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Goodbye Fear and Loathing

Hunter S Thompson added to our political lexicon when he used the term “Fear and Loathing” (or rather re-used – he’d already used it a year earlier to describe some ugly Las Vegas doings) to describe the 1972 Nixon campaign trail. It was singularly appropriate for Nixon. The only ambiguity at all was whether it […]

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It's the economy stupid!

We are about to witness the biggest landslide in US political history. Everything is against the Republicans. History tells us that no incumbent party overlooking such an economic disaster, survives. Everything is pointing to wipeout. Never mind the fact that the Democrats have 8 out of the top 10 major issues going for them. None […]

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Last call for Princess Hillary

The Princess has a reputation to take care of (don’t we all), and Obama is not all too keen on having the show blown apart by Bill and Hillary. Lined up for padgent is a who’s-who of the political game. Kicking of proceedings is Michele Obama, Nancy Pelosi and maybe a guest appearance from the […]

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