Editorial Policy

This page is here for any suggestions for editorial control, or discussion about editorial actions that have already taken place.

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167 replies on “Editorial Policy”

Earlier today I removed two comments, one from Andrew, the other in reply from Chris. The comments were removed because they were both addressing negative comments about this site on the PB site from some of our old sparring partners. From my perspective they had the potential to turn in a food fight. That’s something I don’t want to see happen – hence the ‘removed at Catrina’s discretion’ note.

Hope you didn’t take offence at my query Catrina. Absolutely no criticism intended.

Truth is, I suspected what was going on and I was hoping you would react as you did. I doubt anything good can come from sniping at each other blog to blog.

It does disappoint me a little that it is being allowed from that side but if we don’t react they’ll get bored with it eventually.

dogb at 2

No offense at all – in fact it’s important that decisions can be questioned and that the rationale for things can be discussed – hence this page so we don’t get distracted over on the main thread. Editorial privs is a double edged sword – you can do things things like nip something in the bud – but at the same time your impinging on free speech. At the end of the day William Bowe put a lot of effort into supporting our US fetish and I don’t want to see our site getting into bitch-slapping old foes and then William having to deal with a parallel action over on PB. At the same time I don’t want anyone accusing me of being a dictator (benevolent or otherwise).


If i have a photo in my files and want to send it to the thread like EC etc do, how do i do it. Do i send it as a hyperlink.

Catrina, I respect your decisions to pull my posts. Thanks for setting up the site. I will take your advice and forget about the old sparring partners. I still shake my head in disbelief that they flat out lie on the old site about what is happening here. How low can you go??

Now that those folks are haunting the Oz threads, it seems Williams efforts to cleanse the site by removing the US threads will fail.

I’m moving on now!!

At Catrina’s request, I’m discussing this here rather than through private emails.

When I allowed Catrina to start up this site, I envisioned it catering for a diverse range of opinion in the fashion of my own site. That isn’t how it’s panned out – which doesn’t seem to be anybody’s fault, certainly not Catrina’s. I have also discovered that I’m not comfortable about a site bearing the Poll Bludger brand where I don’t even have a residual amount of control over it, even to the extent of deciding who can be a contributor or moderator. This is incompatible with Catrina’s democratic open-source vision for the site, which is fine by me because she’s done all the work in setting it up.

However, the bottom line is that I’m uncomfortable with the direct association between my site and this one. I am therefore asking that the “Pollbludger” name be removed from the header, and I will remove the link on the sidebar from my own site. Ideally I would like the URL to be changed as well, but I can see that would be a lot of trouble for you and it’s not that big a deal. I wish everyone concerned all the best for the site’s future.

P.S. Those reading or participating in the stoush on the other thread might be interested to learn that in the past few days I have censured and deleted comments by GG and fielded a large volume of querulous correspondence from Ron. I’m a bit disappointed at the perception that I act partially out of personal hostility to you lot, but I guess that comes with the territory.


Does 299 qualify as a ‘troll’?
If not,how can you tell?

My ‘L’ plate is firmly fastened.

megan at 10

Not really a troll. Trolls typically try to disrupt things via controversial comments aimed at disrupting the community by baiting other members. GG was rather good example. In this case my take is that the comment fits much better with the US slang term ‘ a dork’ (here is the Wikipedia definition):

quirky, silly and/or stupid, socially inept person, or one who is out of touch with contemporary trends

I.e. no cause for concern at this time.

11 Catrina

‘lilprawn’ comes the raw prawn on Post#1?

I’d call it directly provocative trolling, looking for a fight, and it has all the hallmarks of some of our erstwhile ‘friends’.

I’d pull it pronto, NOT because of the political position, which I’d be happy to discuss if there was anything worth discussing, but because the political position is purely secondary to the insult.

Judging from the spelling, I seriously doubt we are going to get anything of substance from this diminutive crustacean.

Hi Cat, I’ll use this in future. I thought his swearing and abuse was enough to have him removed.

I’m not surprised at Williams post at 9. Never mind.


No,I don’t feel you are personally hostile to us ,and I wouldn’t have your task for quids,but …..

Just feel that while GG,Eddie,Ron and Finns shut up when you ask them to, they are always back baiting again after a few days if the wrong person posts. Anyone who writes for this site seems to be fair game.

Just as an example:
Was reading ron’s responses to Jen this afternoon…he rubbished her with hostile put-downs, and then goes into his rants about oil-salesman,etc.

If it was just a few times,fair enough, but fairness and courtesy are incompatible with a dog ‘with a bone and grudge’.

Am sad it has come to this because I’m such a fan!!!!!

megan at 10

My ‘L’ plate is firmly fastened.

Just keep in mind that I don’t have a license (but then again I never had a lot of respect for that authority thing).


Hi there friends,

Sorry to see that you seem to have had some hassles since I was last able to read the blog (currently in England visiting my children).

I was just wandering whether the Possum might be kind enough to include a link to this site? Even if only within his US election tab, if he feels we are still too new to warrant being added to his main list of links.

I have read KR’s posts on the Pollbludger site and find the criticisms coming towards him quite inexplicable. I have always found his posts most informative and well argued.

Hi Kerneels,

Snap,you beat me to it…was thinking the same thing last

night, though Possum may not want the extra responsibilty.

I agree with you re Kirri…just can’t understand it.

Enjoy your hols 🙂

Dogb, all I’m trying to do is establish that, as you say, KR is a “fiery character”. A lot of people around here seem not to realise this. I would ask those who describe my attitude (I strongly deny that this attitude amounts to “hostility”) as “inexplicable” to understand that this makes him a difficult person to handle when you’re trying to operate a non-partisan site – i.e., a site like mine and not like this one. I freely acknowledge that ESJ is worse (though I’m pretty sure he would never publish my private email correspondence without permission).

While I’m here, can I ask how we’re going with implementing my request that the “pollbludger” name be removed from the header?

Actually, scratch my criticism about private email correspondence. He’s apologised and that should be enough. Sorry, KR.

I’m also concerned that Dogb’s comment suggests that I might have banned KR or be about to, which is certainly not the case.

Uhm, timing?

360 Kirribilli Removals on 4 August, 2008 at 10:52 pm

Gotta crash. Big day on a slow drip….

Re: 26

Shouldn’t we be thinking of a replacement name for this

site? Seems William is anxious we do.

No, no William. I know you haven’t banned KR and I think that’s good form. (Though it might do your blood pressure some good to do so:))

Actually to hear you say that you think ESJ is worse than KR pretty much invalidates my argument completely. I was under the impression you had a different opinion. My apologies.

All I can say is that I’ve returned fire in like fashion to anyone who was abusive to me, or who made such outrageous allegations that it was clear they were only there to have a go at me. Like Eddy and his slimy innuendo that I’d plagiarised a send-up of Tom Wolfe in an attempt to counter an argument from Adam Carr! Eddy knew full well he had absolutely no grounds for this, and even refused to retract when I tracked down the article he alluded to on line! LOL

What else should I have done? Just let him defame me?

So, in all, this tended to be about the same small group of posters and most people here on this board reached the same conclusion.

I’ve even had civil discussions with posters who thought Obama would not win the nomination, but these don’t count it seems.

I think everyone here has seen what went on, and who was instigating the poo chucking. I just chucked it back whenever it was aimed at me.

Simple really. And simple to solve too.

As for the name change I vote one of our moderators switch it to something innocuous as a temporary measure, then we can figure out a long term option later.

William asked us to change it almost 24 hrs ago now so I think we need to do something reasonably quickly.

Fair enough on both counts, Catrina – I was just concerned that your consideration might have have been “if” rather than “when”.

35 dogb

No need to worry DB, but thanks anyway.

Nup, I’m here for the long haul and happy to be on the good ship with ‘you all’, as they say down South.

Ok – so where is codger??
I think we all need to take a deep breath and acknowledge that as well as political discussion this site has become a place of relationship (good or bad) for regular posters.
Therefore we need to be aware that executing someone is possibly painful for that individual.
It seriously would be for me.
So when someone is ill, or absent,or unhappy, our political differences shuld be irrelevant.
This is Australia FFS.
Let’s show some tolerance and good humour.
As well as a good brawl when its called for.

Catrina re your 37, perhaps you could consider killing my 24 as well. It was a direct response to William’s post and now seems to me to be disagreeably antagonistic.

I’ll leave it up to you.


Yep, not just upsetting for that individual ,but also for the
rest of us who have become fond of our cyber-mates.

Have had to take lots of deep breaths these past few
days…almost hyperventilated! 😆

Woah. Woah. I accept I wasn’t on topic Catina but why on earth wasn’t I just given a rap on the knuckles and told to move on? Is the policy to just delete if off topic?

I’ve had correspondence and debate with jen – and various other posters here – on multiple occasions over the preceding year and was merely saying hello after not having been about for a bit. Since when does that warrant sniping? I could understand if I was being mean or nasty and whatnot, but I was just – more or less – saying hello.

I absolutely agree with the need to keep threads on topic but frankly I would have thought keeping up friendly relations and the sense of a community would be at the very least as important as allowing those posts which simply contain random links to articles or comics. It’s not as if I have a history of somebody who doesn’t contribute to the topic at hand.


It is good to see you again , Max , and usually we are the most hospitable of sites. 🙂

Unfortunately you caught us at an awkward time as we are just cleaning up after a bit of a sudden storm …..branches and stuff from next door all over the place.

You happened to inadvertently walk some of it inside with you and so Catrina cleaned up the mess before it got out of hand again.

We all have to remember to wipe our feet at the door…and I too have forgotten at times.

(p.s. It’s a bit like “..don’t mention the war!”/other site 🙂 )

Max at 45 – nothing personal – more about me getting rant emails where I have no idea what is being talked about then revisions to the rant, then alternatives framed as requirements, then conclusions, then off-topic rambling here, the rebuttals, and all of it – all of it because of shit happening elsewhere and totally irrelevant to this site. All I snipped was the part of you comment which was your message to William about his site which you can email to him yourself – and it wasn’t about you – it was me being pissed of at someone else for getting me in a bad mood in the first place.

Apologies if I offended.


Ah, I see what’s happened. I should have paid closer attention to what had been done, you removed only part of my post not the entirety of it. That will teach me, I’m not used to posting on wordpress obviously.

As such, I withdraw my obviously defunct objection and apologise for causing confusion, my comment which was entirely jovial in nature to William in regards to PB appears to have been posted at the precise wrong moment. Normally I’d do some backreading first, but there are 400 posts to a thread…

Megan, thanks for your welcome, for the time being however I think I might just back out the door very slowly. I’ll be sure to take my rubbish with me though.

Max at 51

for the time being however I think I might just back out the door very slowly.

If you did that you’ll get me into trouble – so this is a special plea – hang around and enjoy the decor, the company, and not to mention the lifestyle.


Catrina, I don’t much appreciate #50 (unless I’m misintepreting it), and I’m not bothered if I put you in a bad mood by telling you so.

Dear Catrina, as gently as I can put it & reluctant as I am (“Sweetie) here goes…

Dear Papal Bill (sic) @ 229 & 22 norty words; dear oh dear…you poor thing you.

Welcome to ‘Bile City’ I’ll just change my ron/GG suit into something more appropriate, Ah, that’s better…

‘Yes, piss off please, Codger’

Goodness me; please? As KR put it:

‘What has bemused me is your criteria, not your authority.’

He might have added the ‘practice & application’ of the former, but hey he’s wild & discomforting and ‘willfully’ wears Jen’s nose thingy upside down etc…poor bugger. Farts I believe too….you poor thing you.

William, no one envies your position & I along with others have expressed this, many times…& appreciate your traffic / Quiggan / Palmer dilemmas but…but…

Others have said ‘petulant’ ‘disingenuous’ and in your own words ‘catty’; coupled with your ‘discomfort’ and laughable control concerns we now have operation de couple spurred on by the horse.

Brand heading south? Surely not; what with all those attendant strappers stewards and jockeys. Not that I/we begrudge you all thos #’s…we’re not catty…Still, a strategic link to the articulate might be…hmmm…


The killer: A moderator’s moment to remember – ‘I don’t actually remember what Gaffhook said in the comment I deleted, and I didn’t really understand it at the time.’

(If it’s ok with your Mum I’ll have some of that too.)

QED Willy…but… (Oh, I forgot, ‘control’)

Look. As they say on Cable Beach “Lean back on camels”

Good & bad eggs welcome; right royal stink. As I said let the horse run free.

I may not be funny William but your efforts here are perceived as sillier by the minute. Put the shovel back in the shed. The hole is deep enough.

Lean back it will pass. Maybe we could look at your funding? No?

Catrina et al, thanks for the concern but alas my underlying problem is chronic wry amusement with repeated & mysteriously random outbreaks of hilarity; but I’ll cope; promise; and as you said horizons…indeed.

Hi Jen.

Codger, are you asking who “funds” my website? Off-topic I would have thought, but the answer is Big Oil.

William Bowe:

In your comment number 9 on this page you said “I allowed Catrina to start up this site”. Can you clarify for me what your appreciation is of your usage of the word ‘allowed’ in the context of that comment?

morning all-
I would like to respectfully request that we all move on.
Max- i’m racking my brains – did you use another name in your former days , or have I simply forgotten: in which case apologies, and feel free to join us. It’susually good fun..

I see William has removed the link to this site from PB 🙁
so we really need to come up with a name for the site.
Don’t have any brilliant ideas at this stage but we need to have a think about it.


The following is my post which i made over there.
It is the post Codger asked me to repost on the main thread here at 190.

Because it happened over there that is where i thought it should stay.

The post was snipped by William because GG referred to it as a Farrago of lies etc.

When William snipped it i made one more post to him reminding him that the Farrago of lies was still there at 1024 and to be fair he should remove it as well.

He read the post and said seeing it was addressed to him he had read it and duly snipped it.

William had snipped one or two of the others posts as well and also reminded them they were out of school making comments about what was happening over here on his site.

He made a post previous regarding getting off topic and no more posts re that subject.

In my post i told him that i would respect his wishes. I have not posted again on that subject over there and did not want it to flare up here when Codger asked me to repost it for the record. I have refrained from doing so but from reading the above dialogue i feel that i should post it here. If you did not read it over there then you have the opportunity to read it and maybe it will help explain the messy fan.

Basically it was in explanation of a light hearted comment made by Megan that one of Obi haters had in fact agreed wit Kirri, and one of them got it completely wrong and gave us all a spray.

I have no argument with William snipping my posts. It is his site. End of story. I also have not set out to antagonise William or create friction between us.

If this helps to clear up some missing links then ok. If you do not wish to have it on here then please feel free to send it to the grave.

It was originally post 1107 on the other site.


I believe William is quite correct in telling you to pull your head in for using smear and innuendo on his site especially when it is completely unfounded and false.

It seems the inmates over on Gilligans Island are resorting to downright lies to criticise those who prefer not to play on their site of mediocrity. Megan claims on the latest string ( 148 ) that I have supported KR and his doom and despair scenarios. I dare them to show one instance of this.

Of course, truthfulness or accuracy is not one of their long suits.

There has been much spirited debate on this thread and there were some good exchanges between bludgers about whether we are having a recession or not
in the 800-900 part of the thread.

There has also been some previous hot exchanges about the economy between Kirribilli Removals and a few on here who disagreed with him.

One of those who disagreed was Edward StJohn.

At874 on this thread he posted:

Edward StJohn Says:
August 1st, 2008 at 11:49 pm
ShowsON – quarterly GDP figures are subject to revision. I wouldnt bet the bank on that 0.6% figure staying unchanged.

As I say the elites are using the “R” word – tells you everything you need to know.

Dare I say it – Kirri R was right!

When we apply the Codger Cryptics:

Greensborough Growler=
Gee Gee=

Edward StJohn=
Mr Ed=
Talking horse.

Now if some one made the comment that ;

“that he ‘of the talking horse’ name wrote “…

Would somebody be telling a lie Growler?


Do your usual trick and don’t appologise just shift the goalposts.


Max- i’m racking my brains – did you use another name in your former days , or have I simply forgotten: in which case apologies, and feel free to join us. It’susually good fun..

Entirely possible and if so I am, naturally, deeply offended.

Easily solved though, and i do apologise if I am aggravating any tensions currently present on the board by supplying this link, but nonetheless… is this you?

(I love google’s site search. Almost as awesome as google maps, but not quite as awesome as this freaky new street view tool.)

Sorry. Returning back on topic now.

jen at 61

I see William has removed the link to this site from PB

That’s nothing to worry about.

I just took a look at the stats to see where traffic was coming from and for the most part its direct URL references (meaning people have already bookmarked the site). People are arriving here through one of three mechanisms: (a) a bookmarked url, (b) a search query, or (c) a link on another site to this site. Top search queries are for things like ‘pollbludger us’ and ‘pollbludger 2008’ and the occasional queries such as ‘Roger Ramjet’. But what was more interesting was a link to our site via Google’s translation service. Being somewhat inquisitive I ran a backtrace which returned the following content:

4 combattant ennemi

G’day, Gang,

Kid équipe ferait bien de tenir un feu nourri sur le vieux mensongères warmonger et de présomption de candidat à Johnny Bomb-Bomb clous officiellement la nomination au GOPper convention dans le Minnesota, qui descend une semaine après le couronnement Obi par la MNE dans le Colorado. Rép poo-bahs voudrait Obama à courir contre McCain parce que lui en battant en Novembre n’est pas fixer une misere, c’est un très bon pari. La dernière chose que Obama veut faire vivisect McCain est maintenant dans la mesure où les GOPper “brainstrust” soient contraints de recourir à l’audace de désespoir et de nommer un “candidat de compromis” à leur convention Saint-Paul. Il serait GOP un pari certes, mais mieux que presque une certaine perte.

I have to say, I just love EC’s new moniker – combattant ennemi – it simply rocks! And just in case your wondering – KR gets Kirribilli Déménagements.

28 Kirribilli Déménagements

24 Optimist

Il est intéressant Oppy faire dans notre nouvelle maison (hugs à Catrina!), Nous n’avons pas encore eu d’abus, ce qui pourrait être auto-police. Dans un sens, nous étions juste des locataires à WB’s blog, et avaient peu de droits collectivement. Le bénigne dictateur ‘a jugé, et bien qu’il en profondeur perplexes bon nombre d’entre nous, ses décisions ont été arrêtés.

Hugs back KR!


We’re in French!!?!!
That is quite cute- I like monikers too.
That means I should be Genevieve ( and ESJ could still be …. :twisted
what about a new name though. Won’t that make it difficult for some of the old PB bloggers to find us, as they’re the ones most likely to want to hook up closer to the election…

OMFG- of course it is you. I actually woke up last night thinking ‘hmmm max, max ,max I know this name…”
Max of The West Wing. Which i have to say waa the best thing I have ever watched, so a thousanda thanks, and a thousand pardons for my pathetic memory. 😳 I actually remember you well.
Are we on the same side now???
And do you know about the US bloggers election watch in Brissy Nov 5.?
Anyway good to see you back.

jen at 71

Yep – changing the name will cause problems for people using search engines to locate us. Have been thinking about this and I’m aiming to put some sort of a position together during the weekend. In the meantime Possum setup a link to our site a couple of hours ago (on the right of his page under Pollyforums). I tell you – there’s nothing like the smell of marsupial early in the morning!

Possum!- what a legend.

although not sure about the morning smell thing 😉
did you see my suggestion of US Pollbloggers – although I guess there are real US sites with that kind of name.
Maybe a contest –

and to preempt an obvious attack … not Gilligan’s Island

Catrina – 2 points.

1. Re your 62 – thanks!

2. As far a search engines go, I think you’ll find that the words ‘pollbludger 2008’ and ‘pollbludger us’ already appear in enough places on the site that tag sweepers should pick us up anyway.

Might be a few places further down the Google list but frankly it’s a pretty damn specific tag so I doubt it’s going to be too hard to find.

74 jen

And not yet old and wrinkly! LOL (Despite being nearly ‘cooked’!)

How about we try some playfull variations:






Or an old time favourite accolade:

(or, ILLPollBludgers for short, as I qualify! LOL)

…we’ve got so many possibilities.

Or even:


Jen – sheesh. All I have to say to you at this point.

RE: the name. Catina et al, if I might offer a suggestion as a relatively impartial party, maybe a good idea would be to open up a new thread so that the entire ‘community’ could brainstorm some new ideas for the sites name. A lot of people won’t bother to keep themselves up to date with this thread for obvious reasons, and thus wouldn’t have a clue as to what is going on. Keeping everyone in the loop might help the transition. Just a thought.

Also, regardless of what various posters may currently think of William’s request, the fact is he has spent many years building up his site’s reputation and record, and his request for the name to be removed from this affiliate is entirely reasonable given he doesn’t have any control over it. To that extent, I would suggest that the new name of this site not satirise the ‘pollbludger’ name at all, and instead go for a completely fresh approach. That way it can forge ahead building a reputation of it’s own, and it also isn’t drawing William into the fold, which is an advantage for both parties.

I’m sure the wit and cunning of posters here could find some way of playing on words surrounding the US election from an Australian perspective in forming a good blog name. I suspect wordpress would have a mechanism for changing the address of the site as well if that’s what is desired by the community at large, which would complete the long term transition.

Just a thought.









Cats’ Corner is US

Of course we should take into account the fact that November will truncate our interest in US presidential elections for quite some time, and perhaps we may decide to broaden our interests into say, bonsai or 18th Century French clocks (LOL).

But whatever we do, I suspect that interest in US presidential races will go a bit cold until we next need a major distraction from the endless inanities of doped athletes running around in little circles in front of the world’s media.

Dead Horse Gap

Lean Back on Camels


PollBludgerSpring, ‘oo’ maybe?




Anymore, costsya!

Thanks GH. Hope that last vowel ‘i’ is correct EC; maybe it’s just me but for a flash I saw an ‘a’. 🙂

No wuckers!

I like the lean back on camels one.

They did a survey on Seppo smokers a few years back and the result was overwhelming;

95% of American men smokers who tried camel still prefer


Kirri, I was thinking the same thing for sure, but i was not thinking Bonsai or French Clocks.

Max- please forgive me 🙁
you have to factor in how many brain cells have departed since we last stoushed. It’s all coming back to me – I was right and you were wrong. 😈

re the name thingo – I agree Gaffers that William (whom i still love and admire) has an entirley reasonable position on cutting the umbilical cord. it just really shits me that there are certain people who will claim that this is because this site is flawed rarther than natural evolution, and in fact they are wrong. But then they usually are.

So lets find soemthing that others who want to will track us down , but meets the needs for WB and us here.
I’m having a rethink on Gilligan’s Island, as long as i don’t have to be Mrs. Thurston Howell.
Besides, I thought Glen was Gilligan and he hasn’t shown up . yet.

Whatever is chosen, the phrase “previously known as ……” just below the name will help in searches.

Just about every version of Gilligan’s Island has been used already, what about Catrina’s Island?

While I am in absolute awe and wonder at Catrina, I do think we need soemthing that indicates this site is related to the US election.
(was only kidding about Gilligan’s island)

jen at 91

When I was four years old I punched out this kid who was doing the perennial bully thing. I remember the punch, I remember this fat boy falling down, I remember running home, I remember my mum being really pissed off with me, and I remember the kids holding me in awe and wonder because I could punch out the next usual suspect. Problem was I didn’t like the role then, and I’m not keen on it now, although I will step up if the need arises.

Yoda (or maybe his sidekick) said in the first episode – reality is where your focussed – and that is our immediate concern with respect to this thread. Our site has just passed it’s one month benchmark. We have engaged four independent contributors generating 9 posts. We have accrued 3,178 comments and more than 27,000 page views. But in internet speak these are baby steps. During our first month we have set a very good example. Collectively we have moved beyond infighting and the bitch-slapping that we were so accustomed to – and we have built something we are proud of. But about a week ago shit started flying our way – and we started to see drama from our ancestors landing here in the form of demands for editorial veto and site naming constraints.

Reactions aside – I want to go back to the Yoda moment – the reality is the focus. William wants us to focus on name and branding. I want us to focus on the 90 days and the US Presidential Election. My reality is an Inauguration of the next president and the maintenance of this community between now and that event. What we do as a community beyond that event is a subject we need to discuss without threat, bullying, or any untoward intervention. With that in mind, I intend to instigate the following actions:

1. Continuation of the existing PB 2008 US Edition name on the grounds that this label is in the page title and is a primary search term for people who want to locate our site.

2. That following the election, we as a community need to sever ties with PB assuming we want to continue.

We have a lot of different options available with respect to continuance (and the name is the least of our worries). My position is that we decide our future after the election. I will setup a Future Directions page in which I’ll detail the practical issues and options and which will provide a place where we can all put forward our opinions – without undue influence. If we want to move forward – I want us to do it on our terms, our timetable, our control of our content, and our editorial policies.

You’re bloody amazing, Catrina. Am in complete accord with your actions.

We’ll do things our own sweet way on this site, while simultaneously, demands regarding nominal severence by WB are at the end of the day respected in the fullness of time in order to enhance and impact upon a successful outcome in terms of going forward.

Catrina @ 92

‘although I will step up if the need arises’

‘about a week ago shit started flying our way – and we started to see drama from our ancestors landing here in the form of demands for editorial veto and site naming constraints’

The shock…the horror…

A ‘sweetie’ with balz. 🙂

EC, ‘nominal severence by WB are at the end of the day respected’. Seriously, give us a break…!

Some of us can read write interpret and express…etc

Eek Mouse once too often and serial jumping up onto the table, suddenly your knickers are more interesting than the content of the rave; he chose that; call it.

codger at 94:
“Eek Mouse once too often and serial jumping up onto the table, suddenly your knickers are more interesting than the content of the rave; he chose that; call it.”

We did call it, codger, proposed by Catrina at 92 and endorsed at 93 and 95.
The Saga of the Bastard Sep Bludger and Dwalfy Wars are now officially L’Histoire, mon ami. As the POTUS plot thickens, ’tis better we focus our energy and time on the next 3 or four months while enjoying some spirited exchanges and a few good laughs along the way in the hottest political action on the planet. The drama, the egos, the money, the hubristic tumbles, for those who are cursed with the addiction of political power voyeurism, nothing else comes close.
Fair dinkum, it was so close and tried to get a cheap thrill from the N.T. election, but after reading Antony Green’s summary with an ALP victory hanging by 57 votes in Fannie Bay, went trawing Sep sites and forgot all about it till the next day.
Miss your links to Alternet. And btw, codger, will you be joining us in Brissy on Guy Fawkes morning for the tally?

I must say i really don’t like the accusation that we are – refusing to stop using William’s copywritten name at his request.
I believe we should.: it is afterall his property.

hmm, it is getting out of hand.

On the one hand it’s just the “amigo’s” trying to get at you guys anyway they can and this is their latest “weapon”.

On the other hand WB did ask you change the name and that carries a fair amount of weight…so your buggered either way

Personally, I would err on the “change the name” side of things

Hi there Spam- Inbox –
I’ve had enough of the Stooges: won’t be going back there again, so this is not out of regard for what they think – but I do feel uncomfortable using William’s name if he expressly doesn’t want us to – simple as that really.