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Senator Ludlam – Bring it On

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It’s such a lovely speech. Made even better by the sound of Newscorp heads exploding all over the place. ๐Ÿ™‚
I really hope it does enough to get him over the line in the WA Senate election.
Judging by his interview with Jonathan Green,
Here: sra_20140309_0845.mp3
he might just scrape by.
Still can’t quite believe the fucking ALP seem determined to shoot themselves in the face by not preferencing the smartest man in the Senate. ๐Ÿ™
Surely they remember Fielding?

Another interesting take on the WA election here.

Can rooftop solar change political power in Australia?
By Giles Parkinson on 11 March 2014

The mining industry still quietly boasts about the slick advertising campaign they ran in 2011 and 2012 to kill off the super profits tax. Its $20-something million campaign saved the industry billions of dollars in potential taxes. It was probably the best return on investment the industry had ever made. And it threw the Australian Labor Party into a turmoil from which it was never able to recover.

Fast forward to 2014, and the Australian solar industry is trying to duplicate that effort. It has hired Geoff Denman, one of the key architects of the mining tax ad campaign (he was chief writer), and although its budget ($1 million) pales in comparison to that of the big miners, it has similar ambitions to affect the outcome of the WA Senate re-run in April.

Hi Cat.
I think Possum’s too busy fighting the forces of darkness up there in the deep north with Campbell Newman’s insanity to be doing much blogging.
He barely gets time to tweet these days. ๐Ÿ™

Wow! Over 800,000 views since the 3rd of March. That’s impressive. It certainly keeps the advertising costs down.

FiveThirtyEight Senate Forecast: GOP Is Slight Favorite in Race for Senate Control.

When FiveThirtyEight last issued a U.S. Senate forecast โ€” way back in July โ€” we concluded the race for Senate control was a toss-up. That was a little ahead of the conventional wisdom at the time, which characterized the Democrats as vulnerable but more likely than not to retain the chamber.

Our new forecast goes a half-step further: We think the Republicans are now slight favorites to win at least six seats and capture the chamber. The Democratsโ€™ position has deteriorated somewhat since last summer, with President Obamaโ€™s approval ratings down to 42 or 43 percent from an average of about 45 percent before. Furthermore, as compared with 2010 or 2012, the GOP has done a better job of recruiting credible candidates, with some exceptions.

More here…

5 paddy I saw somewhere people criticising Nates new website. Saying the data was floored. I think it was on the Huffington Post. I can’t be more specific. I am just reciting bits from memory.

Nate Silver Predicts GOP Senate Win, Democrats Promptly Freak Out

Cue the hand-wringing in Democratic circles everywhere: Nate Silver says the GOP will probably re-take the Senate in November’s elections.

After he ran the table in 2012, correctly predicting the electoral outcomes in every single state, Silver has become something of a modern-day oracle to political junkies.

On Sunday, Silver took to his new FiveThirtyEight websiteโ€”and his new TV home on ABCโ€”to deliver one of his breathlessly awaited prognostications.

Fortunately there is plenty of time to do something.

Nate Silver And Paul Krugman Are In A Bitter, Bitter Feud.

Along with the Jets and the Sharks, and the Hatfields and McCoys, and the Giants and Dodgers, we can now add Nate Silver and Paul Krugman to the list of America’s bitterest rivals.

The two would seem to have lots in commonโ€”nerdy economics types with big public platforms and an almost hypnotic hold on the liberal classโ€”but lately they’ve been feuding with a gusto that would make a 1920s gangster blush. On Wednesday night, Silver took the battle to a new level.

Dear ticsters, as and unexpected April fool’s joke, I tried to be smart and update my computer and OS from Winxp to Win 7 today.
I’d love to say hilarity ensued…… But there’s nobody left to speak to, as they didn’t like to look of me with that bloodstained axe. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

Computers suck! ๐Ÿ™

Howdy there Ticsters, just remembered i used to visit here regularly.
Good to see a few stalwarts still fanning the flames.
Been on a crash diet, shed 68 kilos in one day, Mrs Gaffhook moved out.

A big well done to Scott Ludlam on his return to the Senate.

Just sitting round waiting to see what ITA is going to do besidesdump heaps of rain on us.
And we have the usual suspects and disaster porn merchants up here in the north getting in everyones way and being gigantic fuckwits. Tomorrow they will all be flying round in choppers but not helping anyone, just delivering all the porn and peoples misfortunes.

23 Paddy

ITA was a reasonably powerful piece of work up where it first hit the coast line and including Cooktown. However it was nowhere near the destructive force being fed to the nation by the disaster porn merchants in the MSM.

By the time it got to cairns and Innisfail it was not much more than a rather prolonged North West storm which happen here regularly. That is how it arrived in Townsville. It was a dead ringer for good Flinders/Swanson street blow coupled with 180mm of rain over about twelve hours.
They obviously had to make something out of nothing and channel 9 in particular must have spent a small fortune locating wankers u and down the coast in the hope that someone was killed or a whole Darwin type mess happened again.

It was not to be and a classic eample of their bullshit was on last nights news where they showed the town of Ingham supposedly devastated by flood waters. The narrow shot of the particular area they showed is a natural river/creek course going through the middle of town and always fills up with a couple of inches of rain.

They should be banned from the areas during these occasions because when the shit does hit the fan there will be top priority resources wasted on protecting them and they do not even live in the area. Same goes for Campbell fucking nazi Newman. The SES are totally experienced for handling these situations but he and his 20 fucking security minders get in the road wanting a fucking photo op. They are just all total resource wasting fucking morons.

My first badge of honour for my Google Plus blogs. ๐Ÿ™‚

william gordon1:26 AM
this page is created and controlled by progressive propagandists. it is one of about 50 clones i have found so far. i wonder just how many there actually are. hundreds? thousands? any way you slice it, this is an attempt to deceive.๏ปฟ

#25 There no clones. Every blog is unique. There is no deception it is quite clear that the blogs are Progressive. Thousands? Well I’ve got him fooled. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
But then he is a conservative so that wouldn’t be hard.

Wow! What a terrible budget for everyone except the rich. Now to watch the poll numbers plummet for the Lieberals.

Hi Ticsters,

Like Gaffy, have been away for some time and also lost weight in similar manner but have now settled with one who is a keeper! Life has been a roller coaster the last few years and I remember what a great site this was at it’s prime. Good to see the old faithfuls still here. We all lead such busy lives but hope the likes of Jen still pop in now and again.
Still miss our Ecky.

Well done there Megan. Good to hear from you again. Hope everything goes well for you.

Hello Lovelies !
Just dropped in and there you all are – great to have some contact in TwitterLand but always good to stop in at home.
Well- we have arrived in our worst nightmare. Abbott is PM and we are pretty much going to hell in a handbasket.. Although Malcs is back on the scene thanks to Bolter (&TrueLove Obi has just announced that he is going to whack the polluters bigtime and fuck the consequences. Ecki would be proud :))
Am back in candidate land – this time Upper house Northern Vic, and having a ball in local govt.
So glad to see that our island is still afloat
Love to you all !!!!!!!!

Happy birthday to Edward Gough Whitlam. 98 today. You were always the best PM comrade & made a huge difference to so many Australians.
From this particular Australian, thanks for all your efforts.
A small reminder of a better time ticsters ๐Ÿ™‚

Hi gang. I have been decidedly absent for a good reason. I have been working on 22 Google Plus Blogs and one art website. I am currently waiting for a long overdue Google PR (links) update to see if all my work has paid off. I am quietly confident I can change the world. ๐Ÿ™‚
One of them you can check out above. You cannot make comments. I had to stop idiots from commenting. Not political idiots. Just dumb dumbs.

Here is a link to the latest USA election update.

Good luck to Obama and the Democrats.


Accidental Experiment Compares Polling Techniques
Most pollsters who work for media outlets use random digit dialing, basically, a computer or person dials a number in an area code or exchange at random. In contrast, most pollsters who work for campaigns get a list of registered voters and call people at random from that list. There is a lot of debate in the pollster community about these techniques. By accident, SurveyUSA released two polls of the Colorado Senate race this week (sponsored by different organizations), each one using a different technique. Nate Cohn of the New York Times interviewed the founder of SurveyUSA about why they did different polls for different organizations and what they learned from this experiment in which different clients wanted different types of polls of the same state at almost the same time.

One thing they learned, for example, was that among registered voters, 77% were 50 or older but in the random digit dialing sample only 53% were. Another was that among registered voters, 6% were Latino, vs. 16% among the random digit dialing sample

Hello all,

A bad day for the Democrats. The Senate is gone, with the Republicans likely having a margin of two or three seats at least. It is going to be increasingly difficult for Republicans to win the Presidency and for Democrats to win the legislature, blocking any progress in either direction for a long time to come. Sad.


Our poor US cousins look like they’ve lost hope and given up any chance of having a decent Govt.
Two years of *very* dark times, before a “hopeful” dawn in 2016.
Perhaps Obi will start down the veto path with nothing left to lose.

Here’s hoping that with 2 years of TeaParty nutters taking control Americans will have a taste of what a republican govt will do and wake u
p to themselves by the next election.
They would do well to look at the rubbish govt we ended up with to punish Labor . Abbott is a total fool.

Just saw on the ABC computer that Jen got put out at the LAST exclusion in the Vic Upper House by Labour giving its preferences to the right wing Country Alliance.

That sucks dogballs.

Must be frustrating Jen.

It should be compulsory for all Upper House ballots to be numbered at least 1 to 12. It’s not difficult. It took me 2 minutes.

Hi all,

All quiet here but just in case anyone pops in, spotted an article about Jen’s rising political star!!
All the very best , Jen!! Someone commented on how impressed they were when they heard you speak and they decided to vote for you.
We need to clone the likes of you

Dearest ticsters, with the advent of Donald Trump’s dick making its appearance in the US primaries, perhaps it’s time we pressed the big red button and re-opened the pod bay doors.
Any thoughts on this? Cat, are you still alive?
Cat….? ๐Ÿ™‚

Hillary in a landslide. Winning back the senate and congress.
Further to that. My tip. The Democrats will introduce compulsory voting and one vote one value changing American politics forever. The Republicans will then have to change drastically to win congress. I put a suggestion for this on one of my many Google Plus blogs and two days later Barack announced that they were looking into it. Since then it has been announced that his next job will be to do just that. Eliminating the gerrymanders. (Remember QLD)? i am keeping busy with 23 Google Plus Blogs and an art website that I have been working on for years. It has finally started to take off thanks to some new features introduced by Google and also thanks to a little company called Pinterest.

Hi paddy.

Woah! So many conspiracy theories running around about the US election it not funny. In fact the whole US election was not funny. My son has just left the USA today after spending the last two weeks hiking around their national parks. He’s now heading for Iceland. His holiday was planned well before the election. Link to MSNBC for Conspiracy stuff.

If anyone want a look at my YouTube Channels here’s a link.

Not enough time to explain them. ๐Ÿ™‚

Wow! Talk about your conspiracies! Left, right and center!
Putin, Trump, Trump Jnr the list goes on. ๐Ÿ™‚

It is now impossible for a Republican to become President. Two swing states Florida and Pennsylvania have been flooded by Puerto Ricans. Florida has over 200,000 with another 100,000 on the way! They vote Democrat in a big way.

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