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The Healthcare Debate

Today is the day that will make or break the Democrats. The health care bill has finally arrived on the floor of the congress. After months of in fighting and scare mongering, we finally get to find out what the Democrats are made of. Failure will surely mean the Democrats will be wiped out in 2010. Success will mean the polls will sky rocket for the Democrats and plunge for the Republicans. The urgency and pressure will be immense. Already the Republicans have used bullying tactics against female Democrat speakers wanting to talk about how the health care bill will help women. There are tea baggers in the gallery ready to intimidate Democrat members of congress. The battle lines have been drawn. Let the battle begin.

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UPDATE: Saturday, 11:00 pm US East Coast – the House Bill passes 220-215.

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It would seem that a certain shift is occurring across the alignment of powers on the world stage. A Huffington Post article is reporting on recent votes by the U.N. Security Council and the IAEA:

The resolution was endorsed by six world powers – the U.S., Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany – reflecting a rare measure of unity on Iran. Moscow and Beijing have acted as a traditional drag on efforts to punish Iran for its nuclear defiance, either preventing new Security Council sanctions or watering down their potency.

But don’t think for a moment that this is the only place where the winds of change are blowing …

The new policy — issued with little fanfare this fall by the White House ethics counsel — may turn out to be the most far-reaching lobbying rule change so far from President Obama, who also has sought to restrict the ability of lobbyists to get jobs in his administration and to negotiate over stimulus contracts.

The first link is all about global leadership mixed with the principal of treating other nations with respect (within a politic real containing a shared vision underwritten by a spectrum of private national goals and respective objectives). The second link is about the subject of Executive Orders and the things a President can do outside of the processes in Congress.

601 Throwing the lobbyists out of Washington would have to be a massive blow against corruption.

601, 604

They will eventually call themselves something other than a lobbyist and try to undermine the system again.
But so far so good.

That story on the lobbyists exile is the real sleeper waking up.
If they can’t wriggle back into Washington under another name or form, then the squeals from the industries and groups that pay them will be an explosion to behold. It will make the Foxnews/Glen Beck/Palin nonsense look like a tea party.
Popcorn please!!! :mrgreen:


How is Newt Gingrich Not a Lobbyist?
While I think this is definitely a step in the right direction, I wonder if this has been completely thought through:

Hundreds, if not thousands, of lobbyists are likely to be ejected from federal advisory panels as part of a little-noticed initiative by the Obama administration to curb K Street’s influence in Washington, according to White House officials and lobbying experts.

The new policy — issued with little fanfare this fall by the White House ethics counsel — may turn out to be the most far-reaching lobbying rule change so far from President Obama, who also has sought to restrict the ability of lobbyists to get jobs in his administration and to negotiate over stimulus contracts.

continued here…

Democrats Outraising Republicans
Fundraising for Democratic campaign committees is surging, USA Today reports, “helping the party to extend a winning streak in competitive special elections and giving House Democrats a more than 3-to-1 advantage over Republicans in cash stockpiled for the battles ahead.”

“The Democratic National Committee, along with the fundraising arm for House Democrats, outraised Republican committees last month. Overall, all Democratic committees ended October with nearly $38.8 million cash on hand, compared with $21.3 million for Republicans.”

A criminal conspiracy of pedophilia called “the Catholic Church”

by John Aravosis (DC) on 11/27/2009 10:46:00 AM

It sickens me that these people have the nerve to tell anyone else how to live their lives, while they’re busying raping children and covering it up. Had any other organization done what the Catholic Church has done, in aiding and abetting the systematic rape and abuse of children – for decades – they’d be shut down and thrown in jail. But in the case of the Catholic Church, we’re all expected to genuflect – even those of us who aren’t Catholic – and enshrine the supposed morality of the pedophile enablers into our laws.

I for one and sick and tired of having to listen to the moralizing of child rapists. This latest report is just as sick as all the rest. From the NYT:

This from the end of the previous article.

I can’t get married, but this church can systematically enable the rape of children in country after country, decade after decade, and continue to get away with it. Absolutely sickening. The Catholic Church should never, ever be permitted to weigh in on any moral issue ever again. And if they dare, we should all publicly raise the issue of their pedophilia problem, loudly, again and again, until they shut up and go away.

More from Haaretz on the latest IAEA resolution on Iran, including some context to the movement by China and Russia.

The draft resolution urged Iran to immediately halt construction of the Fordow enrichment plant, located in a mountain bunker, and to clarify its original purpose and confirm it has no more hidden atomic facilities or clandestine plans for any. Iran denies it wants to build nuclear weapons, saying its atomic energy program is purely for peaceful purposes.

Iran’s envoy to the IAEA, Ali Asghar Soltanieh, called the resolution a “hasty and undue” step.

“Adoption of this resolution is not only unhelpful in improving the current situation, but it will jeopardize the conducive environment vitally needed for success in the process of Geneva and Vienna negotiations expected to lead to a common understanding,” he said.

Developing nations argued in pre-vote debate that the resolution would be provocative and counterproductive.

But supporters were provoked by the September revelation of a second enrichment site that Iran had been building for at least two years, a subterfuge they said fanned suspicions of more secret sites that could be dedicated to making atom bombs.

What a pack of complete idiots – Grech as thier reliable source.. 😆 😆
Megan- fear not. Eevn if Abbott ends up holding the reins (more like the noodles) the women of Australia with the exception of the few remaining zealot neocons like JA and Miranda will annhialate him. 😎
Bring it on I say – jsut quicker till thier demise.

As much as we would like that to happen i think that after they have swilled all their Koolaid this weekend and wake up that there will be only about 15 of them left after the next election, when ever that may be, they will back off.
My forecast is they will back off and leave Turnbull in charge for the present as they will realise that they have welched on a deal and most Aussies don’t take particularly kindly to welchers.
The ETS, though it probably is not strong enough, will pass on Monday or Tuesday and everyone will go on holidays.

I almost fell out of my chair yesterday afternoon when Abetz came into the Senate and announced that everyone was under the misunderstanding that the COALition had supported the ETS with ammendments. The real situation is that the COALition does not support these amendments. All with a straight face of course.

There is a lot more yet to unfold of course and that will probably be after the AFP announce their findings on the Grech affair.
The Senate Enquiry, although more of a whitewash, is really quite damaging for Turnbull as he tried to make out that Grech was merely a recent aquaintance with some damaging information re “utegate”, but in fact the enquiry points out that they had a relationship for quite some time.
But yeah i agree, Stupendous!!!!!!
That is when Turnbull may get the Kyber pass.

Good analysis nGaffers.
This has many more twists and turns and deaththroes before they finall roll over with their legs in the air.
(Had a funny moment last night when a virtual stranger came up to me in a restaurant and said “I’m begging you – pleeeese stand against Sophie. I’ll do anything to help”.
All well and good from a Green, except they are a staunch labour voter who has had enough of the shenangans of both sides.

Weekly Tracking Poll: New Feature Paints Ugly 2010 Picture.

Weekly Tracking Poll: New Feature Paints Ugly 2010 Picture
Fri Nov 27, 2009 at 03:14:05 PM PST

Research 2000 for Daily Kos. 11/22/2009-11/25/2009. All adults. MoE 2% (Last weeks results in parentheses):
PRESIDENT OBAMA 53 (55) 40 (39) -3
PELOSI: 41 (40) 51 (51) +1
REID: 31 (32) 59 (58) -2
McCONNELL: 15 (14) 68 (68) +1
BOEHNER: 13 (13) 66 (65) -1

CONGRESSIONAL DEMS: 41 (42) 54 (53) -2
CONGRESSIONAL GOPS: 14 (13) 70 (71) +2

DEMOCRATIC PARTY: 43 (44) 52 (50) -3
REPUBLICAN PARTY: 24 (23) 66 (67) +2

Full crosstabs here. This poll is updated every Friday morning, and you can see trendline graphs here.

There is a little bit that one can divine from the numbers above. The President’s numbers continue to soften (a trajectory that has been confirmed by numerous other pollsters). Meanwhile, on balance, this is a weak tracking poll for Democrats and a strong one for Republicans. The exception to the rule is in the House leadership, where Nancy Pelosi continues her recent resurgence (with a seventeen point bump in her net favorability in less than two months). At the same time, John Boehner continues looking for the basement with his numbers, which drop a point today to a net minus 53 favorability. On the Congressional ballot test, the margin narrows incrementally, with the Democrats now staked to a five point advantage (37 to 32).

Two numbers, however, which are not listed in the graphic above ought to give the Democratic Party no shortage of concern.

continued on the Daily Kos

Am I surprised by this? No.
Should the Democrats panic? Absolutely not!
The Democrats still have to work through Health Care and Immigration. It will August before the Democrats really start turning on the vaudeville. Then one month out the Democrats will throw everything but the kitchen sink. It was George Bushes fault, he wrecked the economy. George went to war. A vote for the Republicans will take away your newly won health care! The Republicans are anti Latino’s, look at the loonies running the Republican Party. etc, etc, etc, etc.

The subject of the US, China, and India’s confluence of political interests is discussed in the following article – this time the subject is the Copenhagen.

It’s no coincidence that one day after the White House announced new emissions targets, China followed suit with its own target. The Daily Beast’s Richard Wolffe on the behind-the-scenes negotiations during Obama’s Asia trip that could help break the climate stalemate in Copenhagen.

Now then Jen, we’ll have none of that bolshie talk about running against “our Sophie”. 👿 🙂
I suggest you take a long, calming glass of sav blanc and read the delicious words of Mike Carlton.

It would be delightfully ironic, if Obi could sneak a decent climate deal through, while the loonies at home were all still concentrating on preventing an evil “socialist” health care bill from passing the senate.
Not really likely I know. But still…….just saying. 🙂

Not to worry Megan. There’s far too much joy in the air to worry about the smell of burning catholics. 🙂
😆 As someone suggested, it must be the Liberals turn to have the cardinals destroy their political future.
Move over Mannix, *it’s time* to make room for Pell. :mrgreen:

Thank you paddy.
i have read your link, and am back in the drawing room where I belong.
(WTF is a Drawing Room anyway???)

(WTF is a Drawing Room anyway???)

Tsk tsk!! Impossible girl!! That’s where one draws a glass of ambrosia from that large oaken barrel. (hic) :mrgreen:

Jen at 629

Well where do I do the Hanging and Quartering then???

The hanging bit may take a little bit of logistics – but I would suggest somewhere outside due to the drawing and quartering work to follow. The drawing can be somewhat managed on a good slab, but the quartering (if we follow good French tradition) involves four horses heading in four different directions leaving head and torso (attached and typically still alive) in the centre. Thing is, I’ve heard it can be a messy affair and you may want to contract in a cleaning crew. Hope that helps!

Oh Miss Cat – you of such multi-talents!!
And there I was thinking it could all be done with a good knife and a bad attitude .
now I’ve got to get a fucking stable.

gaffy, it’s a wonderful thing when too much schadenfreude is never enough. :mrgreen:
Ah the bonfire of the inanities!!! Long may they burn. 👿

The other day the White House had a party out on the lawn in a big tent. A bunch of photos were released – and one that captured my attention was the following – a shot of an aide to Michel Obama …

Somehow Gaffy, I don’t think the secret service chiefs were laughing as hard as we were, when those two waltzed through security.
Red faces all around.

BTW Just in from Firstdog’s twitter. Comedy Gold!
Setting three alarm clocks so I don’t miss Bolta on Insiders tomorrow morning. #TelevisionEventOfTheYear

Plus we get to see Julia Gillard eat Barry Cassidy for breakfast.
(Apparently Kevin Rudd was not available.) ROTFLMAO

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday dear Commie loving, anti American traitor…..
Happy birthday to you!!! :mrgreen:

Born Today
28 November:
Jon Stewart (47)

I must admit i have not watched an insiders for yonks but i will watch tomorrow if Julia is on.

It will also be very entertaining to watch TUT, everyones idea of a (no i better not), spewing his venom and denialist bullshit.

Should be a hoot Gaff. I’ve got all the supplies for a proper session of angst.
A nice big pile of soft cushions to throw at the TV.
A large jug of of mint julep to calm my fevered brow.
And the “sane couch” includes Lenore Taylor and Phil Coorey to give the Bolta a good kicking when he starts frothing at the mouth. 🙂
I *was* sort of hoping for David Marr and Annabel Crabb. But one mustn’t be *too* greedy. :mrgreen:

Lenore Taylor is scary looking… know….like Julian McGauran scary looking.

Mad Scientist scary looking.

Just sayin’

642 gaffhook TUT is spelled Tutt. Anyway how do you know my cousins? Is it John, Greg, or Clive Tutt you know? Or their parents? 🙂

This description, borrowed from elsewhere, of that photo!

The smaller, but highly aggressive, Rattus rattus (Ship Rat, Roof Rat, Black Rat) defends its nest fiercely, often driving of attempts by the larger Rattus lebanonsia (Pudding Rat, Scone rat, Pie rat) to raid Ship Rat refuges for nuts and pulses as a supplement to its usual coprophagous diet.

Gotta be the statement of the year.

Damn you Jen. Damn you!! You’ve totally gone and spoiled my day. 🙂
That’s almost as bad as hearing the Bolta declare that Joe Hockey’s an idiot because……wait for it……….
The Bolta’s actually had conversations with Joe, and sloppy simply doesn’t understand the *science* of global cooling. :mrgreen:

It’s not all that devastating. he says he will rule out a Palin/Beck ticket but not a Beck/Palin ticket.
It could still come to fruition though i think Ms Sarah would accept nothing short of being POTUS so i guess it may not happen as Beck would want that job as well. God love em, but i say fuck em.

I have only just picked meself up from the floor after watching the insinerators. I wonder if TUT ever stops to consider how imbecilic he looks if he would compere his interviews with the likes of Julias this morning.
She was so clear and coherent compared to his constsnt bragging and bagging and the drivel that he can unleash.

One thing in TUTs favour though Paddy is you have to say that TUT is level headed, because he dribbles out of both sides of his mouth at the same time.

paddy and gaffers – missed this morning’s entertainment, but sounds like Bolta is doing a mighty job.
Do you reackon he and Glen Beck might be lovers???
Oh ,what Mr Pundit could do with that 😈

Minor rant. Apologies for the ot.
If that fat f*cker Sloppy Joe, decides to prove to all and sundry that he’s even dumber than he looks and drinks from the poisoned challis….. Well there are plenty of sane people ready to kick him until he makes Costello look good. 🙁
Peter Martin kicks off with a few well choice examples.

And that’ll be nothing to what Turnbull will say about the clueless fuckwit, if he’s actually fallen for the Howard line about “bringing the party together.
Much as I’d enjoy watching Julia and the gang of four rip him limb from limb with the four horsies of the appocalypse…… The crisis of climate change is a bit too serious, to be getting distracted from by a few days, months, or longer at the Roman circus.
The barbarians are already at the gates and when the pollies are spouting nonsense like “CO2 is merely plant food”……I do believe it’s time to drag out the cricket bat and start getting serious.

The Govt’s CRPS is not a great, or even a very good bill.
But it’s all we’ve got right now and it needs to go through.

Oh what to do?

Malcolm Turnbull: A safer bet than Tony or Joe – he does think before he speaks and the thinking is more on the logic side of things than doctrine (religious or political).
Tony Abbott: Evil – simply because he lets his personal religious convictions override everything else – and I believe in his heart of hearts, he doesn’t know anyone with a divergent opinion that he honestly respects
Joe Hockey: I like Joe, don’t trust him that much (but not in a bad way). Joe has demonstrated loyalty in the past, but on those occasions I’ve asked myself the question “What does Joe really think?”. Thing is, I’d love Joe to come around for a BBQ, and I’d be interested in what he had to say, but in the back of my mind I’m thinking that I won’t get to the real Joe without the evidence of a compromising position in my pocket – and what’s worse – I don’t think Joe has the metal necessary to take the risk to be in that compromising position.

Sheesh Cat. You’re scaring me.
I’d love Joe to come around for a BBQ too. But it sounds horribly like…He’s the sort of bloke everybody would like to have a beer with.
That didn’t really work out too well for the last two terms with our friends across the pond. 🙁

Minchen as Cheney? 👿
Actually, Minchen is half as bright as Dick, so he’s probably not as dangerous. Plus, the Libs are not looking like being in power for the next decade at this rate.
But we *do* need a viable opposition and they sure aren’t looking like it at the moment.

Catrina & Paddy
I pretty much concur with that.

I am wondering if Joe is just a smokescreen to make The Vicar think twice about standing, but i really think the RWB’s and the Rodent have conned him to be the next sheep for slaughter.
That basically then gives the deniers control of the party when all the moderates lose their marginal seats at the next election demolition.

The fact that if he has fallen for the Rodents con makes it clear that his tweedle dum and tweedle dum and dummer carry on in parliament has not been an act, that truly is the real Joe.
That just shows that the libs really are a couple of sangas short of a picnic.

It truly would not surprise me if Turnbull would bankroll a split in the party to see them right off if they bury him.

I will just have to tune in to the Senate live broadcast tomorrow again.
Best entertainment for the price ever.

I agree with Peter Martin.
Joe Palin is the paerrallel universe of Hockey mum Sarah.

The puppet!

Had Xmas drinkies with non-Lib, (ex-Dems/Independent/Greens and sole Labor) political types last night and the general feeling seemed to be:
-Turnbull seems to have gained some integrity here .
-Abbott, as Howard’s anointed, has just been weasely waiting for an opportunity to jump into his ‘entitled ‘ possie.
-Minchin, Andrews & Robb, building on Nationals’ outrage, fwd pincer movement, using Alan Jones to spread panic via emotional rants (noticed effect on my Lib friends same as Tampa hysteria – unbearable)
-Howard,who loathes Turnbull, now a Cheney- like figure, scheming.
-if Hockey takes this poisoned chalice and loses the next election, they won’t have any credible leadership material left for years to come.
Of course this was filtered through some lovely vino, with much mirth at watching Libs self-destruct! 🙂

The educated rumour (aint that a laugh :lol:) has it as a Hockey/Dutton?Abbott dream ticket.

High farce indeed.

Just as well Hockey has so much meat on his bones because there is gonna be an insane size pack of wolves coming to feast on his carcass. Labour have enough “on the record” inanities from Sloppy to sink him 100 times over…and the guy will keep giving them more…because he is plain out of his depth in the Big League.

Dutton…F*ck me. The emptiest of empty barrells and with a hair trigger temper and a big ex copper mouth….and a notionally Labour seat. Jeezus.

The Mad Monk as Treasurer…..really?…..really????….oh come on.

And Darth Vader Minchin, via non-stop correspondence from High Priestess Rattus, pulling the HoJockeys strings.

Can the media really keep treating such a mob as relevant after Christmas, as though this November never happened?

Can the Murdoch empire really keep supporting the GOp and the Oz Coalition?

Will the madness end soon?

The world is so unfair.

The lady ticsters get Abbott in red budgie smugglers.

Why can’t SophieM don a red bikini for the viewing pleasure of the male ticsters?

WTF, Gaffy!!! Some wag has spiked the Oz editor’s coffee with acid. :mrgreen:
It must be decades since an Oz editorial made that much sense.

Perhaps they’ve had a sneak preview of the latest Newspoll data, and have realised it’s a one way drive down a mineshaft for the Libs if they don’t remove the CPRS as a wedge issue.

Who knows, maybe there’s hope they may yet drag the loonies back from the brink.


Well H that may come to pass cause if Jen decides to run against her she may have to don the cossie to get a bit of traction with the punters.

671 Paddy
Yeah that fits. They would have the results by now.

Rupe is pro Climate Change isn’t he?

OO editors wouldn’t write an op ed like that without direction.

gaffers –
Sophie or me??

Cat -I am in agreement with your views on the potential – ahem- leaders of the Libs.
Malcs is the best of an unbelievably woeful , inept lot.
So really , in that sense it doesn’t matter. They are going to get the thumping they so deserve. Trouble with that is Rudd can continue to be ineffective on CC and, comparitively, look like he is our very own Al Gore, when he is fact more like Nero.
We don’t have time for symbolic gestures and that pretty much is what Rudd is offering.

There is some real wit out there in cyberspace.
This one borrowed from elsewhwer.
Schadenfreude comes to mind.

I know there are already too many fund raising events with white ribbons, yellow ribbons, red noses and the like for so many different causes. But the Liberal Party needs your help! It is short of support, and campaign funds too. So here is how you can help.

On Long Noses for Liberals Day, you can buy a long nose from your local Liberal Party branch and wear it on the day. Then each time you tell a lie you pay $1 to the Liberal Party. At the end of the day former PM John Howard will select the “lie of the day”, and congratualte the winner, whoever raised the most money for the party in this time-honoured fashion. Its easy! And a lot of fun.

Our Liberal MPs have already started with some great suggestions you can repeat for yourself (but don’t forget to donate that dollar!):

“Malcolm Turnbull enjoys my complete support.”
“We are not just delaying the ETS because we don’t believe climate change is real.”
“Tony Abbott has people skills, and would make a great Prime Minister of Australia.” (cost $2)
“The Liberal Party is ready to lead Australia.”
“The Liberals are a modern party, understand climate change, and are committed to finding a solution.” (cost $3)

So if you care about the Liberal Party, wear a long nose and tell a few for them!

Seems most people prefer Joe Hockey because he’s kinda likeable, but for me, he’s just not smart enough to be prime minister – he’s lacking in both intellectual firepower and basic political smarts, imo.

Like many, my opinion of Malcolm has grown over the past few days, but it seems he’s still fatally flawed – he’ll never be able to pull the Liberal rabble together beause close to half of them hate his guts, and there’s that nagging judgement problem.

I cannot understand how Hockey could consider taking the leadership at this point and on this issue. The best result for Australia would be for Turnbull to win tomorrow. But that looks like it is out of the question now. If Hockey blocks the legislation this week, what the hell is he going to do when it comes back in February? Will the climate change deniers have had an epiphany by then and want to vote for it? Of course not. So, if Hockey wants to pass the legislation, how is he going to appease Minchin and co? Won’t they just tear the party apart again? Idiots. All of them (except Washer, Humphries, Turnbull, Troeth, Payne and a few more – including Pyne, bizarrely enough …)

DG –
” Idiots. All of them (except Washer, Humphries, Turnbull, Troeth, Payne and a few more – including Pyne, bizarrely enough …)”

they’re NOT idiots???

Well, they are not idiots on this particular issue. 😉

And Washer and Payne, along with Georgiou, are among the best people in the parliament on all sides. Pity they are in the Liberal Party …

From an email:
“Merry rebel men are we, sworn to uphold liberty,
I’m for them and and they’re for me.
We’re a band of brothers.
We are hale and we are hearty, we will make a new look party
Nick, our leader he’s a smarty,
Too smart for the others.

My name’s Tony and I know others may prefer fat Joe
Or that Malcolm so-and- so, ( Prince of swanky dills!)
But I feel a sense of pride, God is always on my side,
Problems fade since I applied
All my people skills.

This bloke here is Andrew Robb, he’s another of our mob,
Up for almost any job, but a bit depressive.
Suffered from the climate curse, saw that things were getting worse,
Had to choose twixt task and hearse,
That choice was excessive

This here saintly bloke is Kevin, dropped in on his way to heaven
He’s one of the secret seven out to climb the ladder.
Let me nip this in the bud, Kevin Andrews, not that Rudd
Out to poison Liberal blood.
Worse than asp or adder

Wilson of the iron bar which has served him well so far
Strong at work but not a star, good man in a fight,
Useful in a stand-up brawl, savage when he gets the call,
Loves ro see opponents fall
Much to our delight.

(Honorary member) Fielding, what important power he’s wielding
Batting on and never yielding (if a little odd.)
Friendly in a house divided, with the vote that he provided,
Vital issues were decided
By the grace of God.

Barnaby’s the people’s choice, making country folk rejoice
Nats by Party, ours by choice, (honorary member).
Used to herding fractious cattle if a bit inclined to prattle
But a warrior in battle
Throughout this November.

We have triumphed, our positions, on these bad alleged emissions
Though they may have caused divisions, prove our parties need us.
Though united, not divided, one more thing must be decided
When such talent is provided,
Who the hell should lead us.

Senators must be ruled out, clever as they are no doubt,
Kevin simply lacks the clout, Andrew is erratic.
Wilson, though he has some flare, doesn’t want it, doesn’t care
And he makes some people swear,
Being so dogmatc.

Here’s the place and now’s the time. Hear the bells of freedom chime.
He who would to great heights climb must have eyes to see.
When we’ve seen off merchant bankers and their fellow “walk-the-plankers”
And the residue of wankers
That leaves only

Love and kisses A ABBOT “

Geez….wot a week!!!!

Amazing what happens when El Rodente did the great disservice of placing his and Hyacinth’s needs above those of Australia and his “beloved liberal Party” by failing to think about annointing a fair dinkum successor when he lost his PM-hood, his seat and the respect of a clear majority of Oz voters.

Been moving to a new sleeper cell with the gang this week. Phone and BB have been a freakin’ nightmare but should be re-connected enough to join the fray by tomorrow just as the tory party rooom breaks.

It is amazing to hear these f’wits in the Senate these last few days in full denial mode with the knowledge that we are paying them collectively millions of dollars in salaries.
Right now i am listening to the dinosaur Boswell in the Senate and he is worried about the price of bananas in North Queensland if we act on climate change.

Then i really feel good about Mr Fucken Boswell when i stumble across an article like this.

‘Permanent’ Arctic ice vanishing;

Experts around the world believed the ice was recovering because satellite images showed it expanding. But David Barber says the thick, multi-year frozen sheets crucial to the northern ecosystem have been replaced by thin “rotten” ice that can’t support weight of the bears. “It caught us all by surprise because we were expecting there to be multi-year sea ice. The whole world thought it was multi-year sea ice,” said Barber, who just returned from an expedition to the Beaufort Sea.

I had hoped that some of the Liberals were coming to their senses over the weekend, and that Abbott’s numbers were slipping away. (And it is quite possible that the amazingly strong push for Hockey came about because of an uncertainty about the numbers as the weekend progressed.)

Boswell is the biggest idiot in the place, apart from Fielding.

(Fielding invited all Liberal and Labor ‘disinfected’ to his party room meeting today. I found myself wondering why there wasn’t a spill motion to get rid of Fielding as leader at every Family First party room meeting … and then I realised that every time the motion is moved it fails to get a seconder. ;))

You earn every dollar you get paid if you have to sit and record that shit every day.
I would be very tempted to become a constant interjector.

It is sometimes hard not to say, ‘You idiot …’. Sometimes in committees it is even worse. You want a senator to ask an obvious question, but they don’t, because they are not really paying attention (they are just reading the questions that someone else has written for them in most cases.)

Right now i wish someone would race in to the Senate and shove a big Queensland blue pumpkin in Barnyards gob.

What a complete goose.

As someone who is unlikely to vote for the liberals, I’m loving the trail of destruction that Malcolm is leaving. Delicious stuff.

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