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The Good War

More US soldiers killed themselves than died in combat in 2010.

For the second year in a row, more American soldiers—both enlisted men and women and veterans—committed suicide than were killed in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Excluding accidents and illness, 462 soldiers died in combat, while 468 committed suicide.

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    Chris B says:

    Today’s Presidential Polls

    There were several polls from We Ask America today whose results seemed so out of line with other polls that it warranted more examination. For the presidency in Virginia, it had Romney +5%, when the most recent five polls had Obama up +3%, +5%, +4%, and +7%, with even Rasmussen showing it to be a tie. For the Virginia Senate race, We Ask America had George Allen up over Tim Kaine by +9%. The most recent five polls there have Kaine up by +2%, +1%, +6%, 0%, and +1%, respectively. Now things can change although nothing special has happened in Virginia lately. Kaine didn’t invoke any zoo animals or anything like that. Now consider this story, admittedly from a left-of-center source, but there is no reason to doubt the specific facts it gives. It appears that We Ask America has deep ties to the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association and the Republican Party.

    Then the combined total is always going to be weighted to the Democrats. With Rasmussen and We ask America give false polls.

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    HarryH says:

    It is truly embarrassing reading Over The Fence today.

    Everything the revolting Howardistas threw at them, they are now throwing at people who used to be them.

    Truly revolting.

    King Rattus must be giggling. Actually, no he won’t be giggling. He is probably ashamed at what he did. It was all for short term political advantage. He unleashed a dormant hell upon Australia for his own short term benefit.

    Now his once detractors are using his own arguments with glee. I read them, i take them in, i swallow hard.

    Their Labor Party is not my Labor Party.

    Gaffy, mate, thx for the post on the amendments. I hope they can come to an agreement too. I hope they can un-ugly the bill enough to support it but we will see.

  4. 404
    Chris B says:

    Good to see the ALP on the front foot regarding the carbon tax. Mind you it had to happen.

  5. 405
    Chris B says:

    I Love this one. https://twitter.com/#!/search/%23carbonbeatup Buy your roast before Sunday, Barnaby Joyce says it will cost $100 after carbon tax http://ow.ly/bSvu8 #auspol

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    HarryH says:

    Latika Bourke @latikambourke 35s
    When the Greens helped defeat Kevin Rudd’s ETS they got a 2nd chance with JG – wonder if they’ll get a second chance to shape asylum policy?

    Could somebody explain to me what this incompetant troll thinks was The Greens FIRST chance to “shape” asylum policy?

    They had NO input into Oakeshott’s bill. They then raised some reasonable amendments that Gaffy posted at #398. Those amendments were voted down 53-8. They then voted down the bill they had NO input into.

    So where was their FIRST chance to SHAPE asylum policy? Non existant.

    This is twice now that Labor has included everyone but The Greens(who hold BOP) in negotiations and then expected them to vote for the result.

    They start with a Bill that the Greens dislike. They then negotiate with everyone else to make it more dislikable to The Greens . And then expect The Greens to vote for it.

  7. 407
    Jen says:

    Gaffers @399
    The amendments put forward to he greens prove that we are both willing yo compromise and make reasoned suggestions that are achievable and workable for Labor. Fuck the Libs- they’re total upon rich talking about protection of AS’s who they were previously willing to villify as terrorists and criminals … I cannot stomach them.

  8. 408
    Jen says:

    Sorry – typing On iPhone so lots of wrong words… Hope it makes some sense. :((

  9. 409
    paddy says:

    WASHINGTON: The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld President Barack Obama’s sweeping “Obamacare” health care legislation in a narrow 5-4 ruling.

  10. 410
    paddy says:

    Both Fox and CNN both rush to get the scoop on the SCOTUS decision.
    And both get it WRONG! :lol:

    Supreme Court Health Care Ruling: CNN, Fox News Wrong On Individual Mandate (VIDEO)

  11. 411
    Katielou says:


    Finally, the good guys win. Go Obama!

  12. 412
    Chris B says:

    Obama 2012!!!

  13. 413
    Chris B says:

    Five Pundits Who Confidently Predicted The Obamacare Ruling And Got It Wrong.

    Over the last few weeks, nearly every pundit in the U.S. took a guess at whether the Affordable Care Act would be upheld, overturned, or cobbled back together in some new fashion. Many — if not most — of those guesses were wrong.

    But some pundits in particular should be cutting a big slice of humble pie as progressives celebrate Obamacare being held up in full. Here they are:

    More here…

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    Chris B says:

    Republican Lawmaker Screams With Joy At False News Of Mandate

    Being Overturned With some news networks erroneously reporting that the Supreme Court struck down the Affordable Care Act’s individual health care mandate just moments after the justices released their opinion, President Obama wasn’t the only prominent politician who initially thought the provision had fallen. MSNBC posts this video of Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-OH) — an opponent of the measure — screaming with joy at the false news that the Court invalidated the requirement. Watch it:

    More here…

  15. 415
    Chris B says:

    Good footage for an election add.

  16. 416
    paddy says:

    Farewell ticsters. The end is nigh and it’s time to die. :mrgreen:

  17. 417
    David Gould says:

    Gaffhook, Jen et al

    The Greens second reading amendment was not an amendment to the bill – they are two different kinds of things.

    An amendment to the second reading simply amends the question that the bill be read a second time, which is simply a stage in the process that the bill goes through.

    The Greens would not have voted for the bill regardless of whether their second reading amendment passed or not (their second reading amendment would not have altered a thing about the bill, after all). They simply were not going to vote for offshore processing.

    As to a solution to the problem, I have no idea.

  18. 418
    Katielou says:

    I haven’t seen Obama look this chipper when delivering a formal speech perhaps ever.


  19. 419
    Chris B says:

    I’m not sure there’s much that can top this Fox Nation opinion:
    We are now living in the Occupied United States of America.
    … but it’s not for lack of trying:

    Lots more here…


  20. 420
    Chris B says:

    Everybody MUST Twitter those articles. PLEASE.

  21. 421
    Chris B says:

    Lazarus with a quadruple by pass?

    We will not cancel the NBN: Turnbull
    Nearly two years after Tony Abbott vowed to tear down the beginnings of the national broadband network and to “demolish” it, the Coalition now says it will not roll back or cancel it, if it comes to power at the next election.

    Shadow Minister for Communications and Broadband Malcolm Turnbull told IT Pro firmly this week: “No, the Coalition will not cancel or roll back the NBN. The NBN will continue to roll out but we will do so in a cost-effective manner in particular in built-up areas.”

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/it-pro/government-it/we-will-not-cancel-the-nbn-turnbull-20120629-217f3.html#ixzz1zB9FOYlU

  22. 422
    Chris B says:

    The writings on the wall…..

  23. 423
    Chris B says:

    The coalition now believes….

  24. 424
    paddy says:

    That’s actually grim news for the progressive side of politics Chris.
    The NBN was the one thing that saved Labor from a wipeout at the last election.
    If the Libs stop threatening to trash it, we’re even *more* likely to get Abbott as PM next year. :(

  25. 425
    Chris B says:

    424 paddy s I disagree with you there paddy. It can now be sold as a backflip. They lied. It cannot go from being the end of the world as we know it. To being ok. The writing is on the wall. The adverts start next month. PS have you tweeted it paddy?

  26. 426
    Chris B says:

    People haven’t got short term memory. This is a major back flip with a triple summers salt and a pike. It is not a simple change of mind.

  27. 427
    Chris B says:

    They can no longer point to Julia’s change of mind without hitting the derision button.

  28. 428
    Chris B says:

    Jen did you tweet the decision?

  29. 429
    Chris B says:

    David will back you up I’m sure. That means it will fail. :)

  30. 430
    Chris B says:

    And boy have they got heaps of free publicity!

  31. 431
    Chris B says:

    55% of people are in favour of each part of the legislation. They just don’t know about it. Hence the adverts will sell it. Romney has launched ads against it already. Which ironically will bring attention to the law.

  32. 432
    Chris B says:

    The 55% was quoted from Planet America.

  33. 433
    paddy says:

    CNN News Staffers Revolt Over Blown Coverage

    News staffers at the cable network CNN, long the gold standard in television news, were on the verge of open revolt Thursday after CNN blew the coverage on the most consequential news event of the year. …..

    “Fucking humiliating,” said one CNN veteran. “We had a chance to cover it right. And some people in here don’t get what a big deal getting it wrong is. Morons.”…..


  34. 434
    Chris B says:

    Colbert To CNN, Fox: ‘You. Suck. At. News.’
    Here’s what I mean paddy.

  35. 435
    Chris B says:

    Jon Stewart Rants Against CNN’s Blown Supreme Court Coverage.
    Fair a balanced. :)


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  37. 437
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    Gaffhook says:

    Hopefully Mr Leveson will read the Independant this weekend at his leisure. The Ashby Lewis conspiracy makes it in to the UK media.


  39. 439
    Gaffhook says:

    What a lovely expose of the residents of Lawler Creek.


  40. 440
    Chris B says:

    What do you mean conspiracy? Sssh. Don’t tell David!

    Vince Cable has called for a criminal investigation into the conduct of the Barclays bankers responsible for rigging key interest rates.

    The business secretary said that the members of the public would not be able to understand why people were jailed for petty theft while the bankers are getting off “having perpetrated what looks like conspiracy”.

    More here…

  41. 441
    Katielou says:

    The Daily Beast got a hold of a video Obama made for campaign donors late last week. This is a fascinating read about raising money and Obama’s strategy.


  42. 442
    Chris B says:

    Obamacare Support Rises After Supreme Court Ruling, Poll Finds.

    Voter support for President Barack Obama’s healthcare overhaul has increased following the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling upholding it, a lthough majorities still oppose it, a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Sunday showed.

    Among all registered voters, support for the law rose to 48 percent in the online survey conducted after Thursday’s ruling, up from 43 percent before the court decision. Opposition slipped to 52 percent from 57 percent.

    More here…

  43. 443
    Chris B says:

    Are national polls understating President Obama’s prospects for victory?

    Another place where Obama is running ahead: the swing states.
    Among swing-state respondents in the poll – those living in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin – Obama leads Romney, 50 to 42 percent.

    More here…

  44. 444
    Chris B says:

    Jen for you: Sophie Mirabella butt of Twitter jokes.
    Flu downs GetUp! boss on live TV (video).


  45. 445
    Katielou says:

    Man, Mirabella is a shell of a human being. That video is more revealing than anything written about her.

  46. 446
    Gaffhook says:

    jen I see your lovely Fed MP has made the headlines again for all the right reasons.
    What a revolting person, absolutely scared of a few man germs.


  47. 447
    Gaffhook says:

    That should be Jen with a capital J.
    Appolls Jen

  48. 448
    Chris B says:

    Everybody Twitter that article.

  49. 449
    Chris B says:

    Make sure you use Sophie Mirabella and Liberal Party in the Tweet.

  50. 450
    Katielou says:

    Fantastic Rolling Stone piece on the brilliance of Rachel Maddow. I did not know she is a Rhodes scholar.


  51. 451
    Chris B says:

    Obama Widens Lead Over Romney
    The latest Gallup tracking poll finds President Obama has opened up a five point lead over Mitt Romney, 48% to 43%.

    It marks Obama’s largest lead since April.

  52. 452
  53. 453
    paddy says:

    Wind turbines and why you should fear them.
    A truly epic pictorial by Firstdog. :mrgreen:

  54. 454
    paddy says:

    Pure gold from Guy Rundle in today’s Crikey.

    US Right spinning … but from a blow to the head
    by Guy Rundle
    Come Wednesday November 7 this year, I’m going to be in one of two places — hunkered down in a five-star DC hotel, with a quart of Jack, a room-service menu, and the Fox News channel, or in Montreal. DC if Obama nails it, French Canada if that sucker goes down. Watching the right-wing mediasphere after victory ‘08, I count as among the best three days of my life. If Barry gets re-elected, the insanity will be off-the-meter…. more


  55. 455
    Jen says:

    Hey guys –
    the Sophie thing is hilarious – wall to wall coverage up here and in melbourne. To be fair (and I always am) I think she probably didnt have a clue what was happening…
    for about 10 seconds.
    Then she was just trying to get as far away as possible.
    Greg Combet showed all the right attributes of a decent human being. And he gave her a good slap as well.

  56. 456
    Jen says:

    Gaffers @447
    you dont need to stand on ceremony with me Good Sir :0

  57. 457
    Chris B says:

    Hi Jen. Good to speak to you today.

  58. 458
    Katielou says:

    Yeah, as someone said on twitter, Sophie’s expression was as if he’d just vomited on her shoes. Disgust rather than concern.

  59. 459
    Chris B says:

    Judge Wants Answers About Rupert Murdoch’s Reaction To Obama Chimpanzee Cartoon.

    A federal judge has ordered the New York Post’s top editor to answer questions about how his boss, media mogul Rupert Murdoch, reacted to a cartoon that depicted President Obama as a dead chimpanzee.

    More here…

  60. 460
    paddy says:

    For all you ticsters who were once girl guides…….I give you today’s
    Firstdog. !! :mrgreen:

    BTW Jen, I have a deep suspicion that perhaps “our Sophie” might have once been a girl guide.
    Although, obviously, she failed first aid. :evil:

  61. 461
    Chris B says:

    South Carolina Judge Sentences Drunk Driver To Bible Study.

    Circuit Court Judge Michael Nettles attached a rather odd — and unconstitutional — provision to the eight year prison sentence of a drunk driver: a mandatory bible study and what is essentially a book report on the Book of Job:

    I just had to put this one up. More here…

  62. 462
    Chris B says:

    That’ll teach her.

  63. 463
    Chris B says:

    Marilyn Monroe: What Does Her Final Purchase Say About Her Death?

    A check signed by Marilyn Monroe on the day before her death suggests a low likelihood that the actress was contemplating suicide, according to Dr. S. David Bernstein, a Harvard-trained forensic psychologist and head of the Connecticut-based Forensic Consultants LLC. The check is about to be auctioned off in Beverly Hills by Heritage Auctions, part of a 15-lot collection of items commemorating the life of Marilyn Monroe.

    Are there cracks appearing in the story supporting one of my conspiracy theories?


  64. 464
    Chris B says:

    Staffer could face 10 years for sharing Slipper’s diary.

    THE staffer who has accused Peter Slipper of sexual harassment could face up to 10 years in jail for leaking excerpts of the Speaker’s diary to a journalist and a political rival.

    The Federal Court has heard Mr Slipper wants to refer James Ashby to the Australian Federal Police for investigation into whether he committed a criminal offence when he sent copies of the Speaker’s diary to a former Howard government minister, Mal Brough, and the News Ltd journalist Steve Lewis.

    In a letter to Mr Ashby (pictured), Mr Slipper’s lawyers suggested the former media adviser could have breached sections of the Commonwealth Crimes Act, which prohibits public servants from publishing or communicating internal documents without authorisation.

    The offence carries a maximum two years’ jail.

    The letter, written on June 28, also suggests Mr Ashby could be prosecuted for participating in a conspiracy with Mr Brough, Lewis, and another Slipper aide, Karen Doane.

    Whats that I hear you say? Mr Ashby could be prosecuted for participating in a conspiracy with Mr Brough, Lewis, and another Slipper aide, Karen Doane.

    David? Where are you? Conspiracy theory alert!

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/political-news/staffer-could-face-10-years-for-sharing-slippers-diary-20120706-21mna.html#ixzz1ztXJJKL3

  65. 465
    Gaffhook says:

    Barrys crew have asked Romney to make public all his tax returns.

    The Obama campaign has called on Mitt Romney to release years of tax returns to prove he did not break the law following claims that the Republican presidential candidate held secret accounts in foreign tax havens.


  66. 466
    paddy says:

    Don’t forget to read the label when you’re shopping for that extra special treat. :mrgreen:


  67. 467
    Katielou says:

    Must read from Tim Dunlop….

    In any other age — and I include the recent past of the Howard Government — the idea that Tony Abbott could be a serious contender for prime minister was the stuff of satire. In fact, it didn’t even rise to the level of a skit on The Chaser as a thought experiment. It was akin to saying Justin Beiber could join Led Zeppelin. Now we’re meant to believe that he is the most successful Opposition leader evah and that there is some sort of genius about his embarrassing behaviour.

    Just when did the press gallery go insane? How do they sleep at night? Why do people suck up to them on Twitter?

    Partisanship, I hear you say? Well, I bow to your objectivity.

    On the other hand, Julia Gillard just makes me sad. Not in some teary sort of way as if I was pining for a political purity that she has somehow corrupted — I am not even remotely that naive or sentimental about politics — but in the way that you get sad when your neighbour’s dog gets run over by a truck. A sort detached and horrified sadness that is as much an intellectual exercise as it is an emotional one.

    She has no doubt been the victim of her gender, held to a standard and ridiculed in a way that no man would ever be subjected to (can anyone seriously imagine a bloke getting grief for taking the leadership of the party and the prime ministership in the way that Gillard did?), but it is a measure of the straits we are in that this vile fact is almost incidental.

    It isn’t just the fact that her policies on asylum seekers or gay marriage are a species of inhumanity that no ‘progressive’ voter could ever just rationalise away, or even that her endless homilies on hard work and education are nothing more than paeans to some of the worst aspects of neo-liberalism that make it impossible to forgive other aspects of her program that I would be willing to paper over in the name of realpolitik.

    No, what lights a roman candle of despair beneath my rectum is that she seems to hold in contempt the left of the political ecosphere in a way that is politically dumb. She is friendless in the media not just because it is dominated by a time-serving clique of conservative busy-workers, but because she has made it impossible for ‘progressives’ to publicly support her even when she does get something right. Good policy — like her support for a pay rise for carers — gains her no kudos because those likely to give it are too scared to be seen providing it for fear they will be tarnished by her other positions.

    As I argued here last month, she has disenfranchised that class of progressive who could normally be counted on to back a Labor Prime Minister.

    All of this, of course, is meant to drive me into the arms of the Greens but here’s the calculation that needs to be made. Is it more likely that Labor will self-correct and become the sort of centre-left party that progressives can live with, or that the Greens will really be able to become a viable alternative government?


  68. 468
    Chris B says:

    Planned Parenthood’s Anti-Romney Ads Swaying Women In Swing States.

    Planned Parenthood Action Fund’s $1.4 million ad campaign spotlighting Mitt Romney’s positions on women’s issues is making an impression on the opinions of female voters in key swing states, according to post-run ad testing commissioned by the group.

    According to Hart Research surveys conducted in West Palm Beach, Fla., and Des Moines, Iowa, before and after PPFA’s ads ran, women who definitely recalled seeing the ads (half of women in Florida, 55 percent in Iowa) said that they were far less likely to vote for Romney than women who did not recall seeing the ads. The number of women in both states who responded that Mitt Romney is “out of step with my opinions on issues affecting women” increased by 11 percent after the PPAF ad campaign ran.

    More here…

  69. 469
  70. 470
    Gaffhook says:

    Paddy that is super Gold!!!

  71. 471
    Chris B says:

    Libor Scandal: Manipulation Spanned Decades, According To Reports.

    Though the Libor scandal is just breaking now, some financial insiders claim that Wall Street’s been fiddling with the key interest rate for decades.

    “Fifteen years ago, the word was that LIBOR was being rigged,” a financial industry veteran involved in the Libor process told the Economist. “It was one of those well kept secrets, but the regulator was asleep, the Bank of England didn’t care, and…[the banks involved were] happy with the reference prices.”

    I don’t claim to understand it. All I know is its another BANK scandal.

    More here…

  72. 472
    Chris B says:

    Oh. And its outrageous!

  73. 473
    Chris B says:

    2012 Convention Latino Activists Give Obama Huge Lead Over Romney.

    President Barack Obama is the presidential election choice of 80 percent of Latino civil rights activists, organizers and ordinary voters gathered at the National Council of La Raza Convention this week.

    Only 10 percent of those who responded to the civil rights organization’s text message poll indicated that they plan to cast a ballot for Mitt Romney, the presumptive GOP nominee, the nonpartisan advocacy organization said Monday.

    The poll of 804 people who responded to text message inquires over the weekend is a decidedly small sample. And many of the activists and labor organizers who attended the NCLR conference are longtime Democrats. Still, the results show that Romney faces a huge uphill climb to win Latino voters and correct a deficit also seen in large, random-sample polls, NCLR officials said.

    More here…

  74. 474
    Chris B says:

    Obama Widens Lead Over Romney
    A new Reuters/Ipsos poll finds President Obama expanded his lead over Mitt Romney to six points in the presidential race, 49% to 43%.

    Last month, Obama held a one-point lead.

    “Obama’s improved standing was fueled by a rise in optimism about the future, with the number of Americans who think the country is on the wrong track dipping 5 percentage points to 58%.”

    Note: A poll yesterday had them neck and neck.

  75. 475
    Chris B says:

    Obama Holds Lead in Virginia, North Carolina
    A new Public Policy Polling survey shows President Obama leading Mitt Romney in two critical Southern battleground states.

    In Virginia, Obama leads by eight points, 50% to 42%.

    In North Carolina, Obama has a one point edge, 47% to 46%.

    “Our polling in both of these states has been pretty steady over the last year and a half. Obama has consistently fared very well in Virginia, leading by 6 points, 8 points, and now 8 points again on our last three polls. This is looking like it could be something of a firewall state for him. We have now polled North Carolina 22 times since late November of 2010. 21 out of those 22 times Obama and Romney have been within 3 points of each other. The state’s about as much of a toss up as it could possibly be.”

  76. 476
    David Gould says:

    Chris B,

    Based on current polls, I think that the only toss-up states that Romney has of tipping are Florida, North Carolina and Missouri. Even if he gets them, he falls short. Obama is pretty secure.

  77. 477
    David Gould says:

    Oops: forgot Michigan. Still nothing to worry about – Romney maxes at 251.

  78. 478
    Gaffhook says:

    according to this dude the citizens united rules allowing big corporate donors could well backfire on the retards.

    If Democrats run campaigns that make the case in enough races that the Republican Party has been “corrupted and sold to corporations and billionaires,” it is likely that the Democrats will capture huge majorities of the key independent vote in November. They are likely to make huge gains in the Senate, the House and in state races using this tactic as part of a “fairness in government” theme.

    Having Romney as the Republican nominee will certainly make a “fairness” theme resonate with the public. Obama can point out that he has released all his tax returns for every year as far back as 2000 while Romney has released only one year so far. The “what is Romney hiding” issue is already burning up the Internet. It is starting to generate articles in the mainstream media. By the November elections, this issue will be huge even if it is not played up by the Obama campaign. The American people are sick of excessive secrecy and corruption in government.


  79. 479
    paddy says:

    Geoff Lemon has fired off an absolute zinger of a blog post.
    Back in stunning form on the carbon kerfuffle.
    Highly recommended.

    You shut your goddamn carbon-taxin’ mouth

  80. 480
    Chris B says:

    Romney Bain Capital Attacks Weaken Him In Swing States, Priorities USA Action Poll Finds.

    Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital business experience is increasingly turning into a political liability, according to a swing-state poll released today by Priorities USA Action, the super PAC supporting President Barack Obama.

    The survey, conducted by Democratic pollsters Global Strategy Group and the Garin-Hart-Yang Research Group on behalf of the super PAC, supports growing evidence that voters are less likely to vote for Romney based on what they are seeing and hearing about his tenure at private equity firm Bain Capital. Larger polls late last month first showed the shift toward Obama that experts attributed to the president’s attacks on Romney’s business career.

    Among voters polled from battleground states Colorado, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, 37 percent said Romney’s business experience would make them less likely to vote for him, compared with 27 percent who responded that it would make them more likely to vote for him. Another 58 percent of respondents said they feel Romney’s priority as CEO was to earn millions for himself and his investors, irrespective of the consequences for jobs and employees. The poll adds fresh proof that Obama’s attacks on Bain Capital are working, despite criticism from Democratic leaders and prominent Obama backers.

    One RED Button issue. IE the 1%ers.
    A Democrat pollster.

    More here..


  81. 481
    Chris B says:

    476 Spot on David. Then there is the two other red button issues that have hardly been touched on. Women’s free birth control through the health care and the Latino vote. If he bashes all three hard as they are with Bain Capital. Its a matter of how far.

  82. 482
    Chris B says:

    PS The election proper hasn’t started yet.

  83. 483
    Chris B says:

    Gaffy. Don’t let the Corporations buy our government.

  84. 484
    Chris B says:

    Obama Holds Small Lead in Wisconsin
    A new Public Policy Polling survey in Wisconsin finds President Obama leading Mitt Romney by six points, 50% to 44%.

    Most interesting: “One thing that could make the state look like much more of a toss up is if Romney chooses Paul Ryan as his running mate. Ryan has a pretty solid 44/39 favorability rating and if he was on the ticket Obama’s lead would decline all the way to 47/46. Ryan’s presence has the effect of further unifying the GOP base around Romney and also helping to bring some more independent voters into the fold.”

    A new Marquette Law School poll finds Obama leading 51% to 43%.


  85. 485
    Chris B says:

    Obama Still Leads in Pennsylvania
    A new We Ask America poll in Pennsylvania finds President Obama leading Mitt Romney by seven points, 47% to 40%.

    In the U.S. Senate race, Sen. Bob Casey (D) is comfortably ahead of challenger Tom Smith (R), 53% to 39%.


  86. 486
    paddy says:

    Alas poor Andrew! Oh woe is us.
    Freedon dies, as comments on the Blot blog shut down.
    :lol: :mrgreen: :lol:

  87. 487
    paddy says:

    Meanwhile….In further madness, people actually boo Romney, as he tells them he’ll shut down Obamacare. :evil: :-)

  88. 488
    Katielou says:

    I’ve been feeling sorry for paddy and gaffhook as Queenslanders under the Newman regime, which apears to be taking the state back to the 1950’s. But then this extreme social conservatism is on it’s way to Canberra soon and it ain’t going to be pretty. So Abbott wants to go back to fault-based divorce. Whaddoyoreckon ticsters? Some time in the future will Abbott be caught cruising in public loos or will photos from bunga, bunga parties surface?

    In my experience, these extreme social conservatives are always hiding their own self hatred.


  89. 489
    Chris B says:

    Daily Kos Elections Polling Wrap: Firms of all partisan stripes confirm a good polling day for Obama.

    There is just a crapload of presidential polling today, and it would take until this time tomorrow to describe all of it in extensive detail. What is notable, and interesting, is the fact that there are both Democratic and Republican pollsters exploring the presidential race today, and both of them show pretty decent numbers for the president.

    Case in point: The one common thread between the GOP-leaning pollster (We Ask America) and the Democratic pollster (the G-H-Y and Global consortium polling for Priorities USA)—Pennsylvania. There was actually very little difference between their numbers here. The Democratic pollsters were a little bit more bullish on Obama, but not dramatically so. President Obama led Mitt Romney in the Keystone State by 7 points in the GOP poll, and 9 points in the Democratic one.

    Heaps of great news for the Democrats here…


  90. 490
    Chris B says:

    This from the Votemaster.

    Obama Has More Cash in the Bank than Romney

    It has been widely reported that in June Mitt Romney raised $106 million to Obama’s $71 million, but those two numbers don’t give a complete picture of the financial situation. As of the end of May (the last month for which figures are available), Obama had $110 million in the bank vs. Romney’s $17 million. Part of the disparity is that although Romney has been raising money all year, he has had a high burn rate due to the primaries. Obama was spared this expense. Also, Obama has been more efficient, spending only 5% of his take on fundraising to Romney’s 25%. (You can’t invite a billionaire to dinner, serve him rubber chicken, and then expect a big check.)


  91. 491
    paddy says:

    Um…Actually Katielou, I live in “left-wing” Victoria.
    (Thank goodness.)
    Well it *was* (sort of) left wing, before the punters stuffed up and elected Ted the toff by mistake. :-)
    But I have to agree that Abbott appears to be getting madder by the day.
    I guess we can just hope that voter remorse kicks in before the fed election next year.
    Campbell Newman seems determined to over reach and Tony Abbott seems like he’s following him down the rabbit hole.
    Hell, even the fed Labor party is leaping to the right to bash the greens.
    We’ve stepped through the looking glass, when Sussex st wankers start slagging the progressive side of politics and there’s no one left to kick them in the goolies. :-(

  92. 492
    Chris B says:

    Introduction to the 2012 Senate Races

    There are 23 Democratic Senate seats up for election this year and only 10 Republican seats. Furthermore, of the ten retirements announced so far, seven are Democrats (counting Joe Lieberman as a Democrat here) while only three Republicans are retiring. The Democratic seats in Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Virginia, and Wisconsin are all going to be very competitive and the Republicans could easily pick up some of them. The Democrats have a shot in Arizona, but the Republican running there is the favorite. In Maine, an independent is running and is the overwhelming favorite. If he decides to caucus with the Democrats, like his independent neighbor, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), that is a likely pickup for the Democrats. All in all, this means the Democrats will have to fight very hard to hang onto the Senate, which they now control 53-47.

    The Votemaster
    Continued here…

  93. 493
    Katielou says:

    Ooh, sorry paddy. I did know that. Dunno why I put you in the Banana state.

  94. 494
    Gaffhook says:


    It’s ok, Paddy has a secret desire to be a banana bender.
    Yes the Qlders are getting what they voted for and i think a lot of them will have buyers remorse about now and he hasn’t really hit his straps yet.
    I think popeye from Waringah, Megans old stomping ground, is under a rather thick sludge of delusion at the moment. Both Vic and NSW went feral and the disasters are starting to surface, then Qld went feral and Can do is grinning like a skunk into shit while he is wreaking havoc at every turn.

    This has sort of put monkey man in to a comfort zone where he thinks that the punters all want to vote to have themselves reamed as though there is some kind of pleasant sadism involved.

    What he may really find is that by the time these ferals have had their way for another twelve months the punters may wake up from their dreamland and say hey that’s enough.

    There is already a grassroots consortium of Libtards who have started an Anyone but Abbott push. They want the LNP to get voted in but are screaming for the dumping of Monkey man.

    I’m sorta of wondering who else in the LNP may be funding it, whether it may be someone who has desires of being the new PM.
    Malcolm springs to mind but then Scottyfreak and hillsong could also be players.

    There could also be some shit hitting the fan in the high court today which could also be leading to the Monkey man being so desperate all of a sudden.

    A really great time to be sucking on some popcorn.

  95. 495
    paddy says:

    Here’s a bit of fun to start your day :-)

    Dick Cheney To Shoot At Mitt Romney For Fundraising Stunt


  96. 496
    Chris B says:

    Fund-raising gives US lesbians political clout.

    FOR decades, American lesbians have been making gradual progress in US political life. But now they have a cheerleader or two: a group of high-profile gay women who have formed a fund-raising group that will help them campaign on gay and women’s rights issues in US elections.

    The US Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision has driven the formation of the so-called Super PACs, political campaign funds that permit unlimited anonymous and corporate giving.

    The latest such organisation, LPac, is backed by former tennis star Billie Jean King and Jane Lynch, who plays the cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester on the television show Glee.

    Tammy Baldwin is an ex soldier standing for the senate. Minus her legs. Lost in Iraq. Not only that she could be the first openly gay person to win a seat. Go Tammy!

    More here….

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/world/fundraising-gives-us-lesbians-political-clout-20120712-21yli.html#ixzz20SPYrxcw

  97. 497
    Chris B says:

    Boston Globe refuses Romney demand to “correct” Bain story.

    The Boston Globe reported this morning that federal and state documents filed by Mitt Romney and Bain claim that Mitt Romney remained the CEO, chairman of the board, and sole stockholder well beyond the 1999 retirement date that Romney had claimed in federal documents filed with the FEC.

    If Romney lied, this could be a felony. And he appears to have lied to someone as you can’t “retire” but still remain CEO and Chair of the Board for a couple more years.

    The Romney campaign demanded that the Globe “correct” their story, which Romney called “inaccurate.” The problem is that, as the Globe notes in their subsequent letter to the Romney campaign, the Globe can’t correct a story that quotes federal and state documents that Romney wrote himself. Via Politico, the Globe writes:

    I thought George Bush was the worst Republican candidate for a long time. Well it seems Romney is putting him to shame.

    More here…


  98. 498
    Chris B says:

    The Obama lead is slowly building. Still 3 months to go.

    Despite a stagnant economy and broad dissatisfaction with the nation’s direction, a new Pew Research survey finds President Obama holds a significant lead over Mitt Romney, 50% to 43%.

    Key finding: “Of 12 issues tested, Obama has the edge on eight; Romney is seen as stronger than Obama on only one, reducing the federal budget deficit. In June, Romney led as the candidate best able to improve the economy, but today Obama holds a slight lead on this issue. However, neither candidate has a clear advantage on the job situation, the top issue for voters: 46% say Romney and 42% say Obama can do a better job improving the job situation.”

    Will this be the biggest landslide since Regan?


  99. 499
    Chris B says:

    Reid Says Romney Would Never be Confirmed by Senate
    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) told TPM that new revelations about Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital mean he’d have trouble gaining U.S. Senate approval for pretty much any appointed job.

    Said Reid: “He not only couldn’t be confirmed as a cabinet secretary, he couldn’t be confirmed as dog catcher.”

  100. 500
    Chris B says:

    How Weak Candidates Could Cost GOP Control of the Senate
    The Atlantic notes that “underwhelming recruitment” by will make it tough for Republicans to win a majority in the U.S. Senate.