politicians have been implicated in an endless string of scandals involving tourism, fuel, guns and corn.

También ayuda a estimular el de la mujer logrando una relación muy satisfactoria para ambos. Esta planta se considera un aproximación para la disfuncion erectil depende de la causa. Con una gran cantidad de trabajo todavía se está haciendo en la tecnología, hacer que las personas y luego hacer las cosas que no queremos.


Wikipedia: Kenya
New York Time: Starvation and Strife Menace Torn Kenya

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Do I detect, just a little, a note of rancour there Jen? LOL

yep, what’s passed as leadership in so many domains has utterly failed us, and you’d be dull not be a tad cynical about the whole friggin’ fiasco we call ‘civilisation’. If you tell yourself every day that it’s one big misnomer, then perhaps you’ve got more than enough good reason to, eh?

You are hardly alone with that Jen.

Truth is Kirri – I fel more hopeful than I have in years. Bush is gone, along with Howard in our neck of the woods, and an intelligent insightful man who has challenged all the cultural biases is in the leading seat. The morons like Bolt and Devine are looking more and more like ranting lunatics to the general public, and while the Perfect storm is upon us, there is also a will to change that offers us opportunities that are going to be more politically accepted than they would have ben even 6 months ago.
And Garrett got back on stage and showed his true spirit once again..
We can’t go back , so we will have to go forward – whatever that brings.

Yeah, I feel the tide is turning, so to speak! LOL

Unfortunately it’s not turning all that fast, but turning nevertheless.

Keep the faith, as they say!

Oh, and !GB! LOL

Isn’t it great watching Media Watch and seeing the Iraqi journo giving the boot to GWB. Being in jail for a while will really make him a hero but it would be good to campaign to get the Iraqi government to release him.

DG hope you watch those interviews GWV linked to.
If Cramer genuinely changes his attitude, (i guess time will tell) those clips show a classic example of how to change someones attitude by Fucking in his face more than once.
Oh and it helps if you are as clever as Jon Stewart.
Cramer IMHO was very humiliated when JS served him and it is to Stewarts’credit that he kept propping him up at the table so he could give him another serving.
If Stewart had have raised his voice really loud at him it would have been a completely different ending IMHO.
If Cramer didn’t learn anything from that then he is “stupid”

And !GB and Pius And JWH.

“….. right-wing pundits like femmebot Michelle Malkin and fellow Fox-friendly cretin Glenn Beck are looking to “author, philosopher and female comb-over pioneer” Ayn Rand for guidance.”

March 13:;_ylt=Ag_H3jVi1Lo1TNrFRAJSPPol6ysC

“Skull and Bones members supposedly stole the bones of Geronimo from Fort Sill, Oklahoma during World War I……

Many Skull & Bones alumni have gone on to positions of great power, including both the Democratic and Republican nominees in the 2004 Presidential election…….

A portrayal of Bones also played a substantial role in the 2006 film The Good Shepherd, about the Central Intelligence Agency.”

March 12:;_ylt=AhomGyXYOjBTrODD7Mky33HV.i8C

This monkey used to work for peanuts, but at least he had integrity.

March 13:;_ylt=A0WTUdxpLbpJzh8ADhEDwLAF

Have you been out putting that shovel to good use.
Thought you might be beachside collecting a couple of barrels to set aside for when it goes over the Ton a barrel again.

Wen Jiabo:

“We have lent a huge amount of money to the U.S. Of course we are concerned about the safety of our assets. To be honest, I am definitely a little worried.”

NY Times

…the megaphone diplomacy has begun since Geithner tried to tell the Chinese to let their currency appreciate against the US dollar.

I don’t think the Chinese appreciated that!

Michigan is on the move.
The house has passed a bill which will give foreclosees 90 days to try to renegotiate a new mortgage.
Looks like the Repug controlled Senate will give it Bi-partisan support and send it through the Senate as well.
Sanity may be starting to prevail.

The Michigan State House passed a package of bills Wednesday to give homeowners facing foreclosure a 90-day reprieve to seek loan modifications with the firms that hold their mortgages.The three bills, passed by margins of more than two-thirds, represent a top priority for lawmakers because of the Michigan foreclosure crisis. The state had 145,000 foreclosures last year–seventh most in the nation–and 11,000 more of them in January alone.The bills now go to the Republican-led Senate, which approved foreclosure relief measures that filed to win legislative approval late last year.

As the saying goes. It can only happen in Seppoland.
How to set bird-flu amongst the chooks, unwittingly. FFS.

There is no excuse. According to the scientific network PROMED, Baxter International Inc. in Austria “unintentionally contaminated samples with the bird flu virus that were used in laboratories in 3 neighbouring countries, raising concern about the potential spread of the deadly disease”. Austria, Germany, Slowenia and the Czech Republic – these are the countries in which labs were hit with dangerous viruses. Not by bioterrorist commandos, but by Baxter. In other words: One of the major global pharmaceutical players seems to have lost control over a virus which is considered by many virologists to be one of the components leading some day to a new pandemic. Was it H5N1, or the even more risky H3N2? And what about the BSL3-Standards Baxter is operating when handling the viruses? What happened? And who failed?

Gee you’re good at remembering detail, Gaffy.

Went to a nearby beach this arvo with some sponges and an old toothbrush to help clean some of the slicked-up sea critters but local SES and coppers had closed the beach. They were ordering board riders from the keroseney sludge. Had a yarn to a local surfer who was saddened and outraged that his “sacred site” had been desecrated. Went home with a heavy heart. It feels like watching a member of your family being slowly suffocated in front of you and you’re powerless to do anything about it. The surfer’s words haunted my head; soonafter the poetry of the old swamp fox materialised:

And who’s gonna tell the children
How the rivers used to flow crystal blue
And we keep leavin’ scars on Mother Earth
And moving closer to the truth

Bob Abbot, S.C.C. mayor was on local telly earlier tonight. He was focused on a co-ordinated clean up and was not drawn into the blame game. Don’t think The Borg did himself or his Party any favours in S.E.Q. by trying to over-politicise the disaster in the media.

-a good question…”Is Warren Buffet Crazy?”.
Am curious what you think about his quoted “it’s a great time to be in banking” and the fact that banks will be able to trade themselves out of this mess without the need for nationalisation.
Am inclined to be the cynic who sees it as a psychological tactic to boost market optimism …..and thereby his bank accpount. 🙂


The government’s new standard relies on the international laws of war to inform the scope of the president’s authority under this statute, and makes clear that the government does not claim authority to hold persons based on insignificant or insubstantial support of al Qaeda or the Taliban.

Long overdue justice for some (and that’s great!), identity crisis for others.

Getta load o’ this…….former GWB ass-wipe, David Brooks, is all aflutter because PrezO’s “too busy” doing all the wrong stuff:

“I think the president should spend 50 percent of his time on the banking crisis, 25 percent of his time on getting our allies to coordinate with a global stimulus package and 25 percent of his time beginning work on a second round of stimulus. He’s taking his eye off the ball if he spends hours every day working on health care, education and energy. Worse, he adds uncertainty into the market.” (huffpo)

Brook’s journey from former Project for a New American Century (PNAC) super-shill, to touting via Op-Ed pieces his impressive credentials for an unadvertised position as Personal Coach to POTUS, underlines David’s “philosophical flexibility” and innate sensitivity to the requirements of the powerful.

My…. how that man could manage the time of others! What is that?

A natural sense of organization born right in ‘em, I guess.

G’day megan. Don’t think Wazza Big B is crackers either, certainly no more so than our very own Gerry Harvey who said on 4 Corners a bit back that; “at least I had one and a half $Billion to lose”. Both are unabashed Mammonists; the pair of ’em jumpin’ up and down like hyper-caffeinated greeters at a beltway Shriner Convention urging unquestioning continuance of the global consumerfest.

Megan, the other day there was a piece somewhere about the spreads the banks are making with the Fed rate in Japanese territory (virtually nothing) and how profitable their business is now.

Of course that relies on a couple things, one of which is just how willing they are to actually lend and how many wish to borrow. On the first, they’ve got balance sheets so laden with dodgy paper that no one knows how insolvent they really are (and insolvent they certainly are), and even the billions they’ve been ‘lent’ by that nice Uncle Sam (a kind old uncle with his own printing press is the next family I want to be reincarnated into! LOL) are being squirreled away into Fed accounts to earn a few shekels and held for the next downpour. (Remembering as we all now MUST, the definition of a banker: someone who lends you an umbrella but demands it back as soon as it rains!). Upshot? They are VERY reluctant to lend because they are so very wobbly.

Second thing, as the economy shrinks there are fewer people borrowing, despite rates being low. Asset prices sink so people will not risk buying homes, business is not making such big profits and will not borrow to expand and the whole mess is a vicious circle.

So yes, they are making huge spreads, but ONLY if and when they actually lend money, and right now, that’s NOT happening like it used to.

Can they fill the holes in their balance sheets? Well now they are taking Uncle Sam’s shekels but still no one knows how many more they’ll need, particularly if mortgage paper keeps turning rotten.

Buffet mad? I doubt it, but he is pointing out that banks will have good trading terms (compared to input costs) for quite a while.

Ecky, from now on you are just our very own Pet Detainee, and we are not allowed to torture you by playing Abba at 120 dB, nor dunk you at high frequency.

Damn! LOL

Speaking of banks:

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — The world’s largest financial institutions urged the G20 financial leaders on Friday to endorse the “bad bank” approach to dealing with the credit crisis, an expensive model one expert likened to another ransom note.
The request came in a letter to U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown from the Institute of International Finance, a trade group of the world’s largest global banks. The IIF wants Brown and his G20 colleagues to push the Obama administration in the direction of setting up a bad bank.
Under this approach, governments would buy toxic assets from banks at a price higher than the prevailing market rates. For the time being, private investors simply won’t buy the assets at the prices that the banks want. As a result, banks have huge holes in their balance sheets.
Last month, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner seemed headed in the direction of establishing a bad bank, but veered off at the last minute.
Instead, Geithner has proposed a public-private fund to get toxic assets off banks’ books. Details of the plan remain murky; Geithner’s apparent change of heart also was greeted with a sharp sell-off in the stock market.


So stick the punters with all our dross at our price, and we get on with making huge profits unencumbered with this shit.

Yep, that makes perfect sense…for them! LOL

Stewart, Cramer TV battle royal draws big audience.
In the end, this was nothing to laugh about.

The war of words between funnyman Jon Stewart and CNBC financial news commentator Jim Cramer drew a audience of 2.3 million to mock news program “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” Thursday night, the Comedy Central network said on Friday.

The audience size was second only to Stewart’s most-watched show this year, the episode on President Barack Obama’s inauguration day, which drew 2.6 million viewers, and it is one of the top 10 most-watched episodes in the program’s history.

A Comedy Central spokeswoman said the 2.3 million was 17 percent higher than the shows average audience, year-to-date in 2009, and 40 percent higher than a typical Thursday this year.

read more on Reuters.

Gittins says it bluntly:

…if the scientists are right – and the signs so far are that they’ve understated rather than overstated the size of the problem and the speed at which we’re approaching the point of no return – then the ultimate loss of economic growth will far outweigh the loss the economists imagined they were trying to avoid.


In other words, the whining from industry is just a political game and we should tell them to take a flying leap.

I doubt the rest of the world will ignore the evidence entirely either, and there will be convergence on this much quicker than we previously thought possible. The next meeting in Copenhagen should shake out the doubters en masse.

1937 Haunts Democrats During Spending Debate.
When President Obama ventured to Capitol Hill to meet with House Republicans shortly after Inauguration, he was met by a barrage of questions about the deficit and out of control spending.

Obama’s response reached back to the Great Depression. According to several Republicans in the room, Obama raised the specter of 1937, the year President Franklin Roosevelt succumbed to conservative pressure and cut spending, leading, economists insist, to a renewal of the economic collapse that has been dubbed the “recession within the Depression.”

Democratic leaders in both chambers of Congress also take the long view, sharing Obama’s concern that pressure from the GOP to cut spending could reverse any economic gains made.

read the whole article on The Huffington Post.

The “Heartland Institute” which held the conference of deniers which Devine quotes extensively is a standard oil industry cover:

Founded in the early 1990s, Heartland Institute claims to apply “cutting-edge research to state and local public policy issues.” Additionally, Heartland bills itself as “the marketing arm of the free-market movement.”

The Heartland Institute created a website in the Spring of 2007,, which asserts there is no scientific consensus on global warming and features a list of experts and a list of like-minded think tanks, many of whom have received funding from ExxonMobil and other polluters.

The Heartland Institute networks heavily with other conservative policy organizations, and is part of the State Policy Network, a member of the Cooler Heads Coalition (as of 4/04), and co-sponsored the 2001 Fly In for Freedom with the Wise Use umbrella group, Alliance for America. Heartland also co-sponsored a New York state Conference on Property Rights, hosted by the Property Rights Foundation of America. The Institute puts out several publications, including “Environment & Climate News” which frequently features anti-environmentalist and climate skeptic writing. They also published “Earth Day ’96,” a compilation of articles on environmental topics. The publication, distributed on college campuses, featured “Adventures in the Ozone Layer” by S. Fred Singer, and “the Cold Facts on Global Warming” by Sallie Baliunas. The articles denied the serious nature of ozone depletion and global warming.

Walter F. Buchholtz, an ExxonMobil executive, serves as Heartland’s Government Relations Advisor, according to Heartland’s 2005 IRS Form 990, pg. 15.

The Heartland Institute formerly sponsored and hosted, a web page ostensibly dedicated to objective research on global warming, but at the same time presenting heavily biased research by organizations such as the American Petroleum Institute as an FAQ section.


Needless to say, she does NOT mention this!

Our very own Ann Coulter Lite, oh joy.

816 Catrina That women should get a medal. I suspect everyone including the law will be falling over themselves to let her know she has done the right thing. Even though she will have to go through a court case.

The whole question of Norm’s abuse of credit-card info is poised to distort — and possibly greatly shorten — this timetable. Hamline University law professor David Schultz informed TPM’s Eric Kleefeld that, since under state law the losing party of an election contest pays all court costs, Franken’s team can demand that Coleman’s people show them the money upfront — that is, they can demand that Coleman’s team put in escrow cash equal to the amount for which they’re going to be liable. If Coleman doesn’t have the cash — and it’s very likely that he doesn’t — then the appeal can’t go forward, and Al Franken gets his election certificate signed the moment the Election Contest Court rules in his favor, which could happen as soon as the end of next week. (Of course, then the wingnut chorus of “we wuz robbed!” gets even louder, but that’s the breaks, kids.) When asked if Franken’s team was considering this option, Franken attorney Marc Elias said that while he hadn’t really spent any time looking at it, now that the trial is nearly done he will be taking a look at that option. (By the way, you can still donate to Norm, but not through the website and not with a credit card.)

more of this article is on Fire Dog Lake.

Yeah, John Clarke could put on a wig and his mate could do a bloody ripper interview!

Being held to ransom, American style:

March 9 – Bloomberg (Hugh Son and Scott Lanman): “American International Group Inc. appealed for its fourth U.S. rescue by telling regulators the company’s collapse could cripple money-market funds, force European banks to raise capital, cause competing life insurers to fail and wipe out the taxpayers’ stake in the firm. AIG needed immediate help from the Federal Reserve and Treasury to prevent a ‘catastrophic’ collapse that would be worse for markets than the demise last year of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., according to a 21-page draft AIG presentation dated Feb. 26, labeled as ‘strictly confidential’ and circulated among federal and state regulators.”


Taxpayers get to pay the ransom and get themselves a huge debt to repay down the road.

What a deal! LOL

Spiffing detective work there, Inspector Demanagements.
Probably best if we do her slowly, as Bankstown Paulie used to say before he began bower-birding “top end” Frog tick-tocks.

Err, g’day….I’m Paul, and I’m a Watchman.

Holy opus dei, Rorschach! Randi is regurgitating Big Carbon & Allied sponsored propaganda without the common human courtesy of reaching for a bucket first. One would’ve thought that at the very least Frankie-pops would have taught his kid some manners. I mean, really! Frankie has woefully failed his duty of care in providing a decent literary, let alone journalistic education for Randi, his singularly unimaginative, yet quite clever in other ways, offspring. Why bother encouraging progeny into journalism if they are twice encumbered; bereft of wit and dialectically deficient.
Thank goodness Randi’s think tank trickle down is adequate enough to subsidise her column income.

“In 2001, (Randi) Devine turned down the Telegraph’s offer of more money and took up an offer to write for its main rival The Sydney Morning Herald. Devine is a personal friend of fellow conservative columnist Tim Blair, who said of her: “She’s got good antennae. She can read people which is why she accurately predicts election results.” (wiki)

Coulteris Regurgitatus (and friend)

Specter Given Incentive to Bolt GOP

The AFL-CIO has told Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) that if he supports EFCA (Employee Free Choice Act) they will back him in 2010, both in a primary and in the general election. EFCA is labor’s top priority for this session of Congress. It allows workers at a company to organize a union if 50% + 1 sign a card saying they want a union. Currently, an election is needed to organize, but experience shows that in the run-up to such elections, companies put pressure on employees to vote “No,” often firing people who support unionization.

This offer puts Specter in a real pickle. The AFL-CIO is powerful in Pennsylvania and its full support would be very welcome. But a vote for EFCA will enrage the Republican base and The Club for Growth’s president, Pat Toomey, who is probably going to challenge Specter in a primary, would absolutely hammer him for this vote.

If Specter votes for EFCA and stays a Republican, he is likely to lose the primary. Thus his most viable options are to vote against EFCA, stay a Republican, and have the AFL-CIO oppose him or jump ship to the Democrats or become an independent aligned with the Democrats (like Joe Lieberman and Bernie Sanders) and then run as a Democrat. But even this is likely to lead to a primary, only against Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D-PA) and possibly other Democrats. If enough Democrats go up against him, he might be able to eke out a narrow plurality in the Democratic primary in a three-way or four-way contest. No matter what he chooses to do, he has to be rated as one of the two most vulnerable incumbent senators going for reelection in 2010. Sen. Jim Bunning (R-KY) is the other.

Of course, he could surprise everyone and retire. He has served five terms in the Senate and would be a month shy of 87 at the end of another term. He also has incurable cancer. Sometimes one wonders what drives people to hang on until the grim reaper comes calling. If he bores easily, he could probably get a job as a part-time lecturer in the political science department at some university in Pennsylvania and have a bit more relaxed life while still making a contribution to society. Stay tuned.

more on The Votemaster.

It’s raining in Melbourne, which is not good for the Rock Concert for the fire victims. But it is good for greening the bush fire areas. Taking away the scarred land.

Ecky, it took all of thirty seconds and google to find that Greenpeace had explored all the sticky webs of ExxonMobil and it’s funding and promotion of flat earthers.

If I can do it, so can she. But oh no, she can’t, sorry, because the day before she went and berated, at length, the use of search engines instead of using one’s brain!

(How cunning, eh? So the next day she figures we wouldn’t go and look up who she was spruiking? LOL)

God, she’s a rabid witch and her punishment should be eternal incarceration with Ann Coulter! LOL

no way Kirri -they’d just get it on in an orgy of mutual self-aggrandisement.
Better to lock her up with GWB so she spend eternity contemplating how mind-numbingly stupid neoconservatives are. Actually, forget etrnity : 30 seconds should do it. And then she can move on to Jeanette Howard for eternal fashion tips.

The closet thing we have to Jon Stewart would be Good News Week. We need a lot more in that style here. Otherwise the Neocons will survive in Australia.

The Age has lost its bite. We need a good strong website to stand up against the Neocons.

Pelosi is golden in state poll.
The Field survey released today shows Pelosi’s approval rocketing to 48 percent (tied for her best ever) with a 35 percent disapproval rate.

It makes it very hard to run a scare campaign against someone who is popular. Socialist bogey man theory is not working here. 😈
read more here on Politico

Chris- the Glasshouse got axed.

Fuck Janet Albrechtson and Keith Windschuttle.
(and JWH,GWB and Benedict)

Biden Stays Put for Amtrak.
Joseph R. Biden Jr. made 7,000 round-trips by train between Capitol Hill and his home in Delaware as a senator, but had to take up residence in Washington as vice president to get a sizable rail subsidy for Amtrak.

Standing on a train platform at Union Station today, Biden ticked off a list of rail projects to be funded from stimulus dollars, including $97.5 million for Delaware.

The money will cover the $21 million cost of remodeling the Wilmington Station that Biden famously frequented during his 36 years in Congress.

The vice president was joined by other rail enthusiasts. Among them, Sens. Arlen Specter , R-Pa., John Kerry , D-Mass., Frank R. Lautenberg , D-N.J., John D. Rockefeller IV , D-W.Va., Bill Nelson , D-Fla., and Ted Kaufman , D-Del.

“I’m tired of apologizing for helping Amtrak,” Biden told his old colleagues.

more on CQ Politics

G-20 finance officials meet amid policy divisions.

HORSHAM, England: Finance officials from countries with more than 80 percent of the world economy are heading into round-table talks Saturday aimed at finding common ground amid deep divisions on how to tackle the global downturn.

Finance ministers and central bankers from the Group of 20 countries were divided over whether to use fiscal stimulus — or big spending packages and tax cuts — or better regulation to drag the world economy out of its slump.

The U.S. wants countries to make a coordinated commitment to increasing spending as a vital part of any rescue effort, but many European countries are balking at loading up on debt, preferring to focus on reform of the international financial architecture.

The International Monetary Fund estimates that only Saudi Arabia, Australia, China, Spain and the United States will introduce budget boosts worth 2 percent of gross domestic product this year, the level that U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner considers “reasonable.”

read the rest in the International Herald Tribune

Forget Britney; Media Outrage Hits Big Spenders.
It could be called “To Catch a Rich Guy.”
The celebrity Web site TMZ and TV shows like “Extra” and “Inside Edition” are expanding their coverage of starlets and Hollywood break-ups to include billion-dollar business scandals and the economic collapse.

A camera crew for “Extra,” the syndicated entertainment show, huddled alongside the BBC and The Associated Press outside the courtroom as Bernard L. Madoff pleaded guilty on Thursday. That night, the show started by calling him “the most hated man in America.” The previous evening, “Inside Edition” profiled one of Mr. Madoff’s victims who testified in court, a 60-year-old woman who lost millions and had to go to work as a maid.

more in the New York Times

And, he’s a Republican governor:

In addition to leading the fight to change the liquor law, he has embraced President Obama’s stimulus plan, restated his support for a cap-and-trade system of carbon emissions and announced support for legislation that would provide civil unions for gay couples.


Utah might never be same, and the Republican party likewise, if this is the new face of it.

But in the meantime they get Rush! LOL

Let’s hope (and pray) that even more of them get ‘promoted’:

Mar 13th, 2009 | MARYVILLE, Ill. — The widow of a pastor killed in mid-sermon urged mourners to reject hate and to take comfort in their faith at his funeral Friday, in the church where he was gunned down five days earlier.

“On Sunday, my husband didn’t die. He simply got a promotion,” Cindy Winters said. She raised a hand to the sky as the “Movin’ on Up” theme from “The Jeffersons” blared from the loudspeakers and the standing-room-only crowd rose to its feet at First Baptist Church in this St. Louis suburb.


Hallelujah brother, I’s seen the glory, and it comes out of a handgun, and takes you to heaven…Amen!

Yep, they ARE loopy.

Jeez Kirri
Those Pharmaceuticals you were popping must have well and truly worn off.
You have really been on fire the last few days.
Move over “Pundit”!

Yeah Gaffy, I’ve descended to drinking alcohol instead! You can’t shoot as straight, but it’s MUCH more fun! LOL

Even better Gaffy is the restoration of my taste buds to something approaching normal. Tonight I made beef rendang and I gotta say I really missed chili and potent spices most of all!

The pharmaceuticals were nice in a blissed out kinda way, but give me curry any day! LOL

Good site that Gaffy, but where’s the entry that says: “The climate is changing because Miranda Devine is a cunt?”


Funny about taste buds hey. I forgot what different foods tasted like till i gave up smoking a few years ago. Things actually taste different when you can taste them.

It is on the side bar and it is called Rude Pundit. Her Pseudo is Anne.

It is pretty hard to argue with the science when one is not a scientist.
At this stage and rate i should not have to leave home to catch a barra. I will be able to catch one over the front fence.

Scientists See Even More Dangers From Rising Sea Levels. Another Notch in the Bush Legacy!

A report issued by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in 2007 predicted that sea level would rise by 7 to 23 inches by the end of the century. Researchers meeting at the International Scientific Congress on Climate Change are pushing that number significantly higher…………………………………………..
The biggest reason for the increase is that the 2007 UN report deliberately excluded melting of the ice caps from its calculations. Well, the new numbers are in and it is not looking good. A worst case scenario puts the projected rise in seal levels at as much as 6 feet. The best all-around guesstimate is 3 feet……………………………………………………………………..This may well be the most enduring legacy of the Bush years, a momentous opportunity squandered. The sound you hear as they were leaving was not the door closing but the window of opportunity snapping shut.

If they can speed up these sort of processes then there may be hope that we may not all be Rooooooned!

Artificial Photosynthesis: Turning Sunlight Into Liquid Fuels Moves A Step Closer;

For millions of years, green plants have employed photosynthesis to capture energy from sunlight and convert it into electrochemical energy. A goal of scientists has been to develop an artificial version of photosynthesis that can be used to produce liquid fuels from carbon dioxide and water.

Researchers with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have now taken a critical step towards this goal with the discovery that nano-sized crystals of cobalt oxide can effectively carry out the critical photosynthetic reaction of splitting water molecules.

Plonk and curry now, eh? No wonder Madame K and the kids have you safely celled-away with you new toy! 🙂
That’s a remarkable constitution you’ve got there, Kirri. Well healed is wonderful news!
The first clip frames enough of the story
so that in the second
when sky, hand and band blend
powdered blue with azure;
the aching beauty,
the emotional oomph of the moment
is captured in progression sublime
as ferramata……..
yields to percussion, orchestra then voice.

I am almost convinced that all the Fwits that are deniers and do not want to do anything now are sitting on the fence hoping for some of these exciting breakthroughs to get us off the hook.
The problem with that IMHO is that what if they never actually get any of these planet savers up as they fall off right at the very end of their studies.

There is no excuse for us not trying to do something now while they do their experiments.

Kirri Baby -well do i remember the day when you could no longer drink coffee, and alcohol was the very last thing on your mind.
You barely LOL’d at all, and now you are spouting all over the place , so to speak. Welcome home Compadre. And guess what? They are still a cunning bunch over the fence. :mrgreen:
LOL indeed.

Can anyone see the Soundrelief concert on TV anywhere? (no sound on the puter). So want to see Pete be a lightning rod.

yeah, it was pretty dire back then. Thanks for reminding me Jen!

It’s good to be back, I can tell you.

Gaffy here’s some practical stuff.
One of the things I really like about Peter Pedals is how enthusing about his ideas aggravates the hell out of doctrinaire denialists. I like to quietly wind-up the gym poseurs amongst them at barbies by first enquiring how much monthly money it costs them to belong to a gym (which they under-utilise) then ever so jollily inform them how much money they can actually “MAKE” while they pedal themselves to the same level of fitness while doing the right thing by OUR biosphere.
“Money grows on quads and hamies these days mate! Consider the possibility….. get fit AND make money.
Always like to make sure plenty of their materially competive mates tune into the good humoured, biospherically friendly schtick. Michael Moore would never have had the impact he has if he had schlepped a copy of Emily Post around for the last twenty years.

And Gaffy, this line is useful if CC denialists have taken their nippers to see Wall-E:

“How do you reckon planet Earth got to be like it’s depicted in the movie?”
“Hunt up the link for the Rainbow Power Company in Nimbin and buy the book by Peter Pedals as a reference for practical solar. Buy from the news stands the magazine Renew, which has lots of adds, articles and info. Buy from Dick Smiths a power meter that you use to plug into a power socket, then plug a device into it, this will tell you how much power an item draws.

Heating hot water, space heating and cooking use the most power. Usually these use too much power and are not run off solar. Use gas for cooking and solar water panels or gas for hot water.

Air conditioners chew a heap of power, once again you cannot run these off a solar setup. Try and design your house to not need air conditioners.

Fridges are the next big power user. To successfully run a fridge off solar, you are going to need a decent sized system. An efficient fridge is going to cost a lot on top of a suitably sized system.

Most people forget about water pressure. Pumps are a high power useage appliance.

A small solar system is fine for a small tv, cfl for lighting and for laptops.

To install a 12V system needs a fair bit of specialised knowledge. Yes, you can install it yourself, but you need the correct switches (standard 240V switches fail) plus correct sized wiring. Batteries need to be sited correctly to allow for charging, ventilation, access and correctly connected. The photovoltaic panels need to be installed correctly. You need a regulator too. Everything needs to be fused.

Most solar systems use an inverter to step the DC power to 240V AC which allows more appliances to be run. You cannot do the 240V side yourself.

To access any of the government rebates, the system needs to be correctly sized and then designed and installed by accredited solar companies.

If your house hasn’t been built yet, try and design it with solar in mind. It needs to be sited so that the roof points north. Also you will want the roof at the correct pitch. There must be zero shading throughout the day and throughout the year on the roof where the panels go. Try and keep the wire run fairly short from the panles to the battery system. Keep the wire run length as short as possible (less than a metre) from the batteries to the inverter.”

I have been doing lots of homework on all that stuff and will do something positive in the near future. I started out trying to get enough people interested so that we could import container loads from China. Batteries, solar panels, wind generators, and inverters.
Everything necessary plus lots of spares.
It then becomes a very economical way of doing it.
The hard yards will be getting the numbers to warrant the containers. Lots of stalling at the moment while everyone is unsure about employment. I will just plug away at it locally and see how we go.

GWV! It’s Sunday morning and we wake up to Pauline starkers…as if we haven’t suffered enough.

Alan Kolher had an ANZ economist on this morning and her comment was the ETS would be close to jobs neutral ie it shifts activity, not reduces it.

The other piece was a much longer interview with an analyst from Deutsche Bank (Mark Wells if you want to pull up the clip) who compared the Australian government’s proposed scheme with that of Europe, and he talked a lot of detail and a LOT of sense.

Essentially: Rudd has about got it right, and remember that with emissions now 15% over 2000 levels, a 5% reduction by 2020 would entail a drop of 20% on current levels. Secondly, Europe had the wind at its back with the shutting down of so much dirty East European industry in the nineties (their base year is 1990), and thirdly, Rudd’s system is based on the variable industrial output, and the cap is NOT an arbitrary number. Europe has been blindsided by the recession where dropping levels of production has given producers lots of spare permits with which they’ve gained some spare cash by selling and of course dropping the price of carbon dioxide to around $10/tonne. Rudd’s system would not let this happen.

I’d have to say that Kohler is doing an excellent job in getting the knowledgeable and articulate to counter the Chicken Little crap coming from some industry bodies and the Opposition.

Many big Greenie Points to him (they used to be Brownie Points but Bob Brown probably isn’t giving them out to anyone who isn’t demanding we cut all emissions and live in caves! LOL)

SpongeRush FatPants! LOL

And definitely fewer fat white reactionary bastards!

Frank Rich ALWAYS hit the spot. Here’s just a sample:

When Barack Obama ended the Bush stem-cell policy last week, there were no such overheated theatrics. No oversold prime-time address. No hysteria from politicians, the news media or the public. The family-values dinosaurs that once stalked the earth — Falwell, Robertson, Dobson and Reed — are now either dead, retired or disgraced. Their less-famous successors pumped out their pro forma e-mail blasts, but to little avail. The Republican National Committee said nothing whatsoever about Obama’s reversal of Bush stem-cell policy. That’s quite a contrast to 2006, when the party’s wild and crazy (and perhaps transitory) new chairman, Michael Steele, likened embryonic stem-cell research to Nazi medical experiments during his failed Senate campaign.

…so now it’s Nazi Hip Hop, and off the hook jivin’ for the GOP? LOL

These creeps need more than a comb-over.

Dear Media Watch,

I’m outraged at the pro-business bias displayed by the person or persons responsible for filing the following online story about AIG.
Surely Australian citizens whose taxes fund the ABC deserve professional online editorial standards from their National Broadcaster.
No mention at all in the post (cf. below) from Auntie’s Sunday afternoon online subbies about those very same bonus-gorged AIG executives aiding and abetting AIG’s financial debacle in the first place.

Could you please reassure me that such pro-businees bias is not official ABC policy?

It’s character-building enough for self-funded retirees witnessing their compulsory superannuation being decimated in the current global economic inclemency, but to be subjected to such online innaccuracies from an ostensibly balanced broadcaster, is intolerable.

(name and address supplied)

VERSION ONE: (banner headline)

AIG cuts top executive salaries

Insurance giant American International Group (AIG) has bowed to pressure from the Obama administration to cut salaries for top executives.

But the chairman Edward Liddy says AIG will still pay multi-million dollar bonuses for 2008 because the Government does not have the legal authority to block them.

VERSION TWO: (banner headline)

AIG Execs Who Ruined Company To Get $165 Million In Bonuses

The D.C. chapter of FA (Fascists Anonymous) was bouyed yesterday by the arrival of a first-time attender……

“Hi, my name is Emo Coemovah….and I’m a National Socialist.”

As Interpol continues its investigation into the recent theft of Mary Magdalen’s Chair………

French island gripped by ‘Christ face’ on church cushion
• March 15, 2009 – 9:28AM
Thousands flocked to a Roman Catholic church on the French Indian Ocean island of Reunion on Saturday after believers said they saw the “face of Christ” in the pleats of a church cushion.


And the voice of Christ declared:


Thus sayeth the Lord. Amen

How ingenious is this. The secret is out!
You can now pay an extra fee and have your telstra calls answered in , YEEEEEEEEEEEEES australian.
Wonder who the clever joe hunt was that thunk that one up.

TELSTRA is secretly offering customers a messaging service that charges them extra if they want to speak to “an Australian” instead of being diverted overseas.

The move follows a growing public backlash over the use of foreign call centres in countries like India and the Philippines by major companies.,,25189122-5005941,00.html

Ferny, Mary Magdalen apparently used to date Pinocchio because;
(a) he wasn’t at all morally queasy about telling lies

(b) sedentarily, there was a major “pay-off” when he did so.

What we have here is an option to pay more to a “telecommunications corporation” in order to rectify a pre-existing failure to communicte imlemented by selfsame “telecommunication corporation”.

Stuff that, Gaffy, I’d rather talk with a wog!

I believe Ecky that it’s a slope and not a wog in this instance.

According, that is, to Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino.

Or at least that was one of his many options

Yup. Well the schnoz mechanism anyway.

The “original” joke as I recall went something like this:

Q. How did Pinocchio’s girlfriend get her rocks off?

A. She sat on his face and made him tell lies.

Was the movie any good, Ferny?

Well I’m a hard critic of movies Ecky. There are very few that I recko are worth the price of admission.
As for Gran Torino – Lou and I both would pay to see it again. Old Clint just gets better with age. A bitter sweet tale.
Go see it.

OK, I’ll take you tip and glom it during the week, although I’ve never been a fan of Clint.
People raved about “The Unforgiven’ so eventually had a squiz a couple of years back and thought it was bloody awful.

Be interested to hear what you make of “Watchmen” if you see it. It’s not without flaws and a bit of bovver (gratuitous ultraviolence) a la Tarrantino for the first-person-shooter gamesters, but if you found some of Quentin T’s verbal exchanges engaging eg, initiating heist in a cheapo L.A. diner, Honey Bunny jumps on table:

“Don’t anybody move or I’ll execute every last motherfuckin” one of yer!!”
or, the preamble to “Let’s get a taco”
or, Sam Jackson and Travolta discussing the merits of bacon and dating before Sammy recites Ezechial 25:17 prior to lethally delivering a magazine of .457s on behalf a The Lord who claims exclusivity with respect of the administering of righteous vengeance……..

then take a full quantum leap in plot and character complexity, script sophistication, cinematography, editing and a certain ham-cheeseyness and you’re getting close with “Watchmen”.

Be surprised if some of the gang arn’t already discussing the film in the tea room at work. Unless of course you’re the sort who pops out for a latte at smoko. 🙂

There’s no doubt in my mind, Kirri, that David Hicks and Mamdoub Habib suffered similar tortures. Sy Hersh wrote about the “Chain of Command” which went from grunts like Lyndie England all the way up to Rumsfeld, Cheney and The Imbecile. CIA operatives dressed in civvies and usually silent were present at most torture sessions.

Since none of us are likely to be in a position to have the option nor the inclination to view torture first hand, the best recent film by a long shot (which unsurprisingly slipped under the big box office radar) was Bobby De Niro’s production of “The Good Sheperd”. Bobby gives it to the CIA like raging bull. And then some.

The bullshit propaganda of the “will explode at any minute” dirty bomb scenario that 24’s Jack Bauer saved America from each week was a powerful tool in manufacturing the consent of a lot of otherwise smart Americans for Bush’s unConstitutional “signing-statement” disclaimed use of the type of torture described in detail in the NYT piece by the Prof. of Journalism.

Semour Hersch’s article about an executive assassination ring is well worth a read.
An evening of “Great Conversations” with Walter Mondale , Larry Jacobs and Sy Hersch ,titled”America’s Constitutional Crisis” ranged from the Vietnam war era to present day.
Download included.

US soldiers, casualties returning home- & how the army ruthlessly takes over once the bodies are returned home. So clinical,impersonal . How distressed I would be as a parent.
And for those injured, life seems to get even worse despite all the reporting to date.

Yes Barry does have a big mess to clean up that is for sure.

Megan a small part of the reasoning for that is they can cover up anything untoward and prevent litigation. This may only happen in a very small number of cases but to control the lot means no body gets to know anything.
I read the other day where one in three women who go to Iraq are raped and abused and nothing further happens.
One of the cases, ( Ican’t find the link again) a female soldier, has been posthumously promoted after being found dead in a private contractors’ tent/building after being raped and killed. No doubt she
would have been brought home as KIA and if her parents had done nothing further the truth would never be out.
That’s what they do to their own makes it easy to think what they would be capable of doing to “enemy combatants”

Found the link actually.

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