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Mars waning Venus rising

From the ABC:

Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard, backed by factional Labor Party warlords, has made a tilt at Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s leadership. Mr Rudd has told a press conference that earlier this evening Ms Gillard visited him to request a leadership ballot. Mr Rudd says the Labor caucus will vote on the party and Federal Government leadership tomorrow at 9:00am AEST.

Interesting times.

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I think a lot would see though that Katielou. They are mainly committed voters watching.

Watching Law and Order (Gruen is being recorded) So far they have mentioned the new health care law being passed and the Tea Party.

The Liberal Party appears to have pulled Google advertisements after threats the party breached electoral laws which could lead to a challenge of results in marginal seats.

This week, a Google search by the Herald of the names of about 200 Labor, independent, Greens, Democrats and other minor party candidates returned links to Liberal Party websites in more than 90 per cent of cases.

The sponsored links appeared at the top of Google’s search results and linked to the Liberal Party website even though the links carried the names of non-Liberal candidates.

More here…

Aug 11: Global Warming a KGB plot (oh, and “crap” too!)


Aug 11:

Aug 10:

Aug 10: “Oh the history books tell it
They tell it so well
The cavalries charged
The Indians fell
The cavalries charged
The Indians died
Oh the country was young
With God on its side.”

~ Bob Zimmerman


CBet 9:30 EST ALP $1.38 LNP $3.00

Neilson late this evening.

I think one of the reasons the RW noise machine is putting its pedal to the media metal on Monky’s Stunning come-down from the mountain at Rooty Hill “success” is that they want to supercharge a 52-48 Galaxy( El Rodentinos crunchers of choice) into momentum for Monky. Just a hunch really; punditry by “premonition”.

That ad’s an epic fail.
It will offend the swinging voters and it’s not even funny…..
Next please.

The ABC is doing a live outside broadcast in Healesville. (McEwen). The Liberal candidate is a policeman. The ALP’s candidate stood at the last election. He sounds very competent. The Liberal candidate doesn’t know anything about computers/Internet, except sending an email. Fran Bailey has retired. Fran had a big following and the population is growing quickly. These two changes should considerably help the ALP candidate.

RE Faine’sbroadcast-
I won’t be able to listen but let me know how Steve Meacher (Greens) goes.

Meet The CO GOP’s Nominees: Two Newbie, Gaffe-Prone Tea Partiers.

Colorado Republicans sure can pick ’em. Voters thwarted the party’s plan in both the Senate and gubernatorial primaries yesterday, dismissing the establishment party’s choices in each race, and making tea party-backed newcomers Ken Buck and Dan Maes their nominees.

Democrats seem to have gotten their wishes with both Republican nominees. Tom Tancredo’s disruptive presence in the gubernatorial race means Republicans will need to broker some kind of deal if they hope to have any chance against John Hickenlooper. But it appears Maes is unlikely to play ball. Meanwhile, Buck brings paltry fundraising numbers and a loose mouth into his battle against Sen. Michael Bennet’s formidable war chest and national Democratic support.

In the gubernatorial race, Maes ran as a Tea Party-friendly business candidate, arguing that the state needed a governor with executive experience — like himself. His campaign bio touts how his “natural leadership always led him to management roles” and how he graduated college “in just 4 years.” So it was a surprise when he released his tax returns to a Tea Party website (not to The Denver Post, though, which had asked for them), and they revealed not a titan of industry, but a guy struggling to earn an income above the poverty line.

More here…

1812 Jen He went quite well. There was a conservative plant in he audience saying all the usual hysterical stuff. But he handled it OK. To me he sounded much better than the Liberal guy. The greens were well represented in the audience. The Liberal was very much under prepared and it showed.

1814 David Gould Not surprising, going by the standard of the candidate. It wouldn’t have helped their image anywhere receiving the radio coverage.

I think the minor parties are going to do much better than previously, because of the social networks. That will flow on in preferences.

Abbott v Gillard at Rooty Hill: Galaxy to investigate.

Political pollster Galaxy says it will investigate why the son of a former Liberal MP was part of the audience at yesterday’s Rooty Hill RSL Club forum.

Joel Scalzi, the son of former South Australian Liberal MP Joe Scalzi, was one of the undecided voters selected by the polling company to question Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott in a town hall-style meeting.

He asked Mr Abbott what the Coalition could offer him as an unmarried voter with no children.

“All I’ve got is a big DVD collection,” the 27-year-old said.

more here…

paddy – I think it may be relevant to inquire how were the people who asked questions chosen?
Aside from the young Liberal, I watched at least 2 females read out questions they could barely articulate and therefore clearly didn’t understand – recall the woman who read out the Liberals broadband policy but said “public enterprise” instead of “private enterprise” and also the woman who waxed on (perhaps she was first) about Abbott being a Rhodes scholar and his values. So who chose those women to speak and who wrote the questions for them?

Whatever. As annoyed as I was last night, I don’t think it will impact the outcome.

NBN to announce huge increase in speed.

The national broadband network will enable speeds of one gigabit per second on its fibre optic network, 100 times faster than originally planned, the company building the network will announce today.

The speed is significantly faster than the maximum speeds promised by the opposition in its broadband policy, and highlights the growing gap between what a fibre-based broadband network can offer compared with existing technology.

It has also emerged that NBN Co told staff to ignore political attacks on the company by the opposition, after its finance spokesman, Andrew Robb, called it a ”stodgy” bureaucracy, labelled its staff ”talentless” and promised to close it down if elected to government.

One gigabit per second is 17,500 times faster than a dial-up connection and 167 times faster than the average ADSL broadband connection. ”I am trying to make sure people understand what it is that NBN Co is going to deliver,” its chief executive, Mike Quigley, said.

Increasing the speed would not add to the $43 billion construction price tag and the fibre could be upgraded to provide even faster speeds in coming years, Mr Quigley said.


Both the SMH and Australian websites are headlining positive stories about Labor’s NBN right now.

I would not be surprised if the ALP have a very hard hitting advertisement for the ONE THOUSAND MEGABITS PER SECOND broadband. (It sounds faster that 1 gigabyte). 🙂 There is now a huge difference between labor and Liberal. The Liberals a firmly cast in the stone age!

This piece of good news form the bottom of the article.

NBN Co would offer unlimited download capacity at one gigabit per second wholesale rates to retail internet providers, but service provider Internode said it was not reasonable to give consumers unlimited downloads.

It only takes one provider to offer unlimited download capacity to change the ball game. Otherwise its a job for the competition a consumer commission. I will be watching closely. 😈

Figures from last might’s TV ratings. Via Mark Scott’s twitter feed

For those who watch the numbers # Gruen 1.57m, Spicks 1.46m, #YWC 1.34m, #Lateline 617k. #Rooty 95k

Even allowing for the tragics who watched online, it’s hardly a huge number of punters glued to the rumble at rooty. 🙂

LABOR has told taxpayers they will pay no more for a national broadband network able to provide speeds 10 times faster than originally envisaged.

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy announced in Tasmania today that NBN Co’s $43 billion network would be able to give consumers speeds of up to 1000 megabits per second, boosting download speeds by a factor of 10.

As first reported in The Australian, NBN Co chief executive Mike Quigley said the planned introduction of the turbo-charged capacity followed consultations with broadband retailers.

Senator Conroy, speaking while accompanying Prime Minister Julia Gillard on the campaign trail in Tasmania, where NBN Co is rolling out the network, said the faster broadband speeds would benefit businesses which required greater bandwidth for video conferencing.


Even if it only firms up more of the 65%* that say they would be influenced by the NBN as to how they vote. That could be a huge vote. Any extra votes on top of that are a bonus!!

* According to one poll.

Cyber sphere’s verdict: clueless.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says he’s “no Bill Gates” and he proved it again last night in a “town hall” session at Rooty Hill RSL, causing some online ridicule.

The man who wants to be Australia’s next prime minister had no idea there was a debate raging about creating an R18+ rating for video games and told the audience “for me broadband basically is about being able to send an email, receive an email”.

Abbott’s car analogy for broadband was turned on its head by one audience member to much laughter, but this was left out of the official transcript released by the Liberal Party.

more here…

I’m not surprised the numbers drop off for The Chaser after Gruen. 1.57 for Gruen. 1.34 for The Chaser.

The Chaser has been nobbled. The guys should have been smarter than to come back handcuffed.

Last week.

Ch7 News Wed – Advanced leak of bad polling for Labor
Ch7 News Thurs – More detailed leaking of bad polling for Labor

This week:

Betting tightens sharply on Tues for Labor victory.
Ch7 News Wed – No mention of poll
Ch7 News Thurs – Still no mention of poll.

Abbott shoring up safe constituencies all week with his campaign visits.

Yep. lol at Ch7 and its stooge Mark Riley.

This is Morgan’s normal weekend F2F poll. It over estimates Labor by about 3%.
Last weekend it was 54.5 / 45.5
This weekend it has 57.5 / 42.5

So a 3% swing to Labor.

So Ch7 spit the dummy and don’t even commission Their usual midweek Phone Poll.


I’d say Morgan and Heather Ewart are on drugs.

Heather, resplendant in her nailed on schoolmarm neck scarve, intoned in her always balanced 7.30 Report segment that both sides internals are being whispered to her that Abbott will win.

Just watched another laughable Speers hosted show on Sky.

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, Chris Bowen is a HACK. Pure and Simple. He is a really poor performer who is obviously being pushed into a prominent position by the odious NSW Right.

I would hazard a guess he has never gained Labor a single vote in a public appearance. On the flipside, he would have made many shudder and flee.

When, and if, the Libs become electable, it will be dolts like Bowen and Conroy that hurtle Labor into opposition.

Not to say all NSW Right are hacks. I’m quite impressed with Tony Burke.


Tom Switzer, Murdoch mouthpiece, was just frothing about the wasteful NBN. Stated that the greatest financial in the world, Rupert’s The Wall Street Journal, regularly editorialises strongly against NBN’s.

I’m positive that the NBN is THE major reason why Rupert has more than normal tried to kill Rudd, Gillard and Labor.

Suck it up Rupe.

I thought I would see NBN ads on the Footy Show. Only a Liberal ad so far and Collingwood’s been done.

Just been browsing over the fence.

Much lol’s at the Abbott “i’m not a tech head but….” jokes

very funny

My, how that man can think and reason! A mensh amongst dilettantes.

From “The Wit & Wisdom of Dennis,“Shill” Shanahan”……

“Train whistle is mightier than dog whistle”

*regains composure as immensity of Shill’s insight registers*

Wooo-Hooooooo! Move over Confucius, in OOland your philosophies are mortally imperilled by Citizen Rupert’s broadsheet Attack Chihuahua.

Oops, Neilson tonight, sorry Chris, I made a mistake.

Punt market: steady.

Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition: rooted.

Republican Party Only Winning Key 2010 Poll In Southern States.

Findings released in a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll suggest that the Republican Party is very much a Southern regional white party in terms of the demographics of its supporters.

MSNBC relays the numbers:

The GOP has a HUGE generic-ballot edge in the South (52%-31%), but it doesn’t lead anywhere else. In the Northeast, Dems have a 55%-30% edge; in the Midwest, they lead 49%-38%; and in the West, it’s 44%-43%.

more here…


Religion – Hypocrisy is thy name.

1st Commandment – Thou shalt be a hypocrite.


Just read that Nielson have delivered their new poll but the papers are holding it back til Sunday. Holding back ALWAYS means a good Labor poll. Early releases ALWAYS means a good Lib poll.

Labor continuing to shorten in betting.

This is all over folks.

You can see it in the faces of the Libs and can see it in the faces of the Labs.

Could be a landslide aka 04 Latham.

Absolutely asanque, a class action along those lines ( no more tax exemptions for superstionists) would be more than welcomed by most Australians who’ve had a gutful of free-loading spiritual pickpockets trying to tell the rest of us what we can or can’t do in our own spaces and homes.

If Big George Pell wants to slag the Greens, that’s ok, but to have that right one has to pay their taxes like the rest of us.

Remeber he signed his letter Cardinal George Pell.


New thread up.

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